Updates and The New Master System

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  1. Well, I have finally gotten back to working on world building stuff. I needed a small break, but that's okay. I think most people did. In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for new content, new masters, and some revamps. You may have already notices some aesthetic revamps.

    The main change that will be occurring will be a major change to the Master/apprentice system. From this point out, though we will still have world building masters, individual masters will no longer be taking on apprentices. The apprentice thread will be closed down. You may have noticed that there is now a Help and Development section where all the worlds in progress and help questions are. From now on, ANYONE, master or apprentice, may start a help request thread. Any master with experience in that area may respond and offer their advice. This will cut down the workload on masters (though masters are still expected to contribute with exercises/workshops/etc) while giving people in need of help a variety of options, opinions, and useful information.

    MASTERS! I expect you to check the Help forum often and answer what you can!

    That is about it for now. Take care and happy building!
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