Unorthodox Horsemen of The Apocalypse.

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  1. Plot: From the beginning, humans have sought domination. Others have sought order, and opposed the conquerors. And others still have prepared for decimation. The Horsemen, an organization dedicated to the annihilation of humanity, were formed long ago, when the first humans decided that they weren't good enough for the world. They have slowly brought humanity towards the breaking point, and are divided into four departments [which (despite the heavy cooperation present between them) have often competed against each other, and heavily distrust each other]:

    "Famine": The brains and bankers of The Horsemen. The role of this branch is to control the flow of goods in the world (money, oil, food, and medication). Originally, the only job of Famine was to ensure a lack of supplies, so Pestilence or War could move in and effectively destroy nations. However, with a surplus of products (even too much to divert to other branches), Famine began pumping supplies back into a country's economy, with companies constantly set against each other, which in turn could tear the nation apart, pushing towards The Horsemen's inevitable goal: World annihilation. Other branches refer to them as "greed-mongers" and "heretics", the latter because of their seeming dependence on the enemy.

    "Pestilence": While not the most physically or economically imposing of the branches, the doctors of Pestilence are perhaps the most feared and respected. The branch is responsible for the manufacturing, distribution, and vaccination of diseases, virulent bacterium, mutagens, etc. The vaccination bit comes into play for The Horsemen themselves, so the bio-weapons could never be turned on them, or spiral out of control and blow the cover of the organization, or even to be marketed by Famine, bring in more funds for The Horsemen, spread disease even further through a "vaccine" for another one, and force dependency on said vaccine. Distribution is a job handed to field agents, who deliver the viruses, or sabotage facilities designed to hold them. Manufacturing is self-explanatory. Other branches often refer to them as "plague rats" or "druggies".

    "War": The foot-soldiers and commanders of The Horsemen. Soldiers are hired off to the highest bidder to operate as a mercenary army, often proving far superior to their enemies, resulting in the scales tipping in the favor of the enemy. However, War soldiers often change sides, depending on who offers more money. In peacetimes, they act as instigators of a conflict, disguising themselves as an enemy country's extremists, and becoming a general nuisance, until finally the white dove is shot out of the sky, and War is incorporated by the terrorized country to attack the supposed enemy, and the cycle of death begins again, which often benefits another country, which results in benefits to the organization as a whole. Other branches often call them "turncoats" or "gorillas".

    "Death": The penultimate result of everything The Horsemen stand for, there is only ever one Death agent at a time, who leads the other branches against the world. S/he answers to no one but The Seals. He combines the best qualities of all the other three branches. An active Death is required for Operation: Revelation to take place. No one dares to say anything negative of him, since they're all afraid he'll hear.

    "The Seals": Essentially the board of directors for The Horsemen. The first four members are the most prestigious members of the four branches (in the case of The Fourth Seal, that of Death, it is rumored that he is the first Death, though this certainly must be an exaggeration, and must be the Death before the current one), and represent the four branches. The other three Seals are responsible for initiating the inevitable Operation: Armageddon, which requires the agreement of the former four to pass on to the final three. The first four Seals are given jurisdiction over all other operations, and for managing the four branches.

    Your Role: As the organization progressed through history, the ultimate power was revealed: Nuclear technology. Specifically, thermonuclear missiles. However, that is also the one thing The Horsemen have failed to obtain in their arsenal. Thus, they have assembled a team of four: An agent of Famine, an agent of Pestilence, an agent of War, and the one and only Death. You (the role-player) will take control of one of the agents. Since The Horsemen have no biases towards their employees, you have free reign over your character. But, here are some guidelines:

    "Agent of War": War troops are generally large and bulky, equipped with the most advanced weaponry that a foot soldier could handle, being the ones to take the most and dish out the most hits. They are typically incredibly stubborn, loyal to the cause to a fault, and have anger issues worse than a volcano.

    "Agent of Famine": Famine agents generally have a small role on the field. They are usually fast, stealthy, and smooth-talking, known for their proficiency at thievery, and with a knife or handgun. They are more cunning than intelligent, though that does not necessarily mean they are moronic.

    "Agent of Pestilence": Usually a medic in the field, they are also capable of creating grenades of varying effects from anything they have on them, and often carry some vials and syringes containing various viruses and mutagens to benefit the team or disadvantage the enemy in close combat. They are incredibly intelligent, but very anti-social.

    "Agent of Death": Equipped with the most compact and efficient weaponry of the times, genetically engineered to be the most physically and mentally perfect being in the world, and technologically augmented to round out the rough edges, Death is the perfect assassin, the greatest mind in the world, and arguably the most important resource of The Horsemen. However, they have never worked well with others, rarely speak, and have severe mental issues.

    Character Sheet:



    Personality: (guidelines are there for a reason, though I encourage you to add to them)

    Agent of:

    Favored weapon(s):

    Personal skillset: (again, guidelines that I wish for you to add to or detract from, but to stay on track with)

    Appearance: (brief summary and images)


    [Character sheets may be posted when four people (including me) have applied and been accepted. Strong, clear, and linguistically correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation appreciated.]
    Note: Death has been taken. By me. Deal with it, and have fun!
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  2. Is this open for joining still? Or have you already selected the other three in a sign-up thread?
  3. OMG! Or if you're Muslim, OMA! Or if you're Jewish, OMJ! Someone came here! YAYZERS! Nope, still plenty of space. Now, as you're first action as subordinate, GO ADVERTISE THIS TO OTHERS.
  4. Alright, will do. So is there a signup thread? Signup threads go in the signup section, might wanna copy-paste the top post there.

    I'm assuming that this takes place in a modern setting?
  5. Hmm. Cybernetics. Definitely medieval. Ain't no signup thread. Didn't expect much bite.
  6. Haha, very funny, smartass. I mean does this take place in the modern era or some time off in the future?

    And in that case, you should make one, along with a banner advertisement submission.
  7. Modern. We're nearing the apocalypse. I'll get on the signup thread tomorrow.

  8. Damn. I've let this place go. If you're still interested, the banner is going up soon, and the signups tomorrow or today.
  9. Update to any interested:

    We will be exploring the past of the Horsemen as well as the present. Meaning, you will take charge of multiple characters, one for each era we visit. However, the first one you make is your main character.
  10. Cool. Link it here when the signup is up.
  11. Right here.
  12. I'm confused by these directions. Should I post a CS or do I have to wait to be accepted before posting it?
  13. You have applied. You have been accepted. I have applied. And I have accepted myself barely. Now we wait for the other two. If you want, post a CS on the OOC. It may attract more people.
  14. Ah. Understood now. CS will be posted shortly.
  15. Of course, where else would I put it? This is an interest check, CS don't go here, usually, as far as I know.
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