INTEREST CHECK Vampire Diaries? Anyone?

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  1. Interest Check (for group rp)

    I was wondering how many people here would like to rp the Vampire Diaries. I would like to pick up from the beginning of season 4.. I am all caught up on all the episodes so I can fill people in on details if they want. Before I start the rp I want make sure I have enough people interested. Please post here telling me you are interested and which character you want to play. Here are a list of them. Names with * are the players I must have to start this group rp. Also, feel free to play more than one character if you think you can handle it. You must be able to post once per week. To be Any of the stared characters you must have descriptive post. All relationships start off cannon but I don't mind if characters grow apparent or start new relationships. If I do end up with enough people to play each characters then I will allow original characters but they have to be approved by me.

    *Elena Gilbert

    *Stefan Salvatore

    *Damon Salvatore

    Matt Donovan

    *Bonnie Bennett

    Jeremy Gilbert

    *Caroline Forbes (Taken. I will be playing her)

    Tyler Lockwood

    *Klaus Mikaelson

    Sheriff Forbes

    Carol Lockwood

    Rebekah Mikaelson

    April Young

    Professor Shane


    Katherine Pierce

    If I know I have enough people interested then I will post then I will clean this up, make it pretty, and start a thread for more people to sign up in. Right now I just want to see if anyone is up for a Vampire Diaries RP and what characters they would be interested in playing.

  2. Y______Y If only I had the time for another roleplay, I would be all over the role of Klaus...
  3. I <3 Klaus...a lot. He is probably one of my favorite fictional characters. I need someone to play him @.@