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    This simple game, is simple indeed.

    ^ State something about the person above you. This can be fact, fiction, or a response to a question they ask!

    < State a fact about yourself!

    V State something that you are guessing or asking the next poster!

    And now we begin. >:3

    ^ There is no one above me. >:[

    < Halloween is my favorite holiday!

    V You find these posting games irresistible, don't you!
  2. ^ has changed their avatar for fall/Halloween :)
    < Likes jumping in leaf piles
    v has a favorite candy of some sort?
  3. ^ Knows too much
    < Is 2spooky
    v is a frikkin nerd
  4. ^ Ahem. I am a geek.
    < I cry when I hear a song that strikes deep in my heart. Like this one.
    v Is going to join the new Mythos.
  5. ^ If I can be persuaded

    < Is stuck in a vicious cycle

    V Is going to tell me a good way to break up the routine
  6. ^ Needs to do something completely out of the blue, something that would surprise even them for doing it

    < Enjoys being a psychotically creepy bastard this time of year

    V Is at least slightly disturbed by my picture
  7. ^ Is going to worship me soon

    < Can't wait to see adorable trick or treaters!

    V Has a dark brooding past
  8. ^ knows far too much
    < needs to purchase the services of an assassin to arrest this knowledge
    v needs to try getting on the train during rush hour
  9. ^ Should buy a flamethrower if it's that much of a problem
    < Needs to buy a boat
    v Is bound in darkness with me, with no escape
  10. ^ Is a goddamn Lagiacrus, fuck that, I played Tri
    < Needs to eat something. Nevermind, I have food now.
    v Should ask the person after them a question
  11. ^ is very good at telling the nest person what to do
    < Doesn't particularly like being told what to do
    V doesn't need me to ask them a question in order to post
  12. ^
    Is damn right! >=3

    < rebel without a cause
    Is dressing as something scary for Hallowe'en!
    < Is now tripping balls
    v Had damn sight better know not a single new piece of information about me
  14. ^ knows I know absolutely nothing else . . . really, I don't . . .
    < Doesn't really care anyway
    V Does know something I would find interesting
  15. ^ May possibly be asking too much
    < Is currently suffering a bout of lethargy and sexual frustration
    v Should top that
  16. ^
    Wishes understandably to lose a misery contest

    < has been working 11 hours per day at a busy cafe where I am the most senior staff member (3 weeks) so I'm pretty much doing guesswork while training people and I'm not even fully trained myself. Also a medical condition leaves me with a case of frustration as well

    v. Will cheer both of us up
  17. ^ has won the misery contest in my opinion
    < thinks this funny cat video will cheer you up
    v can probably be more entertaining than I can
  18. ^ puts too little faith in themselves
    < Just realized they had no music playing! D8
    v Will offer up a new song to listen to
  19. ^ Should listen to Shoegaze
    < Offers up Blue Foundation's "Bonfires"
    v Must name a Shoegaze band
  20. ^presents an impossible challenge!

    < puts forthMy Bloody Valentine, but had to google it

    v will name a song that is significant to their life