Up A Creek...(Sci-fi MxM plot inside)

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    Basic Plot Rundown
    • Science fiction: set in the distant future where humans have more or less perfected Interplanetary travel.
    • Humans have built a colony on the rich and fertile planet known as Aurae.
    • The Colony is made up mainly of military personnel, scientists and engineers; but has an equally large civilian population.
    • On the surface the Colony runs smoothly and to the civilians that populate it everything is peaceful and pretty damned closed to perfect.
    • Beneath the surface, for a select few, they see how truly dark the politics of the Colony work.
    • Looking for someone to play a soldier character, one of the few that knows how messed up shit can get.
      • Picture is just a suggestion, but it embodies the kind of grittiness I'm looking for.
      • Basically I need the character to have some kind of enhancements done to him, something that makes him the 'property' of the military.
    • If you like shadowy stuff, espionage like shenanigans; then this is the roleplay for you.

    In Character Info

    Scientist's on Earth have found "close by" planets that are suitable to sustain human life and the UN has organized "The Colonization Initiative". Massive ships containing enough people to maintain a diverse gene pool were sent to these planets to build colony's and lay the ground work for future human migration.

    On the planet Aurae the colony is thriving within it's tall city walls. Outside the colony is surrounded by dense forest of tree's twice the size of the largest tree on Earth, The General Sherman. While beautiful the thick wilderness makes it difficult for four wheeled armored vehicles to travel.

    Connor Douglas, considered a genius mechanical engineer, longed to leave the walls of the colony and explore the new planet that he called home. So when presented with the task of creating a new vehicle that would be able to travel through the forests with ease, he jumped on it as an opportunity to see the planet for himself.
    *And thus, the Hornet was created

    Once the vehicle was believed ready for a test drive in the field, Connor put in a request to be the pilot for the Hornet's first expedition. However he would need the escort of a soldier for safety reasons.

    Things go down hill from there...

    Out of Character Info

    The beginning of the roleplay is kind of adventure based, just so our two characters can get to know each other and grow close. When they get back to the Colony, that's when stuff really hits the fan.

    I have a rough plan thought out for this plot, but I am looking for a partner that will help me to really shape and mold this into a story that maybe, just maybe...We could see to a finish.

    **Connor Douglas is my character, age 24. He is ignorant to the shadowy workings of the Colony. He was hired to make machines and that is what he does and he does it well. A lot of this will be basically destroying that naivety and torturing the poor lad.

    Of course, your character won't be left out in the cold ;). I'm sure we'll be able to come up with some delightful ways to push that soldier to his limits.

    Now, what are the dark secrets the higher ups in the Colony are hiding?

    Well to find that out, you'll have to message me ;)

    *That's just a reference photo to give you an idea of what it looks like, in the actual rp it'd be a two seater and a little bigger to pack away supplies.

    **Credit to the amazing artist Kyoux on deviantart for this picture.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.