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Fantasy RPGs
The Guild
An acid trip dream I had three nights ago
This episode of South Park

Now that I have some space freed up on my roleplay list, I thought I'd see about anyone being interested in this idea of mine. Simply, some gamers who keep contact through messengers [Skype, etc.] and the in-game chat are dedicated to a computer game I have yet to think of a name for. Don't want to call it WoW or RIFT or anything specifically, just...some game. :|

Anyway, one day, weird stuff happens! DUN DUN DUN!!!
They're sucked into the video game! And the first time they meet each other, they are in a fantasy world.

If they want to go back to the real world, they have to complete quests in the game. They've taken on the images of their characters, be they a Dwarf, Elf, Human, Argonian, Giant, Dryad--whatever. I want to make this open to all sorts of races and classes, but I'll probably make a list for each to give people ideas and combinations to choose from. I'm even considering bonuses, such as if you're an Elf, you get an extra magic spell or...something. This is a work in progress.

Before I take the idea further, I wanted to see if anyone was interested. More than interested, though. You have to actually join. >:[ I'll probably enter it into the Game Master challenge, too, so I need reliable participants!

You guys get to name our characters' guild and if you want to, you can help me think of a name for the video game too.
I'll join in.

Well, DnD 4e has assassins (yep, assassins, like ninjas) who used shadow to just pown things. I'll play as one of those.

Then you have all sorts of things. Half Vampire Human Assassin. Yep, that awesome.
First off, this idea sounds amazing. I love it. It's fresh, it's original, and I would so join it! This seems like something I would be RPing in for hours on end. And you can count me as reliable. As for races and stuff, I'd say make it a looooooooooong list so people can have more room for custom stuff, maybe even make their own races?

Also I am no good with guild names, but one that came up for me was Reality Bites. Seeing as it's ironic how real people get sucked into a game xD
Thats a good one. Very good. Nice going Shadow.

Nice game for the Gamecube by the way. Was interesting.
Glad you two are interested. <3

No worries, it would be a long list of races and stuff. I'll be putting a lot of time and writing into the OOC for this, as well as the plotting. I'm going to keep Reality Bites in mind. I decided to make a poll for everyone to vote in and the one with the most gets to be our Guild. :]

I'll need a minimum before starting, too. Our tank/melee, our ranger/archer, our healer/cleric, our combat mage... Once I have one of each, people can be whatever they'd like. I don't want only 1 healer with 5 fighters, if you know what I'm saying. x__x A standard, balanced party will assure victories.
Pretty much I will be the striker, the ninja.

And the blood drinker. The awkward one.
Epic! I'd love to join, especially if I can start after the 22nd. My sister's going on her honeymoon and I'm watching my nephew. Let me know, okay?
I'd be the serious one that tries to bring everyone together, the "too into the game" hardcore one I guess you could say who wants the best armor and stuff.
No problem, Kai. I doubt I'd get the IC up anytime before the 22nd, anyway. XD

Having 3 interested people is awesome. It's enough motivation to at least get some planning done. I'll have way more time next week, I think. I encourage you to tell all yo friends about my game. ;]

All I know is I kinda wanna be a bard... But being GM, maybe I should be someone more leader-y, like a fighter. They created the guild, after all. c__c
So is this RP ready yet? I just recently did some kickin' photoshop work on my light elf and I'd love to add her!