Unwanted Getaway

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  1. Sharp-dressed stewardesses travelled up and down the narrow aisles of the plane. It was packed to the gills with all manner of tourists flocking to this or that vacation spot, all trying to forget their humdrum jobs and bills and pretend to be carefree and adventurous for just a few weeks. A woman sat staring blankly out of one of the ovular windows at the sea of clouds below them. Her lavender eyes shifted to the stewardess at her row, and she took the offered beverage: chamomile tea with honey. It was the one thing that nudged a faint smile out of her.
  2. He got on the flight, feeling sleepy from a late night of work. He passed on having a drink, content to snooze throughout the flight. It was a long awaited, and well-earned vacation for him, but for now he wanted to get as much rest as possible before the plane would land in tropical paradise, and then he would have to scramble around for a rental car, hotel, and reservations of all sorts.
  3. Every once in a while the plane gave a shudder or a lurch, but every time the passengers were calmed by the airline staff and told there was nothing to worry about.

    "Turbulence," the passenger beside her, a man in a bright Hawaiian shirt, nudged. "I fly all the time. There's always a rough patch here and there."

    She only nodded and continued her cloud-gazing. The man eventually lost interest and continued his small talk with a more willing participant.
  4. He felt some sudden movements, some rockiness on the plan, but he'd traveled by air dozens of times, and didn't think anything of it. He heard the cabin announcements, saying it was turbulence. He almost slept through those moments, if they weren't so sudden. He didn't even open his eyes. He slowly, started drifting back to sleep.
  5. Just then, the entire plane gave a sharp jolt forward. Several people were thrown from their seats. The woman winced and held her scalded hand as the hot tea splashed onto the seat in front of her. Dormant babies and small children began to cry, and several panicked voices all mingled together, demanding to know what was going on. As the stewardesses gathered at the head of the floor, one reaching for the intercom so that she could speak over the noise, the plane gave a metallic groan, and then a rip. Cold air rushed into the cabin as they went into nosedive.
  6. Now, it was serious. His eyes were wide open now, in disbelief at what he was seeing; people in the air, the plane feeling like it was going straight downwards. He'd never seen an aircraft react this way, and it was horrifying. He held onto his seat arms, and hoped the seat belt, usually just an item for the flight attendants to check, would do the job it was designed for. If he could, he would hold his breath until this situation came to a peaceful end.
  7. Yellow breathing masks dangled from above the seats, but most went unused in the panic. The woman snatched her mask with shaky hands and held it over her face while she fumbled for her seatbelt. She scanned the plane, wide-eyed. There was a gaping hole in the opposite side, through which 3 or 4 people had already been sucked through. A small fire was growing along one of the engines as they dove. It bellowed thick smoke after a small explosion.

    The ocean got closer and closer as she braced for impact with the water.
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  8. He grabbed the mask closest to him, and secured it on his face. He pulled back on the mask to create a seal. Then he was going to see if those seated next to him needed help... but they were gone. He felt the altitude getting lower for the plane, and felt it would be any second. He grabbed onto the seat back in front of him to brace for the impact.
  9. Their plane smacked against the water as hard as it would have on land, then rapidly began to sink. She panicked and clawed at her seatbelt, the people unfortunate enough to be in the front of the plane already being pulled under into the water. Free of the seatbelt and the mask, she climbed over bodies and seats toward the rip in the side of the plane. She had been slammed against the window at impact, but adrenaline kept the sharp pain in her head at bay. She barely made it out of the sinking cabin and began to swim as hard as she could to avoid being sucked down with the bulk of the plane.
  10. The force of the impact knocked all the wind out of him. He was in a daze, then realized the cabin was filling up with water. He undid the seatbelt and ran towards the nearest opening in the plane, which was where the water was filling up from. He pushed himself in against the water flow, and was tossed out of the plane. He held his breath, swimming upwards, for what seemed like ever, until he finally reached the ocean surface and could breathe again. He looked around to see if there was any other survivors around.
  11. Her arms and legs were screaming with pain as she swam as hard as possible away from the wreckage, too petrified to look back. She tried to keep her shaky breathing even and focus on moving one arm and leg after another. The screams of other passengers and crew were floating over the water. Those who could either swam for dear life or clung to floating airline seats and luggage in shock and unable to move.
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  12. He could see anyone else in the water, just a lot of debris, floating luggage and seats. Could he be the only survivor? He had to consider the possibility now. But, the first thing was survival.

    He saw what looked like an island, and it had to be an island, though it looked small. He grabbed onto a piece of floating luggage, and use it to aid him as he kick and paddled his way towards the island.
  13. The woman hoisted her body up onto a buoyant suitcase and used her remaining energy to kick and propel herself toward the small speck of land on the horizon. Even though she hadn't made a sound since the impact, her eyes were wide with terror. The hands that gripped the suitcase would leave an imprint if she squeezed with any more force. Resisting the temptation to lose focus and panic, he pushed any unnecessary thoughts from her mind and focused solely on getting to safety.
  14. Finally, he thought as his feet were able to touch sand after what seemed like hours of kicking towards the small island. He stood up and walked, carrying the suitcase that he used to help him get there. It wasn't his, so he was curious if there was anything useful inside of it. He walked for about two minutes until he reached the actual land of the island. He never felt so glad to touch dry land in his life. Once he walked far enough from the water, he dropped to the sand and laid there. He was extremely exhausted from the swim.