INTEREST CHECK Valentine's themed RP?

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  1. Ok first things first! Every now and then I will get an idea for almost every holiday month depending which it is and if I'm in the mood for it...and if it's my favorite of course lol

    Just wondering if anybody is interested in one or/and into the its not always so lovey dovey Valentines too?

    //smacks face

    Eh! So if it confuzzled anybody...I'm not so good with explaining my stuff sometimes...
    Well basically its a themed rp with fantasy --of course -- and all that good stuff :3 and well it probably, most likely, will not have the light heart fluffy romance version of we all know and --sometimes wished-- we have....
    It kind of, sorta, the dark love? I guess O.o I'm not sure if that's the right word, but basically its in a campus setting that only opens at night and different young creatures go there and stuff....ummmm yea
    Though really its a shared school with humans but they don't count at the moment since their the morning class and the main focus is the night class that is not humans at all what so ever....soo yea....there you have it the worst explained rp ever.
    Get use to it that how I do things since its still in blueprints. =w=
  2. Interesting idea. A split school where the monsters come out at night.
  3. Yeppers =w=
  4. And what would our characters be doing while they are there?
  5. So far I really don't know my mind is just bouncing everywhere and never going in order soooo..
    IDK! Dx
    But I do know that it involves in a lot of shit...things Idk just yet cause I have to make sure first that people well actually try it before I actually work on it cause that right there was just the jizz of it
  6. *Childish giggles* Anyway, I'm interested.
  7. So... what kind of roleplay will this be in?
  8. Ummmm most likely in the Fantasy area, but I'm thinking maybe the Jump in area because I'm lazy like that xD
    Nu but serously it's going to be in the Fantasy part probably or Miscellaneous
  9. Alrighty! :3

    *Cracks knuckles*
  10. Have you seen Vampire Knight? Because to me that is basically what this sounds like.
    And yes, i'm totally interested.
  11. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of a certain manga that my friend had once.. huh.
  12. I watched the first couple of epidsodes then stoppe
    Ah pfft well then lol
  13. So I'll join up!
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