Valley of Death: The Forest

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  1. The mud is thick around the forest. The first sign some might say, as to what the forest is like now. The edge of the forest immediately grows darker. The trees have not changed though, they are as they were before all of this.

    Probably the most disturbing aspect is the quiet. The packs don't make a sound as they roam the forests. The brutes slumber throughout, waiting for something to disturb them. The monsters won't be heard until the deeper parts, where they roam.

    It's what could be closest to what is called dawn. The deepest darkness that exists now is starting to lift, but no light shines through, it is only different in that extra light is not always needed. The mud clung to the group as the moved closer to the forest, the only thing making a sound.
  2. "Then what?"
  3. Melody continue crying.

    Lyra came out and show Melody the bowl of fruit loops, "Here you go."

    Melody slowly stop crying as she reach for the loops.
  4. It's been one week.

    One week since the unit was wiped out by those monsters. Three days ago my spotter was killed by a Sleeper. I've kept to myself since then, save for when I came across these two.

    Evy, a medic, worse for wear and falling behind.

    Joseph, a handyman and the stronger of the two.

    If given the option I would have left them both to the elements but my mission.

    The battalion's mission was to preserve as many lives as possible. Over six hundred men killed. Six hundred well armed, well trained soldiers, dead.

    And I'm the sole survivor. Trudging through the forest with a pair of civvies, all of us worse for wear.

    I'm going to tempt fate.

    What's the worst that could happen?
  5. Evy stopped suddenly, her eyes twitched around, head on a swivel. Frantic.

    "I.... I.... think I heard something...." She meekly said, trembling. Her whole body showed that she was scared. Frightened beyond belief. She stared around them, expecting something to leap out at them, but nothing came.... Was she going crazy? Did she actually hear something? Paranoia? She tried to breath, her whole body tensed up to fight or run. She then listened, trying to ignore her pounding heart.


    Evy sighed, realizing it was probably nothing, muttered "sorry" and followed after the other two. All she had ended up doing, was slow everyone down. She walked quicker, then looked up at the others, trying to hide her embarrassment at what she had done. She tried to focus, tried to walk faster, finally catching up with the two. Joseph seemed to be going about this methodically... he didn't seem to be trapped in his head, he just walked and.... twirled that hammer.... But the soldier, the look on his face almost scared her. Ever since they all joined up, he had a way of making her feel almost inferior for being a civilian. She finally caught up, only a few steps behind Joseph. Already trapped in her head again.

    She was thinking about her husband, how things were, their marriage, the birth of their child, birthdays, anniversaries. And her last words to him was "Fuck you". Her heart was in her throat, ashamed of all that had happened.
  6. Joseph tensed up as Evy cried out, his ears straining to hear the sound that had set Evy on such high guard, but unable to pick up anything. He looked around, seeing hearing sensing nothing, as if they had walked into a void of the undead, the landscape a dull grey from the lack of penetrating sun, as if the underworld was sucking the life out of this forest. He sighed as Evy decided that she was mistaken, continuing on deeper into the forest, following the lead of the soldier, the land getting a little firmer, the squelching that had accompanied them so far slowly dieing, as if an old friend was departing.

    The hammer, never still, just twirled and twirled, representing the chaos that he was trying to avoid in his head, the twisted vortex of agony that threatened to overwhelm him every moment he was conscious. It sometimes got to the point of where he wanted to just give up, but he had to keep fighting, if not for his life then the life of his 2 companions. And the hammer, ever twirling, his anchor to the real world...
  7. One of the packs was watching the group. They were coyotes, they backed of at Evi's cry. How could they know? the pack communicated to each other. The leader looked at one of the coyotes and it ran off. Let's get them nervous before we start the attack. the leader communicated. After that the pack scattered.

    Shortly after two coyotes were on the other side of the group, across from the majority of the pack, let out a howl.
  8. Evy screamed immediately, hands over her ears, falling to her knees. This was beyond fear. This was a phobia come true.


    She screamed her religious spiel as only an atheist would. She had no faith, lost it more than ten years ago, but her extreme fear pushed her to find some reasoning for the hell they were enduring. It was the only bit of solace she could find, that she could blame this upon some being or entity. She sunk into a curled up position, sobbing and screaming, trembling as well.

    "Oh god..... Oh god..... Oh god.... Oh..... Oh.... FUCKING DAMMIT! WHY THE HELL DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS?! I'M SICK OF ALL THIS SHIT!"

    Evy screamed hoarsely as she grabbed a large part of a dead tree, it came off easily and she threw it in the direction of the howl, although, the branch didn't travel nearly as far as she wanted it to. Her anger grew by tenfold.


    She grabbed anything within reach and threw it in the howl's direction, finally she exhausted, but her anger refused to be deminished, so she pushed her body forward, this time catching up with everyone and coming a little behind the soldier.

    "I fuckin' hate canines." She muttered angrily.