Updating Site Policies! What is YOUR imput?

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  1. Every few months Iwaku goes over it's site rules to make sure they are properly up to date and relevant to the size and current community. We feel it's really important to have a set of policies that actually reflects the needs of the members. (After all, could you imagine what life would be like if the laws of your country hadn't been updated in the past 100 years? D:)

    To make sure the rules reflect the community, we ask YOU, the members to take a look at the site policies and comment!


    You can also browse through the FAQ to see if anything needs updating or answering there.

    Now the question:

    Do you think any of the rules need updating? Clarifying? Changing? Do you think there needs to be something ADDED?

    We'll be taking all commentary under consideration, and should we need to update policies we'll be announcing it later. :D

  2. With issues and disagreements that have come up thus far, should we clarify "risqué content" for outside the mature section, as in, what needs to be in spoilers?
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  3. I know this seems kinda obvious, but to me, it wasn't. =P

    I've been looking through everywhere but I can't seem to find any part that states this: Is Iwaku an English-only site? Cause I was about to ask someone of you administrator guise if it was possible to create a non-English roleplay. Is it possible to RP in a non-English language on the boards? I'm sure in Private Messages, it'll be alright since those generally aren't moderated.
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  4. I think clarifying risque content will be a good idea. O_O Maybe we can link some examples.

    This is a very very good suggestion! We'll definitely have to clarify this somewhere.

    We're going to be rolling out policy updates (if we need to anyway) with the new year! Now is a really good time to look them over and give us any suggestions on things you think might need to be clarified, or tell us if there is any information missing!
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