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Upcoming Events

Discussion in 'THE STORY SO FAR' started by unanun, Jul 12, 2014.

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  1. Once every two to four weeks, there will be a Main Event in each nation's plot.

    The three story threads will lead up to this event, in some way, over the course of the four weeks.
    This will give you a sense of where your characters are going and what is in store for them.

    You are free to get involved in the event, or develop your character in other ways.

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  2. Chapter 8


    A disgruntled Medwick leads a rag-tag group deep into Barvelle's most secret tunnels. He will seek to meet the Vonsoon, a senile Nocturne clan who survived the Cataclysm by burrowing deep into the mountains. The city is still hamstrung by the invasion of the khasidim, angry dragon-followers who seek to take revenge on the city due to the slaughter of their home, a dragon. In addition, a hidden cult with reasons unknown keeps the Archon imprisoned in the highest tower.

    New Kaustir

    The Czar's army grows restless. However, he will have to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. One of Tattersal's many gambits will pay off, and he will be forced to march North, turned from the East by the giant mangrove barricade.


    (CONTINGENT ON ACTIVITY!) Tattersal continues in his efforts to cleanse the grevious from the lands. Their interference becomes so great that it threatens an intervention from the Jade Prophet. Should he fail to contain the spread of the aux-eaters, an even more ancient force will return from her self-imposed exile.

    The Prosperos

    (CONTINGENT ON ACTIVITY!) The merchant nation seeks to solidify its power base. The volatility of New Kaustir's actions are impeding its ability to do business, especially with Tattersal's actions. They wish to restore the peace, or at worst, execute a controlled war so that coin may continue to flow. Their paths fork along diplomacy and subterfuge, and diving deep into the ocean to find a Divine Weapon of omnipotent power - or a sleeping attendant of the Old Gods who would wreck their fledgling city ships.
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  3. Chapter 9


    The Czar's vanguard reaches Pegulis' first line of defense, a frozen fort that sits in the col of the great east-west Kaikas mountain range. General Coul has chosen to focus most of his defenses there, and if it should fall, the rest of Pegulis may end up following shortly.


    When a mold finally makes itself known, it is often too late for the fruit, for the real body of the mold has been festering in the flesh for quite some time. As Tattersal approaches the capital Edelon, he sees the black corruption over the entire city. The idea of staging a diversion for Amaltas and Ash to retrieve ilium's divine relic seems more farfetched than ever.

    The Prosperos

    K'Larr holds an uneasy peace with the Merchant Lords on the Guild ships. His entire plan for stability hinges on many things coming together smoothly. First, he will need to secure more thermic gems from Pegulis. Secondly, he will need to place them inside the titans he is raising from the sea.

    Third, he will need to sucker-punch the Czar, when he is occupied with Pegulis.
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