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  1. Hi everyone.
    You can call me Uta or Uu. ^^
    I'm not really sure what I should say, but here it goes:

    - I like to consider myself a semi-lit roleplayer, which means I post around 2 sentences to a paragraph. I'd prefer it if you did the same with few mistakes. But, please, no more than a paragraph because my eyes play tricks on me and I goof up D:

    - I'm looking for someone somewhat longterm. All of the other 1x1s I've been in recently have fallen apart.

    - I don’t have any preferences when it comes to genre, but I don’t like doing fandom rps much (there are some exceptions, like if the characters have no personality)

    - If you don't like romance, TELL ME FIRST. My go-to is usually romance. I'd prefer it if more was going on (like, stranded on an island, on a quest for Camelot, etc), but I'm okay with doing typical high school junk, too.

    - Also, I usually do plotless in 1x1s. As in, we pick a genre and everything just falls into place from there. Tell me if you don't want to do this.

    - I prefer doing hetero but I can do yaoi (even though I’ve never really done a yaoi rp before) if they’re as awkward as Carter and Adrian of Always Raining Here (for those who don’t read that webcomic—one is a quiet, nerdy introvert and the other is an extrovert who continually hits on him with no success).

    - I don’t do libertine, so if anything leads up to that, I will politely ask to skip to when it finishes.

    - I actually have no rps that I want to do at the moment, but I'm up for suggestions. I'm pretty chill with anything.

    I'm sure I'm missing something so if you have any questions, please ask. c:
    Thank you
  2. Hey, you can call my Lyrical and I was wondering if you were willing to do a role play with me?
  3. Sure! I'm okay with that. c:
    Do you have any plots or genres in mind?
  4. Well.... Do you happen to know anything about World of Warcraft?
  5. No, actually ouo''
    Sorry :c
  6. Well that's okay!

    We can be rogue huntresses that are like out-law bounty-hunters >:)
  7. Omg. Yes.
    That sounds so freaking badass and amazing. :D
  8. And everyone could be out to get us, but we're super cool and legit and yes.
  9. I can just imagine us wearing big sunglasses and walking away from an explosion as "Boss Ass Bitch" plays in the background.
    So cool
  10. Okay let's get serious now haha

    I'm thinking this at a medieval time period..?
  11. Eh. I'm not very good with time periods (history was never my strongest subject), but I could give it a shot
  12. Just like with kings and queens and bows an arrows sort of thing?
  13. Hm...
    Yeah, I can do that :D
  14. Okay so are you making the thread or am I?
  15. Hello, I'd like to rp with you as well. Do you have any ideas?
  16. Sorry for not replying sooner!
    You can make the thread if you want ^^

    I have a couple that aren't very well developed. They're simple romance plots like Doll x Human, Ghost x Human, and Alien x Human.
  17. Hello, Uta~! I'd love to roleplay with you~!
    My name is Disgrace, and I think we'd have
    a lot of fun. I love romance, so that's one thing
    we have in common! I did that big so you'd have it POP out at you.
  18. Okay! I'll get right on it!
  19. Large text is intimidating qoq
    But okay! ouo
    Do you have any plots in mind?
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