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New York – Present Day.

In the wake of the skrull invasion, Anthony 'Tony' Stark has taken the full blame, stating that he could have prevented the entire thing. After being ousted from office, he is branded an enemy of the state by the villain Norman Osborn and his new H.A.M.M.E.R. A new terror reigns in America, the world of the hero has turned completely topsy-turvy as Osborn creates his own Dark Avengers and X-Men, and effectively branding every hero that hasn't sold out an outlaw. Also, mutants are now outlaws themselves.

Osborn has stolen the Iron Man armor and modified it in a pseudo-patriotic image, the Iron Patriot. Stalking Tony to Afganistan and beating his vegitable body senseless.

Athough the people do not realize the terror looming over their heads, some have come to know what Osborn represents. These people, some powered, some regular, intend to stand and fight. This is you.

Character sheets would look something similar to Iwaku World:


Name: (This is New York, anything goes).

Race: (Human, Skrull, Kree, ect. Nothing like elves or such)

Faction: (If affiliated with a business or faction)

Place of Residence: (somewhere in the NY area)



Drivers: (What motivates your character. What do they want? What are they running from? What cause are they following?)

Equipment: (Including anything stored elsewhere)

Strengths: (What are you good at?)

Weaknesses: (What lets you down? YOU MUST HAVE WEAKNESSES!)

Primary Power: (Including category it falls under)

Secondary Power: (MUST plead with GM)

Background: (Try to be concise)

Commendations: (Leave this blank. ONLY Mods can write in this spot, and they will use it to add any rewards or new powers that you have earned. If you have roleplayed well or have a history in the Mythos, then your commendations will reflect this.)

*starts writing up sheet even as he's supposed to be doing work*
Would we be making character sheets based around existing characters, heroes, and villains?

For example, would I write a character sheet for Captain America if I wanted to play him? Or Wolverine, or Mr. Sinister?
Oh, you have no idea how many Marvel style chars I have bouncing around in my head....interested, definitely.
Would we be making character sheets based around existing characters, heroes, and villains?

For example, would I write a character sheet for Captain America if I wanted to play him? Or Wolverine, or Mr. Sinister?

Actually, I was thinking of more of an original cast of characters. Like instead of Cap, you could make a guy who's 17 and idolized him so long he trained himself to physical perfection.
I'll be honest, I don't know that much about Marvel (or anything else with comics, for that matter), but I'm 100% interested. My only question is just a bit of a clarification: Since we're doing original characters, is it fine if we do our own slant on a pre-existing character? I was thinking about doing a more street-level Iron Man crossed with Punisher, but was worried about it being too close an idea to Iron Man. Unless that's not much of a problem.
Was Reiz thinking about doing Reiz?

I'm semi interested. I'll keep an eye out, maybe post something up.
Now this definitely seems interesting. I'll have a bio for this once the Bio section is finished, or I can see a finished character sheet.
Ok, guys. Sorry it's taken me so long.

I will have a sample character up by tomorrow so that you can see what's going on (and hopefully an official OOC too). It's great to see that there are people interested. Hopefully I'm a competent GM.

@Reiz: This is fine, yes. Read Up I know this is alot to swallow, but glance over a few things here to get your head in the game.
Name: Silvaeria Rand

Race: Human

Faction: none (new group forthcoming in IC)

Place of Residence: The Streets of New York

Appearance: At about 5'1 and 95 pounds, any doctor would say that she's a little underweight. Her blonde hair is cut in a short, even bob. From the top of her head to the soles of her feet, she's dressed in black, dingy clothes torn and haggard from months of constant use.

Personality: As torn as her clothes, after the failed superhuman serum experiments, the military used her in a new direction of experiments, Project Elements. Although bestowing her with powers, she was considered a failed subject and thrown out of the military in their wonderful tradition (if you're crazy, you're outta here). In the two years since she left the service, her mind has healed little by little as her clothes tear in the same way.

Drivers: Reform in the right direction as to how the military/government work.

Equipment: Only her clothes.

Strengths: Living on the streets.

Weaknesses: Any sort of structured environment.

Primary Power: Electricity.
-Can hold up to 100 Kilojolts of energy.

Secondary Power: None.

Background: TBA
is the OOC going up soon? already have a character idea ready to write up.