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  1. So, with summer fast approaching and graduation in sight, I've been quite preoccupied with the notion of coloring my hair something crazy again. Given the creative atmosphere and young average age here on Iwaku, I figure there's probably a pretty good group of us who either have, have had, or want hair in fifty shades of not normal.
    This is a thread for sharing pictures of what we've had, what we want, and/or what we think others ought to get. ^^ Really, anything related to getting a dye job in any shade not naturally found on a human.

    So, here's what I did last summer:
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    Now, while I was pretty fond of that, I think I'll probably go for something a bit more elaborate in June, with it being the summer before my senior year and all.
    I'm really digging blue and purple. http://www.deviantart.com/art/blue-and-purple-hair-273646804
    But then again, something kind of peacock-y would also be sweet. Something like this, but without any yellow. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Peacock-hair-313379959
    But then again, something really bright, like this chick's, would be amazing. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Raquel-111703377

    Aaaah I don't know. I know I want blueish, but more than that... any advice/inspiration would be awesome. And I, of course, would be happy to reciprocate. ^^
  2. My hair is too dark to dye without bleaching it first; and I don't trust myself to bleach and there aren't many good stylists in my city.

    Have you done multiple colours before? I've heard its hard.
  3. I leave everything up to my stylist. XD She's a badass. Her current hair is a yellow-orange-pink mix that is absolutely awesome, and she's confident about doing multiple colors with me as well. It's not like she's perfect but nothing's gone wrong yet, she gives me what I want, and she's cuts awesome deals (cut and color are $40 for me, compared to the $100 buy-in for either one at her regular salon).
    I have to bleach it before I color too, but being short it doesn't get a chance to get dry. I all but shaved my head (had less than a centimeter of hair) back in August, so there will only be two or three bleaches even on the ends of it by the time I go blue. I'm lucky that my hair is very resilient and, if anything, feels softer and more healthy than it did before I started bleaching and dying. XD
  4. I tried giving myself black and blue hair. I failed because I had an allergic reaction to the bleach. :| So my hair ended up black and tan instead... I looked like a calico cat for a while. So, I stick to more natural colors and dyes.

    That blue and purple do is pretty looking. That's my favorite of the links you shared, although the peacock one's brilliant as well.
  5. Aww. :C Bleach tends to mess up a lot of good ideas. Black and blue is an awesome combo- but black and tan could be pretty, too. ^^
    The blue and purple would also fade nicely... probably greenish and pinky-lavender. The good and bad thing about blue dye is that there is no such thing as permanent. XD It's all semi, so you have to think about what it's going to turn into in a couple of weeks.
  6. Last year when I still had hair I went on a dying kick.

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  7. Oh my god that second pic is gorgeous! :D I love how bright the colors are~ especially the lavender tones in the third one. It's hard to get pale colors that vivid. :o
  8. That was actually an accident! I used conditioner to turn dark purple dye into pastel and left it in way too long.
  9. Haha, what an awesome accident. Pastels are so adorable!
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  10. My hair color is naturally very dark and straight, but I've had my hair green, blue, pink, purple, blonde, red (natural and unnatural). Shaved, permed. I'll try and post pictures if I can find the SD card. I think, for my next hair cut and color, I want something like this:

    Hair Cut (open)

    ...with streaks of pastel blue or something.
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  11. When I was younger I used to dye my hair. I did green and red and have bleached it several times. I can try to dig up some pictures after work.

    I think that blue looks pretty boss as well.
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