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  1. Sign-up is located here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/upland-sign-ups-gang-related-rp.62446/


    It’s modern times. A city located in Southern California, by the name of Upland. Known to be a bit of an introverted populous, Upland is a city that is filled with more sins and sinners than good, which is exercised from dusk til dawn with relentless pursuit. The Upland City Police Department is corrupt, as a result of its vast amount of difficulty overtaking a gang by legal means.

    The gang that runs the city is referred to as Mythril, whom maintain survival by any means necessary. Among the war that Upland City PD and Mythril have begun in the town, there are plenty of innocent people who just happen to live in the city; stuck without any sort of means to get out because financially, the city is a debt-filled cesspool.

    Out of the population of people who are just trying to live their lives without problems, a group of freedom fighters have come into light – acting as the fighting party for the population of the city who isn’t involved in gang-life or maintained in politics.

    Upland Police Department.

    A: Corrupt? We ain't corrupt! We're doing shit to protect the city and the people of it. Things would be fuckin' better without that damn Mythril gang thinking that they own the goddamn place! Upland Police are going to pummel them to the ground, mark my words. Now, get outta here.

    B: Oh, yeah dude, the police are totally fucked up in the head. Be doin' out of the book shit - totally unjustified, if ya ask me. I get the whole 'we gotta make peace for the people' but c'mon. Bastards took my cat too, like, what the fuck? Now they're in a war with Mythril? What a drag.


    A: Look, sweetheart, all we're trying to do is survive. Nothin' wrong with that, right? What did Tony Montana say again... Oh right. 'In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power.'That's all we're doin', getting the money so we can have power. I'm sure you'd want the same, darlin'.

    B: Mythril is one notorious gang, dude, you don't want to mess with them. Even since, uh, what's his name... Francis! Yeah, when he died and his lady took over, Madeline or something, man... They've been doing a lot of crazy shit. Tried to sale heroin to my lil' sister once, like, who the fuck does that?

    Freedom Fighters

    A: We're the only... force, if you will, that's actually doing anything, alright? While the authorities and Mythril are playing cops n' robbers with one another, us Freedom Fighters are the one's maintaining the peace around here. Obviously, we're not on either side but our own. Plus, we're just everyday, hard working people who only want the best for our children.

    B: Those Freedom Fighters only do one thing: get in the fuckin' way. They shouldn't put their noses where they don't belong or else it's going to get shot off. Their leader, Skylar, doesn't even know what to do so why are they're sticking their necks out? Everyday people, that's cool and all, but they have to recognize that we're fighting the big fight for them as well.

    IwakuRP rules apply.

    Each person is to pick one faction.
    Each person is to pick one power as well.

    Powers that aren’t allowed:
    Psychic Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Teleportation, Logic Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Invulnerability, Time Manipulation, Creation or Destruction manipulations. Everything else is practically allowed – we’ll let you know if it is questionable or not.

    Any more questions, please feel free to message me to hash out the details!
    Original idea by couple good friends in addition to myself..
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  2. (Once we get enough members, we will begin.)​
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