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  1. Hello dear friends that probably didn't notice that I was gone for the most part! (My poor Toshiba crashed and won't even turn on anymore, may they rest in peace). I figured why not start my first post back about a game I actually just watched someone play but haven't myself?

    Until Dawn, has anyone played this? I want to play this, even though it is very confusing at times. It seems like a very interesting game due to the elaborate way things are connected, how every choice you make is important. Have you played this? Who all in your game has survived?
  2. Fuck this game! Damn near everyone lived my first time around, then the slightest movement on the Sam part means her death. Cheating piece of shi-I mean, uh, yeah I played it. Nothing original or unique, it's pretty much Old horror movie tropes: The Game, but it was very refreshing seeing a horror game take that on. It's not another first person Amnesia clone.
  3. Spoilers: @Deuce .

    I bought it for my wife since she's a big horror buff. It was definitely a fun experience to watch, even if I'm not a fan of them like she is. The branching decisions and plot twists are an absolute delight when you see early choices come to fruition or have some meaning.

    It does have a massive amount of horror tropes. But they didn't feel like a "ugh why do that" kind of feeling.

    On her first play through she lost a few folks. Not sure which ones off the top of my head. Replaying the game is a breeze with everything fitting into episodes.

    Peter Stormare does a grand job of playing the ever increasing inanity of the psychiatrist as well.
  4. Never got to play it but did watch a ton of videos on it and actually want to get it (Horror games are usually not my cup of tea) Though I do think how easy it is to kill a certain character based on what seems like a very small choice is kind of bullshit since I believe its just for that one character and the other way to save them is to do something very douchey. The game looks fun with all the tropes of it but I like it when things get laughable about how absurd they are. (though that makes the game sound bad but I really don't think it is) Kind of hard to explain what I mean without going into spoiler territory though.
  5. A friend of mine rented it once so I got to play the first couple chapters. I want to play more. It was a lot of fun for an interactive movie. :)
  6. Brownman ran into the exact same problem. :p
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