USS Daedalus {Star Trek, Post-DS9, Lit/Adv.}

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  1. Blurb: USS Daedalus: Star Trek roleplay set in the Delta Quadrant!

    Site Name: USS Daedalus
    Site Link:
    Software or Format: Nova

    Activity: Tagging is required once every two days. We put out about 1-3 posts a day, and people are usually always involved in posts and tagging in-between. If a character has no posts, a mod will start a post with them to help bump them up.

    Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: Humans and alien species (evolved on another planet). All humanoid canon species allowed, made-up species are allowed if an in-depth profile is created of the species.



    The DAEDALUS needs you!

    The USS Daedalus is a Rhode Island class vessel serving Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38. She is currently en route to the Raeyan Sector under her captain, Commander Maenad Panne. This is an all original character cast crewing the Rhode Island class science vessel Daedalus, on her mission to explore the Delta Quadrant. We are looking for good, enthusiastic writers to help take up the mantle at any one of our open spots. We have dozens of open positions available for the picking. We invite anyone with an enthusiasm for writing, roleplaying and Star Trek to join us.

    OPEN POSITIONS: Chief of the Boat, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Chief Science Officer. A number of specialist positions are available in the science and medical departments, please send us an email if you'd like us to create a custom position that isn't currently on our manifest.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please check out our rules, and our NOVA guide. P.S If you do make up an alien species, you can write up a detailed medical/cultural blurb on them and we will add it to our Wiki. We don't prefer made-up species unless they're well detailed, so please keep that in mind!

    That's that! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for your character that might not be represented well on the manifest, feel free to contact us. Please take a look at our sim wiki for information all about different Star Trek species, languages, items and uniforms, Alpha and Delta Quadrant maps, and more.

    CURRENT MISSION: The Way of the Light (2)
    POSTS: Read our posts
    RULES: We're really not that bad, promise!
    NOVA GUIDE: How to use the Nova system
    PERSONNEL: Writers/character biographies
    SIM INFORMATION: How we play
    SIM WIKIPEDIA: Uniforms, languages, species, maps, etc!

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  4. [​IMG]

    This month on Daedalus:
    • shoutbox feature added!
    • existing skin mods (beta, titan)!
    • brand spankin' new skin (dubiously named The Kiwosk 5000)!
    Enlist now to join in on the Daedalus experience! There are still many assistant and junior officer positions available and as always, we are totally willing to work with any potential enlistees to create a position that works for them and their character.

    Until next month,

    Commander Zia Shassun
    Executive Officer, COM
    USS Daedalus