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    Okay, so My decision is that, I'm actually going to make this a role play. and once it is COMPLETELY finished. It shall be published.
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  5. I'm really excited. Oh my gosh. So do you know of anybody else who would be in this?
  6. Personal


    Full Name: Yrechaz Tybalt

    Pronunciation: Ir-ee-Kaz ti-bolt

    Nickname: Chaz (Kaz)

    Age Appears: 19

    Age Actual: 234

    Sexuality: Well it depends, what is likely to cause more havoc? >:P basically, he has no sexual orientation.

    Marital Status: Unwed

    Political Status: Politics are merely more toys of anarchy that we Gikt laugh at and utilise when we feel we ought to.

    Economic Status: Wealthy

    Quarter: Pozar

    Birth Place: Faerihn, pronounced Fay-ri-hine, birthing home of the Gikt.

    Nationality: Faerihnian?

    Element: Fire

    Animal: Phoenix

    Personality: Yrechaz is conniving, intelligent and stealthy. He has a habit of playing jokes on people and thrives on others' pain. He laughs at misfortune and takes pleasure in seeing people suffer. He likes to consider himself someone not affected by the trivial problems of humanity. His reasons are his own, he is stubborn, moderately insane and energetic. He likes to mess with peoples' heads.

    Species: Gikt


    Eye Color: Crimson

    Skin Color/Tone: fair Caucasian

    Hair Color: brown

    Hair Length: long enough to get into his eyes and sweep just below the jawline

    Hair Type [Curly, Wavy, Straight]: straight

    Freckles/Moles: no

    Scars: many healing scars cover his back and torso, mostly burns from his training days.

    Body Modifications [Tattoos/Piercings]: No

    Height: 6’1’’

    Weight: 152lb

    Typical Attire [Clothes]: generally a black leather jacket, red shirt with ribbons crossing the front and black and red jeans with the leather straps criss-crossing, like in the picture. He wears black leather boots and carries a briefcase with a foldup table inside, along with all his ‘mundane’ tricks.

    Animal Appearance/Picture:


    How did they come to be in Eign Aiw El: Yrechaz was looking for mischief. He grew bored of the simple ways of Faerihn, deciding that humans had grown too lax without someone to stir up trouble amongst them. Then they started dabbling in the elemental magicks and he received a message from the Elders instructing him to stay over there, to keep an eye on the humans, to make sure they didn’t burst through the barriers of Faerihn and destroy everything the Gikt had worked so hard to create and keep hidden.

    History before E.A.E: Yrechaz was a wild, enthusiastic youngling, with a taste for adventure and mischief. He was often getting into trouble and the Elders were forever giving him warnings, but he didn’t listen to them, being a free spirit he began to enjoy performing tricks and delighted whenever someone was hurt or affected by his shananigans. He was exiled to the mundane realm when he was a mere hundred years of age, and found he quite liked it there, so when he returned to Faerihn, he requested a return trip later down the track. He became something of the official liason between humankind and the Gikt, without the mundanes even knowing it.

    The Gikt: a race of humanoid type creatures with abilities not found in the typical human. The origins of 'magicians', Gikts learnt to develop their skills at a young age, anyone who didn’t learn their abilities after the age of seven was considered to be weak, useless, among the Gikt, and so the young were encouraged to learn and adapt fast. They developed their tricks to become more mundane when the humans started attempting to mimc them, to unravel the truth. In order to remain anonymous, measures were taken to provide the humans with ways of explaining these feats, so that they would not poke around in the Gikt business. They are creatures of the night mostly, thriving in the darkness, and they feed on the misfortune and confusion of others. They are far more dangerous when there are people around, because they can absorb their energies and utilize them to fuel their own strength, making their enchantments far more potent. Each Gikt has a specialty technique, something that they and only they are able to do, until they die and pass on the trait to another Gikt. They dislike confined spaces, as it suffocates their abilities to perform. They need to be able to leech off other creatures, and if they are trapped somewhere without a source, they go into a comatose state, their body becoming essentially frozen in a kind of stasis until they are freed and able to absorb energy again. Generally, when a youngling is being taught to control its abilities, it will be given a mentor to guide and rate its abilities. Any exceedingly promising young are taken to the Elder for appraisal and can find themselves given the highest honour of becoming one of the Elite. It is the Elite’s job to protect the secrets of the Gikt, and often escort the Elders when they make the journey between realms. They also have the task of making sure no one finds their way into their realm by mistake.

  7. My goodness there is a lot of information here. Very well put together. Set up is nice and although the CS is long it gives all the players a better understanding on each others character. I like it but I'm not sure if I'll have time for it sadly. I will think more on this however, it does seem interesting.
  8. Of course, even if you choose not to roleplay I have other options if you like the idea [Sorry if I sound redundant, I've been talking to a lot of people and I can't keep track who I said what to!] As well, all the advertising of this would be so helpful! I want to make it big :3
  9. I will put up my CS when I get back from school! :3
  10. I'd like to be involved as well, Just give me some time to read through everything :)
  11. Okay! Thanks much!
  12. Is this still taking characters?
  13. Alright. Copied down all the information about the world into a text file; will be working on it on the plane today. C: I'm traveling; so it should be up late afternoon/tonight.