UPRISING: The Tyrant King [M x F]

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On the island kingdom of Duriel, a mad king rules with an iron fist.

King Feldrin, fourth of the name and known as the Tyrant King, has not only upheld the doctrines of violence and fear that his predecessors were so fond of, but has gone above and beyond. He views his subjects as his own personal property, and uses them in the most efficient way he knows: as slaves. All but the wealthiest and most influential citizens of Duriel live in poverty-like conditions, treated brutally by the king's bruisers and always fearing the appearance of a Faceless One, a masked, supernatural member of the king's forces that always heralds death and destruction.

While perhaps the first Feldrin relied on the otherwordly powers of his Faceless Ones to enforce his rule, they are rarely seen any more. The High Durians, the king's favoured and the wealthy, live in broad, open spaces, served by their slaves, but Duriel has been an oppressed nation for over three centuries, and the 90% of its population, known as Low Durians, that live in enslavement and squalor not only have never experienced any other way of life, they can hardly even imagine the concept of freedom. Slowly but surely, the spirit has been beaten out of them. Now, only the bravest Durians, those with inextinguishable will, dare to fight against the king, and these small pockets of resistance fight 'til their dying breath for their belief.

The belief that one day, they will change the world.

Hey everybody, Krimp here! Just a little about me: I'm a university student in Auckland, New Zealand. Activity-wise this means a couple of things: I often don't have a lot of free time to post during the week, and that our activity times most likely won't sync up too well, so if you're looking for a 10-posts-a-day roleplay, sorry, you'll have to keep looking.

What I also want to talk about before getting into the story is my ideal partner. When it comes to posting I'm a strong believer in QUALITY, not QUANTITY. A short, powerful post that drives the story forward and gives the other player (me) something to work with is infinitely preferable to eight paragraphs of inner contemplation before one line of dialogue. I'm not saying I don't like long posts when they're needed, but most of the time, they're not. This isn't a novel, it's a dialogue between two writers. If it doesn't contribute to the story - either through development of a character, idea, or advancement of a scene - don't write it!

Another point when it comes to what I'm looking for: creativity! I might have come up with the idea, but we'll be doing this together, so your ideas are just as good as mine. I want your help in creating this world! Everything written below is still in crafting stage, so if you feel like adding or changing anything, just let me know and we can work through it together.

Now that all that fun stuff is out of the way, on to the story itself!
A tourist's guide to Duriel
What's written above is just a small glance into a world I've been playing around with in my head recently, inspired largely by Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. There's no need to read the books to participate in this roleplay because it's just the core concepts I've drawn inspiration from, but if you have read the books then imagine a similar atmosphere: dark, hopeless, desperate and all that fun stuff.

If you're still reading, I imagine you're still interested (great!) so I'll go into more specific detail about Duriel itself, and where our story will take place within that.

First things first, we're looking at a thoroughly low-fantasy, medieval world. Fun stuff like plumbing and computers haven't been invented, but neither have not-so-fun things like guns and bombs. Swords, spears and bows will be the main firepower, but access to these is strictly restricted when it comes to Low Durians. This is one way the king's men keep control: rebellions don't work very well when it's fists against sharp, pointy metal.

Magic exists - and will be a very important part of the story - but only a very small group of people are aware of it. Yep, you guessed it, the Faceless Ones. The king maintains his power through these enigmatic practitioners of magic, and while the manifestation of magical powers is a completely random, genetic occurrence, the King Feldrin and his predecessors came up with ways to pinpoint magic users when their powers first manifest. As such, all current magic users serve under King Feldrin as Faceless Ones.

(The properties of the magic itself is something I'd like to sort out with my partner, as I'm rubbish at coming up with it myself.)
And where do we come into this?
Our story will start in New Ryllon, the capital of Duriel and the centre of Feldrin's power. I will be playing a male Low Durian, the leader of the fledgling resistance movement within New Ryllon. Your character's history is, of course, up to you: she can either be High Durian (akin to aristocracy) or Low Durian, but the important thing is that at the start of the roleplay, her magic will manifest.

While the Faceless Ones come for her, so too do a small group of the resistance, who manage to escape with her. The story at large will revolve around her developing and honing her magical skills, which will play a huge role in the resistance movement, and the growth and outcomes of the rebel group against the Tyrant King.

At a more personal level, thing can be explored like our character's places within the resistance and the way people see them (could be particularly interesting if your character is High Durian, as the two castes don't gel very well). I have no problem with romance, if it makes sense (I'm not going to force it if our characters don't seem to connect on that level), but similarly I have no problems with its absence.

Basically, although I have a rough overarching plot in mind, I want to see what we can come up with together!

If you've read through all of that and are still interested, awesome! Leave a message below and we'll see what we can work out.
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Hi! I am very very interested in this idea. I would like to talk more about the kinds of magic or how it affects its user! For instance the Faceless Ones seem to me to be under complete control, is it natural for magic use to deteriorate human emotions or anything like that?
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