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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kame, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. I think instead of our names being green or admins being red as always we should all pick the color we want. Admins, Volunteers, Moderators, and uhm... other people like them can have sparkles or some sort of effect on the name or something different like that.

    The green is getting old and although yes we don't necessarily NEED this it would be a cool feature in my opinion.
  2. The banners under the names of staff and such are already a reasonable marker, so no need for sparkles if this was done... but who am I kidding, I'll take the sparkles. :P

    For real though, I dunno how practical this is and there are good reasons not to do it, but more customization options is generally something I like, so I'm torn on this idea.
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  3. I can see this not going over well for mobile users and those with slow internet as that may slow loading, and then there's the multiple backgrounds to take into consideration. Dark background users only take into consideration how the colors look on their screen, while not understanding some colors do not work for light background users and vise versa. There's also people who are colored blind. Besides, I don't even think Iwaku's coding, or any coding for that matter, supports sparkling user names o.e

    leave my green alone!
  4. I am normally all for more customization, but the freedom to choose your own username color is probably not going to happen.

    The first issue is load times. If everyone has a different color or can add animation effects to their name, we're really going to mess with some mobile users and maybe even folks with slow internet.

    The next, more important issue is site security. Right now, the colors are pretty clear: Red for admins, purple for staff, and light blue for CVs. If we could allow users to customize their username colors it would just create the potential for confusion. Yes, I know that a regular user could use Staff Purple and still not have the Staff Member banner, but I'd rather it not even be an option than to allow for it and take the risk.
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  5. Sometimes I consider this option, but I always decide not to, pretty much for the reasons Fatal mentioned. o___o Being able to tell at a glance just by username color is a HUGE good-thing both for staff during moderation ("this guy is a newbie, they might not realize ___ is bad" or "this person is inactive, I need to archive their threads") and for members doing their thang ("this person is an admin I need to listen to them" or "omg i need help who is a staffie?!")

    Especially because it's not just when we're looking at posts directly these colors come in handy. >> Otherwise the banners would be enough. The set colors are useful in the thread listings, online list, member list, etc.
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  6. What if we change green to something new like a color that hasn't been used yet?
  7. How about just giving users the ability to customize the colour of groups, and not their individual self?

    And to prevent stuff like using too similar shades keep it to the main colours, with a feature where two groups can't use the same one.
  8. That I would tack under "purposeless addon". o.o A lot of work, no benefit to the site or community.
  9. Technically your new theme styles's like "Black Knight" also have no purpose or use then.
    Since it's all a cosmetic/visual preference.
  10. I didn't say ALL superfluous additions were bad. XD But we have to think about stuff like time/effort/updates/worth/etc.

    Having multiples styles is a lot of work, but it also helps members a lot with getting a style that works best for their vision and device. o__o Someone who is colorblind or partially color blind might have trouble seeing different tones and stuff. A selection is helpful for that.

    Giving people colored names for groups and personal use? Nooooot really enough value to make it worth it. There is the fun and vanity factor, but eh...
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