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  1. Howdy ladies and gents, I’m just looking for a few more roleplays to do with some lovely folks. Probably a max of three more and then I’ll close the thread. Don’t worry, I’m going to list several potential pairins I would like to try below (as well as indicate which ones I have a plot for). Onwards, to fun! ^_^

    What I am looking for in a Partner:

    - A post at least a few times a week, if not more. One a day would be fantastic but I do know real life comes first, so that’s not always doable.

    - At least two detailed paragraphs. Give me some meat to chew so I can also give you a great reply.

    - Proper grammar ad usage of punctuation. Of course I also understand we’re human and not grammar Nazi robots, so mistakes happen. Just please, no chat speak within the RP and while I don’t mind first person, I would like to do these in the third person.

    - Can play a male and isn’t shy to be dominant or submissive depending on the nature of the RP.

    - Isn’t afraid to throw in their own plot twists and such. In other words, plot, plot, and plot some more! Throw ideas at me and we can discuss ‘em over PMs. It should be as much your story as it is mine.

    - Let me know if you’re going to be gone so I’m not sending you bothersome messages wondering where you’ve gone. Of course some things can’t be foreseen and warning can’t always be given. I’m an understanding lady so don’t worry!

    What you can expect from me:

    - At least one post per day if not every other day. Sometimes it’s every third when life gets real crazy. I’ll let you know either way, especially if I’ll not be posting for longer than three days.

    - 2-8 paragraphs with plenty of detail for you to make a reply to. Sometimes if I’m truly inspired I can write more than that, so if that scares you I apologize now! It takes me time to make a good post, as I hold myself to a high standard most times. So don’t worry if it’s not up within 15 minutes of yours. It is coming.

    - I will plot and even chat with you via PMs, toss ideas at you to get your thoughts on them and what not. So if you don’t like something let me know, my feelings won’t be hurt. If you have something better suggest it.

    - I won’t do anything off site (ex: via skype, e-mail etc.)

    Now, the pairings! (** - indicates that I have a plot for it, bold is the role I would like to play).

    Thief/Princess **
    Princess/Knight **

    Thanks for reading, PM me if interested!
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  2. Is the bodyguard one available? If so mind if I join?
  3. Yes, it's still available. PM me and I can tell you my plot and we can discuss it ^_^
  4. I could do Thief x Princess, Knight x Thief, or Princess x Knight. Any of them would be cool with me. I love playing knights and thieves. :)
  5. I can do TheifxPrincess or KnightxTheif both sound fun :)
  6. Reopened Prince/Gypsy pairing, the person who was interested has disappeared so it's free for whoever is interested.
  7. *laughs* damn, reading this i almost want to volunteer for the knight/prince one despite us already having an rp together lol.
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