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Up For A Romance RP??

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ChloeeLouiseeC, May 17, 2012.

  1. Heyyyyy

    i am looking for a romance RP, it can even be OC

    or if you want it film/celeb base
    the stories i'll be willing to do is

    1) Harry Potter
    2) The Hunger Games
    3) Twilight
    4) The WANTED
    5) One Direction
  2. What characters would you be willing to play? Like genders and what-not?
  3. i play both boy and girl, i'm not fussed
  4. Harry Potter - Remus/Tonks - Please? :) Like the Loves Drug roleplay on Hex
  5. yeahh sure, our Tonks and Remus RP are amaZAYN :), playing same characters yeahh <3
  6. Yeah :) I can also double as Ron as well.
  7. okaiiies, i could double as some one as well, not got a clue who though XD
  8. Maybe Harry?
  9. yeahhh Harry maybe lol XD
  10. Same sort of plot line, as in the Hex roleplay?
  11. yeahhhh same plot line and that hehe :), like they don't know at first and stay a good distance
  12. Ok - do you want to start it? And btw your turn in the zayn/elvira/niall roleplay
  13. yeahh sure let's do this!!!!!!

    yeahh i'm going to reply now hehe
  14. maybe the dinner party could be when she meets Niall for the first time, and he flirts with her, and Zayn gets jealous.....
  15. yeahhh that sounds good :)
  16. I could set it up if you want
  17. could you pleaseeee <3
  18. I will :) Will have it up in a moment
  19. aww thankyouu, i love you hehe :) <3