URSET: Junomedra's Quest

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    Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi
    Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as "Ganymede 7"
    Timeline: IN THE FUTURE

    URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the Regency. It's mission: To explore the vastness of space, learn of new planets, stars, and colonize inhabitable locations.

    Of course, the universe is not without it's dangers. Hostile Alien races travel the stars, hybrid races from cross breeding gone wrong, as well as self proclaimed pirates can be a danger to planet-side missions and in rare cases to the Junomedra itself.

    YOUR MISSION: To explore worlds never seen before! ...and somehow survive daily life on board the Junomedra!

    KINDS OF CHARACTERS: Most people would be human, but you are welcome to do whatever. You are most likely Staff on Junomedra or a "colonist" - someone who intends to help colonize a new planet. There are also people that visit the colony ship from time to time. Get creative.

    Bios are not required, but it's fun to have them. :D Let us know what sort of character you're playing and just jump on in.
  2. And once again bringing you the insane stylings of TEEGAN! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.