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  1. Charlotte It was a beautiful day as Charlotte read her book in the park. She was lazying around in the grass, under the heat of the sub. The birds were chirping, and trees' leaves were swaying in the wind. However, Charlotte would not of noticed that.

    She was too enthralled into her book, which was keeping her on the edge of her seat. This was the scene where Damien (the protagonist's hot brother) would get up, and not actually be dead. Charlotte had been waiting for a year to get her hands on this book, as it marked the epic finally of the trilogy she had been reading for the past two years.

    But he didn't wake up. She shook her head, her blonde curls waying to and fro. "No no no no no. You're kidding, right? Haha, how funny Marissa Larson. You can't kill Damien! He's why I've been reading this story for the past two years!

    She decided to go look up on the internet if what she read was actually true. Much to Charlotte's dismay, it was. She covered her eyes with her forearm as she layed under the heat of the sun. Damien is dead. What do I do with my life.
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  2. Noah
    Noah enjoyed the beautiful day, but he did not enjoy it like any other person would. He tasked himself with cleaning the house, making sure dinner was ready to be made, and started practicing some Latin. Noah tried not to play all the roles of an introvert, but it was his way of life. The quietness of his house soothed him to no end. His parents were usually out doing something this time of day so he would manage himself. Noah had no brothers or sisters to hang out with so he would have to do everything by himself.

    His life was quite lonely, but Charlotte was the one person who made that different. They had only met a month or so ago, but he felt something different about her. He was happy when he was with her and was mellow when she was not. Other than her he really did not have much friends. He had a pair of friends who came over once in a while, but they were always busy and once again he was left alone.

    Noah sat alone for a while before cleaning his house more before Charlotte came over.

    What do I do with my life...
  3. Charlotte When she checked her watch, she realised that it was almost time to go see Noah. Instead of outgoing and loud like her other friends he was more rather quiet and introverted. But she didn't mind. Noah was a great guy, and she was glad that she met him in the first place.

    She got up and put her book and phone in her bag, and started walking towards Noah's house. It was quite close to the park, and she had taken the opportunity of exploring it, and reading her book. She said good morning to anyone she passed, politedly, and before she knew it, she was at Noah's house.

    She walked up the steps, and rang on the doorbell waiting for her friend to welcome her in. I hope I'm not too early... Don't want to be a bother.
  4. Noah
    Noah jumped at the sound of the doorbell. He knew she was coming, but he did not expect her. Quickly, he set down his cloth he had been using and ran towards the door. "Coming!" Noah brushed himself off before opening the door just so he would have the confidence that he did not have something on it. The door creaked slightly as the door was pulled open revealing the beautiful day Noah had neglected to take use. "Come in."

    He wasn't shaky or queasy when he saw her. She was the beautiful blonde he had only recently come to know. They both moved inside to the living room where they would most likely be doing something for the night. There was a T.V. in the corner, a brown leather couch, a couple of chairs, and a sliding glass door. There were, of course, several pictures of him and his parents on the wall along with some other decorative wall paper. His home was simple, but this was because simplicity was the standard for his family.

    Noah stuffed his hands into his pockets trying not to make the situation any more awkward. "So, what do you want to do first?"
  5. Charlotte Charloote walked in and grinned as she walked in. "Hello!" As he walked her through the house, she admired everything in it. It was simple, yet cozy. That was nice.

    She realised after a while that he had asked her what she wanted to do, and she looked at the stack of movies by the T.V. "Well, do you want to watch a movie?" Charlotte absolutely loved movies. Especially ones with those badass characters in them. *Cough* Rocky *cough*.

  6. Noah
    Noah only had a few DvDs that he felt were worth watching. He had a copy of Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Closer, as well as a couple other films. His parents did not have much money to spend, and they usually did not spend much money on him, so he tried to buy things that would last a long time. Usually that ended up only being a couple of books and a bike. Noah rode his bike very often, so it was his preferred exercise. It was hard to ride in the city though when he was able to ride it was a blast.

    Noah pondered for a minute trying to pick a movie and the only thought he had was to watch Die Hard. "One of my favorites is Die Hard, do you want to watch that?
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