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  1. Hi, I was RPing with a friend and he was making some comments that were OOC in the IC thread. A mod came around and deleted his posts, which I don't mind, but then his username turned from the standard light blue, to black. What does that mean?

    Thanks ^_^
  2. That means that he was probably banned for a bit for not listening to a mod. OOC is not allowed in thread, I'd suggest sticking to PMing that particular person instead.
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  3. People don't get banned for OOC spam. o__o; They just wrack up a million warnings.

    Unless he go SO MANY warnings that he finally earned enough points to trigger the auto-suspension. That does happen! Then they get a temp suspension.

    It looks like that is the case here. >> Ignoring warnings is a silly thing to do.
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  4. I give poor advice. My bad? (I meant that that might have been one thing adding to others)
  5. If you're referring to the 'dislike', which my phone has made a habit of clicking whenever I scroll pages, that was an accident. Sorry. To Diana, too.
    I undid the rating and replaced it with 'Thanks' as soon as I realised. >_<

    It seems my friend has been banned until after Christmas :/
  6. No, I am actually referring to that I gave bad advice. Seriously. I should sit in a corner.
  7. Nonsense! You're advice was plenty informative. Not everyone is expected to know and understand the process behind an Iwaku banishment. (: