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  1. What do you often associate with other members? An image or a theme? Maybe you make this association based entirely on their name alone. (Grod please tell me I'm not the only one.) Here are some of mine.




  2. I associate Grumpy with the same thing. XD

    Tegan I associate your name with something akin to coincidences and frustration. I've never heard of the name Tegan until I met you. So ever since then I've been seeing the name everywhere and maybe it's just because the name is getting popular or something but yeah... My niece is named Teagan (different spelling), one day I was going down one of the main roads, I turn my head and I see a freaking street sign with your name, an NPC in a game has your name. A dude I saw has your name... Ugh. It's gone from creepy to frustrating.

    Asmodeus What I thought of when I first saw your username. XD Excuse the happy smile on the bottom corner...

    Diana Shouldn't come as a surprise, I'm sure.


    Cosmic Weiner Dog If only it had sparkles...
  3. I hear what you mean. @_@
  4. o_o that's scarily accurate CWD
  5. Let's see. This is kinda hard since I know many of you too well to have a fantasy image in my head, but here are some that existed before I met/got to know you better.

    Asmo even after meeting him, will always be one of the Doctors in my mind. Him and that fucking ego, and the intelligence to back it up.

    Tegan is Sherri moon Zombie's character from the Devils rejects.

    Koori reminds me of Woody Harrelson girl friend in white men can't jump. Attitude mostly.

    Kehv is Neo from the Matrix. Idk, that is just how it is.

    Grumpy is the dude from Trainspotting, again, idk just cause he's Scottish.

    Cammeh is a plushy Jaguar.

    Torsty is the lead singer from Amon Armath.

    Ozzie and Vay are those horned cartoon things. I have no idea what that is or what it's from, but uni sex horned comic characters.

    Rory is a highly decorated veteran of every major war, as well as some kind of weird cult leader with a following of mindless robotic magic girls. Red cap, cane, fancy hat....yeah.

    Those are the only ones I can think of right now.