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    Jarvis .....had been shut down for over 120 years of his life from his creator was taken by the group of Agents called R.C.D.U (Robots, Correction, Demolish, Unit) his beloved creators inventions where destoryed but Jarvis was shut down and hidden away somewhere out in the world on him was a large pack and a small chip that was in his hand. He lay un-moving on the ground his eyes closed on his arm was a patch of skin that was missing but it showed where the chip would go in if anyone bothered with a fallen and asleep mechiene but in these days now no one was allowed to touch or reprogram mechienes or touch it. If they did they would be punished greatly and even aressted or even killed for doing so. Jarvis was no different then anything else, but out in the cold, rain, sun and fall he stayed out ...unmoving till he felt someone put the chip back into his skin as his brain nerones started up as his body staretd to twich his fingers started twiching and his eyes slowly opened a deep blue color looking at the figure infront of him.

  2. Don had been wandering aimlessly for some time. He had hit something of a dry spell as far as scrap was concerned, and this place didn't seem to be bearing any more fruit than anywhere else. It was all junk, not a saleable thing in sight. Some might have argued that scrap and junk were exactly the same thing, but Don begged to differ. But, there was no one around to argue with, and so he just kicked a random bit of metal through the dirt, grumpily making his way through the dump, until he finally stumbled on something...interesting.

    It looked like a mannequin at first, grubby as hell, and also far more realistic than others, not to mention devoid of a stand. He approached, noting that it was in excellent condition, beneath all the grime, and there was an opening on its forearm. The human frowned, clearly a little perplexed as he ran his fingers over the indentation, eventually turning his attention to the pack that was slung over the objects shoulder.

    A short while later, he found the chip, and contrary to all sensible reason, he put it into the creature that soon booted up. When it spoke, Don stood abruptly, glaring suspiciously at what he could only assume was some form of robot...not good. What the hell had he just done? "What the hell are you? And why shouldn't I kill you?" Well, those seemed like sensible questions to him, even if they were a little bit hostile.
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  3. The A.I looked at the fire as his eyes adjusted and roated slightly and saw the clear image of the man. he got up slowly and grunted gently in pain "I am Jarvis.......Who are you and why kill me what wrong have I done to you?" he asked confused tilting his head slightly and looked aroubnd slightly at the massive junk yard. His eyes saw everything showing up different items and things a normal person couldn't see. he felt the sack on his back and turned his head and saw it was on his back, ah so his creator had sent him away with some of his things.
  4. He was understandably uncertain of even responding to the dangerous bounty he had stumbled upon, fully aware of what being found with a such a thing could mean for him. However, he was not the type to launch into anger or allow reflexes to rule him, and so he spoke relatively calmly to this Jarvis character. "You're not human. You're highly illegal, you shouldn't even exist." He wondered what the AI would think about this turn of events, and also considered just how sophisticated it must be. There was little to show that it wasn't human, it had clearly been at the forefront of technology, before its downfall. "If you must know, I'm Don...I think, I don't know what to do with you." He had no desire to destroy such a treasure, but was equally apprehensive of allowing it to be anywhere near him.