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  1. (Note: The setting is Dungeons and Dragons, and will use a lot of it particularly Forgotten Realms, but otherwise this setting does not live within Faerun or any other established location for DnD)
    Welcome to the land of Valoran, a vast continent brimming with adventure, danger, exotic magic and creatures, and most importantly...treasure. Many races make their home here, who form into many nations, some small, some large, some average, and some great.
    Southeastern Valoran (open)


    Rauther - Rauther, or Rautherion, is primarily a land owned by the dwarves, which contains rich mineral veins and deposits that are mined extensively, and traded with the rest of the world at large, though some might be surprised by this, the dwarves do not mine an in exploitative, or destructive manner, rather priding themselves on how much more skill, craftsmanship, and dedication it takes to mine without ruining the land itself, deriding others who use such methods as 'lazy, undisciplined, or unskilled'.

    They firmly believe that mining carefully, creates character, discipline, skill, and pride in themselves, along with all the craftsmanship they do. Rightfully they are proud of this, it does not hurt that their efforts to not ravage nature with their efforts earn them quite a bit of respect from the elves.

    Rauther is characterized by rolling hills, and jutting spires of mountain rock, frequently shrouded in fog are these mountain peaks, for several have glacial springs that interact with the warm sea air that is blown in from the east, causing frequent and thick foggy conditions.

    The dwarves however, do not mind, as they live underground, when above ground they have learned to use the fog to ambush their enemies, to often devastating effect. The rest of Rauther is dominated by largely tropical trees and plant life, creating a unique environment.

    Preda - All sea and port trade comes here, Preda is the beating heart of all trade on Southeastern Valoran, any immigration, or overland trade with other continents coming to this section of Valoran, routes through here, thus it is that Preda is the mercantile powerhouse of SE Valoran, though very peaceful beyond it's powerful navy that it uses to patrol the seas for piracy, nonetheless, in terms of politics, Preda is a powerful nation due to it's unique position, as such, having entered into an alliance, Aurelia protects it from anyone who would wish to seize it's wealth and power.

    Naturally, it's a coastal nation, it has many pleasant beaches, with typically palm trees, it can often be wet, but it's temperature is never overly hot, a mixture of jungles also cover the rest of it.

    Ashmoor - The cursed land of the Crimson Barony, an elite aristocracy of powerful, immortal vampires, who regularly pursue campaigns and raids against other lands, a constant enemy, and nuisance to the other nations, no one side has been able to gain victory over the other, though the Barony would very much like to do so, and will ally with anyone they believe will grant them dominion.

    Ashmoor is a sickened, wasted land, full of vile marshes, bogs, and fens, in-between stretches of dead, lifeless land. it is not desirable real-estate for anyone but the undead Barony and their thralls, the weather is typically arid, cold, and occasionally torrents of rain come down.

    Prospero - The land of learning, enlightenment, and understanding. Prospero is the home to the Tower of Magi, a magnificent structure that rises high into the sky, this is the most renowned, respected, and desirable of all academic locations to learn magic, or even other arts, the Tower teaches alchemy, metallurgy, and many other forms of knowledge.

    People come from all over Valoran to attempt to apply to the illustrious Tower, it is not a location meant for only the rich, or the best of the best, it will accept anyone if they can demonstrate they have the aptitude to learn something of value, and seeing as mages are an asset to anyone, even if the person has no money, the Tower will freely test anyone, and if they show signs of talent, will be provided for to learn there.

    Prospero is very similar to Daoinmista in terms of it's climate, terrain, and what plant and wildlife live there, excepting the trees for what it's named.

    Aurelia - Aurelia is the land of the Sunlord V'kandis, who follow his tenets of of justice, mercy, compassion, honor, and duty. One of the largest nations in SE Valoran, and one of the most powerful, but well known as a good place to live, and an upholder of good and justice in the land, most of the time though, Aurelia is busy with it's bitter, and long-standing war with the hordes of orcs and their giant masters to the north.

    Aurelia is akin to Preda along the cost, however elsewhere it is far more like the Khazark Wilds, with pines and conifer's, along with mountainous terrain.

    Kiavar -A monarchy that is highly militaristic mindset, while they have made no hostile moves against other nations, there is no doubt they'd like to, men and women of Kiavar are distrustful of other races, and while perhaps not outright xenophobic, they do make their dislike known.

    There really isn't a lot to say about Kiavar, it's an average kingdom, with average people, and an average ruler, there isn't much of import in Kiavar, its terrain is similar to the Khazarks, and is otherwise unremarkable.

    Daoinmista - Meaning 'Forest of the Stars', Daoinmista is the heart and soul of all elves who live on Valoran, a beautiful land, frequently described by any but dwarves(who would rather enjoy their stone halls) as 'idyllic', named thus for a unique breed of tree that bizarrely grows crystals in the boughs of it's dark wood and leaves, that glow brightly during the night, and when forming a canopy, create something akin to the starry night, known as Daoin Trees.

    Furthermore, there was the discovery of the Eldryn, enormous, sentient tree like beings, who were not only very old, but wise, capable of uprooting themselves to crush the enemies of the elves, the two have been staunch allies ever since.

    The elves largely keep to themselves, though they do trade with the dwarves for minerals they need for various things, they are on constant guard, for sharing their borders is Ashmoor and Kiavahr, one hostile to all life, and one unfriendly towards other races besides humans. They share very friendly relations with Prospero.

    Daoinmista is where the climate and terrain of SE Valoran goes from being tropical to of a more temperate with broadleaf and conifer trees, along side the aforementioned Daion trees, and of course, the very sentient and aware Eldryn.

    It is also known that the elves have difficulties with their dark kin, the Drow, who have a major city located near Valoran in the Underdark.

    The majority of the population are wood elves, but there are communities of High Elves, or eladrin present as well.

    Khazark Wilds - They're not called the Wilds for no reason, people have yet to fully expand into this region, there are a lot of orcs that call these wilds home, full of pine forests covering rolling hills

    Still a WIP​
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