Valentines Day Plans

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  1. You guys doing anything special this coming Sunday for your significant others? This year I went ahead and...

    A. Got a heart shaped box of candies.
    B. Ate the candies.
    C. Taped down a very professional picture of Nicolas Cage's face to the bottom of the box.
    D. Filled said box with smaller cutouts of Nicolas Cage's various facial expressions.
    E. Inserted a box of googly eyes.
    F. Included some adhesive poster strips for the Cage cutouts.
    G. Placed a card on top telling her she's my National Treasure. <3

    Needless to say we're gonna have a fun night out on the town. I can't wait till she finds the elusive Picolas Cage hidden in the box.
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  2. I do have a Valentine this year! It's me. I'm my Valentine.

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  3. I've got plans...

    Still need to grab a ticket though.
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  4. Don't forget to tweak the tomatoes before you go cucumber crazy. ;3
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  5. Baby I got something better than cucumbers.
  6. Pickles? :3
  7. Enjoy some chinese food and try not to get too upset about my birthday....
  8. 1. Make mac'n'cheese
    2. Sit in my boxer briefs all day and play Skyrim
    3. Coffee
    4. Netflix
    5. Enjoy my food without having to share it with anyone. Besides my cat, who will probably want a couple of the french fries.
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  9. I'm seing Deadpool alone tommorow :D
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  10. Get some gum, preferably extra minty. Gotta keep the breath super fresh.
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  11. I'm gonna complain about it on a roleplay forum
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  12. I don't really do the whole Valentines Day thing, because post-Valentines Day is where it's at.

    Awww yeah, candy sales. :3
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  13. Valentines day? Nothing.

    After Valentines Day? Here comes discounts on chocolate and shit!
  14. Goddamn ninja.
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  15. *Runs around yelling spoilers to ruin the dates people have planned with Deadpool*

    My plans in a nutshell:
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  16. Um, I bought my kid a card and a pterodactyl plushie. Other than that, nothing will be done. But man, those candy sales after Valentine's Day will be raided. Cheap bags of Hugs? Awww yisss.
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  17. I really hope you're not married or living together. You'll be sleeping on the couch for at least a year.

    For the first time in two months I'll actually be sleeping in my own king sized bed with my husband on the opposite side and an entire bed between us. If that doesn't scream romance, I don't know what does!
  18. you kidding? I'd marry him on the spot xD people appreciate different things, maybe she appreciates humour more than traditional romantic gestures

    As for my plans:
    1. Feel happy about not working in a chocolate shop this year
    2. Work at a coffeeshop instead
    3. send e-valentines and heart emojis to ALL THE PEOPLE I LOVE! My parents, my siblings, my friends, my extended family, everybody. I think of Valentines as a day for all kinds of love, not just romantic love.
  19. Admire the necklace my dad bought me and wait for the matching ring.
  20. I'm hoping this is from the deadpool awareness thing about testicular cancer <3
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