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  1. It was cold tonight, but the citizens of Tokyo warmed up the bustling streets of the downtown. The sky scrapers were very high, almost touching the greyish sky above. It won't take time for it to get darker since dinner time was approaching. Jiraiya was outside with his orange jacket zipped up to his chin, freezing a bit despite his green gloves. His jeans were hanging a bit as his white boxers showed behind. To be honest, he didn't really care about his looks or his fashion. He always wore his orange jacket since he was around sixteen. It was his trademark practically and it kept him warm during these cold autumn nights.

    Also, the orange matched with his favorite month. October. The different colors of the tree's just made him feel happy. And, Orange kind of reminded him of his stay at prison, in that isolation cell with those... guys.

    Jiraiya was tapping his finger on metallic headboard bored out of his mind. He didn't expect this mediocre looking prison to be so un-amusing To be honest, the moment they had sentenced him to prison time because of his crime, he thought it might be a 'good experience'. But, it was simply a horrible punishment. Worst, all of the guys here I pretty much queers. None of them worth talking and all idiots. It was a bore.

    Or, almost. There was only that new guy with very dark black hair and sharp eyes. He was interesting. Unfortunately, he was in the B section while he was at the C. They could only hand around during lunch time pretty much.

    But, anyway. He has been here for over three years now, he knew the routine and he was about to get out. No need to get in trouble. Though, you see... Trouble always found his way to him. Just as he was about to jump off his bed, two bald headed guys with twice his size in muscles came in the room.

    '' Are you Jiraiya? '' one asked with a very deep and masculine voice. The red headed boy in his mid twenties shrugged, '' Perhaps... Who might you be? '' he asked with his snarky and indifferent tone. He hated unexpected intrusion.

    '' Romeo sent us, '' he said with a smirk as his sidekick, or whatever he was, cracked his knuckles. Jiraiya rolled his eyes, '' What... He sent you boys to 'rape' me or something? '' he asked, '' Just tell him he's not my... cup of the. '' Jiraiya said as he turned his back and was about to climb up his bed when the bald guy grabbed his shoulder.

    Like Jiraiya always said, there is a first too everything. So it wasn't too bad of an experience.
    Recalling this experience as he walked down the streets, he couldn't help but roll his eyes and scratch his bum. '' Maybe that wasn't my brightest decision. '' he admitted as he entered a 7/11. A little welcoming noise triggering as he opened the door and the cashier smiling at him and screaming nervous. It didn't really bother him, most thought he always carried a gun because of his look. Plus, it wasn't uncommon in this part of the downtown. The east bank nearest to the polluting factories.

    Roaming down the alleys of cheap and chemical made food, he sighed as he grabbed a ramen bowl, '' Mr.Noodles...'' he read. He looked at the woman behind the counter and pretty much shouted waving the item, '' Is this Shit Good to eat?'' he asked. The woman jumped and nodded rapidly mumbling a few incoherent noise.

    Jiraiya rolled his eyes hating this scary kittens as he walked towards her. He pointed to a yellow cigarette package and menthol gum before placing a few coins enough to pay for everything. He coughed loudly before the girl placed everything in a gray plastic bag.

    He stopped right at the entrance as he exited to light up a cigarette. His eyes examining the area right before glaring at a black BMW. It was out of character in this setting and Jiraiya barely had time to react as he puffed the cigarette smoke. The window slowly rolled down and a silver hole pointed at him and the trigger was pulled. The car immediately accelerated making the rubber wheels mark the ground with a loud scream and Jiraiya looked as his orange jacket soaked in his blood. His cigarette fell down his mouth as he placed a hand over the injury. His green eyes then lifted at a few guys taking cover with their guns out thinking some kind of gang shooting happened.
    A woman screamed seeing Jiraiya slowly fall down to the ground with his eyes rolling behind his head and his head banging on the concrete side walk. Jiraiya thanked her before exiting the store.

  2. "Yes, I know. I know, Alex. That's where I'm going right now, okay? So, just, calm down! I'll call you back when I'm on my way over, okay? Alright, bye."

    Taylor let out a sigh as she hung up on one of her close friends, Alex. She had been sent on a mission to get a few snacks from Seven-Eleven, since that was the only store that she was close to. Thinking about how she had gotten sucked into buying snacks in the first place, the brunette shook her head, hair flying everywhere. A shiver went through her as she walked down the sidewalk in downtown, causing her to cover the lower half of her face with her scarf and to pull her coat tighter around her small frame. Tokyo can definitely get quite chilly at night, she thought as she got closer and closer to Seven-Eleven. Her thoughts and walking were interrupted when she heard a gunshot, followed by screeching tires and a woman's scream. Eyes wide with alert and fear, she rushed towards the sound, pulling out her phone so she could dial 911.

    By the time that Taylor reached the scene, people were crowding around what she assumed was a body. A crumpled one, at that. With her phone pressed against her ear, she began to relay as much information as she could to the person on the other side. At the end, they said how much time she had to wait, about fifteen minutes, and hung up. Breathing short and heartbeat racing, the brunette pushed her way through the large sea of gawking witnesses. Once she was near the injured body, she dropped to her knees, eyes flickering around the stranger. Noticing where his wound was and how it was still steadily bleeding, she tugged off her scarf and pressed it hard against the redhead's chest. "Hey, it's going to be okay...Help is on its way, so don't worry," she whispered in a soft, soothing tone, trying to ignore the people around her.

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