Valkyria Chronicles: Foreign Legion.

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  1. This would be an RP set during the time of the first Valkyria Chronicles. The setting would be a group of soldiers from the country of The United States of Amurica from the continent of North Amurica. (Note: This is most likely canonical, even though Europa is the only known continent so far according to the wiki, considering if there's a Europe, there must be a North America like Nation.) Now, because they are not officially involved in the war, they have to serve in the Gallian Foreign Legion.
    we would take the roles of corporals, cadets, and other low ranking officials, as we go from being well, low ranking soldiers, to High Military commanders, in adventures such as: Getting pinned down in a hard place, Dealing with foreign customs, dealing with the military, and a bunch of other surprises! so, is anyone in the Foreign Legion of Gallia?

    Note: Needs a bit more fleshing out. If you can help, please do!
  2. Interested.
  3. What position would you want on the team?
    Just asking so I can make jobs and a CS.
  4. Is anyone else interested?
  5. CS:

    Age: (Note, only 18- 35 year olds are allowed to fight in the Foreign Legion.

    Appearance: Picture is wanted, but Description is fine.


    Why you joined the Foreign Legion:




    Weapons: (Only basic weapons for your class.)



    Other: (Here, you can put things I forgot.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.