Valentine's day other words, whacking day

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  1. This is where you can reserve an iwakuan to give them a nice valentine's card

    Soo, *shy* dovahkiin..uhm

    geez would ya like ta be muh valentine this year?

    Yall others can get your own by asking them here
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    Might want to do this through visitor messages or PM?
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    Ill follow up fer sure but this is a thread for all to ask their Valentine's person in
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    Seems like you're just using it to ask without stating that its for everyone in the opening post which might put you intended sweetheart on the spot in a bad way.
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    Damn, and here I was thinking this was going to be a thread for you on venereal disease.
    This, this is why we don't abbreviate Valentine's Day.
    Unless this thread was about both. I mean. I could see it.

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    You know, I was thinking that too, Kitti...

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    .... FINE!


    I love you all just the way you are. Won't you except yourself?

    And maybe me as well?
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    Who said anything about dating? I remember an innocent time when you you could give the whole class Valentine's cards but you always had one extra special one for some you liked.

    and I DID post on the first thread that it was open for all. second line.

    i had a second choice too...and that was you kitti dear.
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    Can't not think venereal disease...