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  1. Valkyrie

    This is a story concept I came up with (quite randomly) at night and decided to form into an actual story. However, a friend suggested that I suggest the idea as a possible roleplay, so here it is. I'm only gonna set it up and make it as a roleplay if I get 7 people interested, though; five definite will-joins, and a few maybes.

    It is open to comments/ideas/critiques, but please don't steal the idea.

    As far as I'm aware, it's original, but if there is a book or something out there that's the same thing, you can let me know. I won't get mad lol.


    This story takes place in the world of Sairkye (name subject to change), a fictional planet of a single continent (although many locations are peninsulas). Sairke is a little steampunk, a little medieval, and a little modern, all mixed in together. The citizens live primarily within two main countries; Aegelwyn and Pandon (also subject to change). For years, the two have been at war, and really, for only one reason- they differ in religious believes. Pandon followed a Pagan/Greek religion, while Aegelwyn is primarily Norse. There are other nations and empires in Sairkye, but none as big as those two.

    This world also has magic. Maybe not the kind of magic people usually think of, maybe so, but either way, it's still a magical world. Only 30-40% of the population has magic, however, and not everybody in Sairkye sees magic as a gift. Some resort of technology and mechanics instead of magic, shunning those who have the gift, calling it instead a curse.

    The actual plot takes place in Ozyrn Academy, an expansive academy built near the mountains in the way North of Sairkye. It is an Aegelwyn academy, built to educate and train students. For what, you may ask?

    For war.

    Students come to Ozyrn Academy, and others like it, to study combat. In Aegelwyn, there are two main battle classes that compose military units: Warriors and Mages. Students at Ozyrn Academy can pick either or- although, you must have magic to become a mage- and will study to become a battlemaster or perhaps simply to learn how to fight. Students learn their basic studies in addition to combat training, and live at the Academy year round, although with a month long summer break.

    There is one more battle class student's can pick from.


    However, not just anyone can choose to take the path of Valkyrie, and not everyone succeeds at taking the path. There are requirements. You must have magic, and must be proficient in combat, as being a Valkyrie requires both, being a hybrid class between Mage and Warrior. Students taking this path will learn to use both, making them efficiently stronger than their peers combined.

    But it also requires sacrifice.

    Do you know the mythology behind Valkyries? Valkyries are the goddesses/maidens that choose who will die in battle, and who will live. As such, it has been tradition in Aegelwyn for centuries to perform a Rite in order to begin training to be a Valkyrie. It used to be that students had to fight to the death, and only those that were revived within the hour were permitted to be students.

    Probably because the students that didn't revive within the hour stayed dead forever.

    It was a huge event back then. Since, they've adapted it to be slightly more private, and less violent- students drink a draught of death instead, or a poison have you- but it's still
    publicized, and 70% of students that attempt the Rite die.

    Sacrifice, right?

    But, as a Valkyrie student, there are many perks, that I will get into later. As for the main plot..

    Many of these students go to war against Pandon, and many of them die later in life, but it is in the mindset of Aegelwynians that this sacrifice is worth it, if a little stupid that it needs to be made in the first place. Neither empires really want war, but their 'gods' demand it. Anyhow.. It's pretty much a war that seemingly goes on forever. It's not heavy or serious enough to require actual concern, or millions of resources, but it's a war nonetheless.

    But then strange things start happening... The world grows cold, natural disasters become even more prevalent than before in warm climate areas- and worse, the mountainous, chilly regions begin having the same disasters, even though a hurricane up north is highly improbable. It seems like the world is going to end, and that's because, well, it is. Ragnarok, the renewal of the world, has come at last.

    But things aren't exactly what they seem to be.

    And that's where I'll cut that so I don't spoil the entire goddamn plot and stuff. Hopefully it's enough to get interest. I'll include a few more other details I've got just in case you're not hooked yet. Also, ask questions. I'm happy to answer. A lot of this is in the making of (I came up with it all last night/this morning. Lots of work to be done) so if we get enough people interested, I'll ask for some people to help worldbuilding and GM and stuff like that. If you know me, you know I do that kinda thing :{

    Valkyrie Students

    So I kind of stopped the Valkyrie student explanation halfway through the plot because that's not where it goes! So I'll finish it up here.

    Basically, Valkyrie students learn both magic and physical combat, and excel far further than the other students. But to become an actual student, you must perform the Rite, in which students drift a draft/poison that kills them. Usually, this is done during a special day, and an event is made of it. Students are killed at a staggered rate (for televised entertainment and news, of course!), one about every fifteen minutes. They have their own rooms to do so in, and can back out at any time (before death anyway). They are given a half hour with family beforehand, to say goodbyes.

    Then, media coverage will watch the students for an hour after their time of death. Afterwards, if they are not revived.... off to the morgue. But if they do come back to life, they are quickly welcomed to life, and carried off to the infirmary for recovery. Then, they begin training.

    It is unknown what truly happens during the time of a student's death. Some report infinite blackness, and some report faint light. A few said they met with Valkyrie's themselves, although this is uncomfirmed. It is known that if a Valkyrie takes a fancy to you, and believes you to be of 'hero material' of a sort, they will bring you back to life, granting you with their presence and touch.

    Students also often receive gifts from the Valkyrie's that revive them. Some receive more than one, up to three, and rarely, a student will receive none, or lose their gift. These gifts range from magic enhancement to an entirely new form of magic. It varies.

    Later, students that pass their classes and the final Rite (which I have yet to come up with) are made into full 'Valkyries', although they are not goddesses/gods, and likely will never be. They simply are badasses on the battle field. They call them Valkyries for a reason, y'know. They tend to be so powerful that their presence in a fight alone can predict who will win/lose (i.e they can turn a fight from winning to losing. They don't actually decide "Oh, Tom won't die today.")

    *** Still deciding if Valkyrie's are female exclusive or not. It seems kind of wrong to make it only females, although the Valkyrie's themselves are all female. Maybe I'll make two Valkyrie classes or something. But it'll probably just be a combined thing ***

    So, that's all I'mma put up for now. If I get the 7 people interested (4-5 dedicated, 2-3 maybes), I'll get some people to help worldbuild and create the world and backstory, including more info on the two empires and stuff. Lemme know in the comments!

    EDIT: I also have a WIP map of the world, which I'll include down here at the bottom.

    Sairke (open)


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