Uranides Cradle

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  1. A Kaiju Sci-fi Roleplay. The fight for your home begins now. Are you in?
    Back in the year 2021, unbeknownst to the general public, a government funded military experiment was authorized and a classified unit specializing in animal mutations was created; code name K-10. Unfortunately, the prototypes were defective and were too weak and frail to be of any use to the military cause, dying within a week of being created. Desperate for results, the formula used was revamped to combat the deteriorating nature of the genes and the first slew of Kaiju were created. But the formula worked far better than what they anticipated, leading to the Kaiju's inevitable escape.

    The media was in an uproar as sightings of colossal animal hybrids went through the roof and the public demanded answers, but the government pretended to not have any and claimed to be looking into the matter while also increasing the country's national security; however, within the year sightings of the Kaiju plummeted until they were eventually non-existent. Thinking the threat was eradicated, the government declared the war against the Kaiju won and the country celebrated, oblivious to the hibernating, procreating creatures hiding within untouched or uninhabitable parts of the world.

    The year was 2026. A group of archaeologists were investigating mysterious bones found deep within the Etna desert when suddenly, a large tortoise/lizard hybrid rose from its slumber from beneath the blistering sands and took its rage out on the poor unfortunate souls. The country was forced to take action as it was not alone. The Pro-Titan program, a last resort funded during the first war against the Kaiju but never had been used, was started up and the first three prototype robots - now called Uranides - were sent sent into combat. This would mark the beginning of a fourteen year long war still being fought to this day.

    Now the year is 2040 and the Pro-Titan project had been extended upon immensely. Kaiju appearances are near daily and Uranides are always on call. Walls have been built up around cities for extra protection and security is tight, making it nearly impossible for citizens to come and go.

    The war continues with you, a young pilot training to be one of the twelve Uranides currently available, but it's not easy making the cut. Will this experience make you or brake you?
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