Vampire Academy

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    Welcome to Orion University, a private boarding school for gifted teenagers around the world. However, this particular school is mostly run by vampires due to the school being bought out by the richest man in the world. His name is Ernest Hemmingway, but since he is too busy to run a school for vampires, his own kind, his daughter Sophia Hemmingway, princess of the vampires is taking his place as the owner of the school.

    (You can be a vampire or a human if you want. Also if you wish to be a new student in Orion then you would have to talk to the princess, you are allowed to make more than one character also)

    It was a new day in Orion and as the humans run the school during the day, the vampires take over during the night.
    Himeko was outside reading a book under an apple tree. She had heard that vampires were in this particular school as well, but she didn't really believe it, she thought it was a myth created by older students to scare first timers like her.
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