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A bitter cold breeze swept across the Pendergast Manor's lush grounds as Ash made his way down to the edge of a lake that sat on the Pendergast estate. He had just finished his chores for the evening and now he seriously needed to calm his nerves. Chores, what a load of crap. The boy thought to himself as he sat down, leaning his back against a rock on the Lake shore. Ash reached into his coat pocket and took out a small tin cigarette case, it had become a terrible habit for him, but for some reason it settled him, made him more calm. He pulled one of the cigarettes out of the small emerald colored tin and placed it between his lips, he lit it and inhaled softly then exhaled, as he put the tin back in his coat pocket.

Ash had been forced to do more chores after he started a fight with a kid at school, he won the fight and wound up bloodying the other kid up. The other boy had told Ash that he was Bastard (like he didn't know that already?) He also told him that he would never have anyone to call his own, he would always be a miserable piece of... well you get the idea. And of course Ash snapped and punched the boy in the nose, which started a brawl... Ash won of course but it resulted in him getting grounded and forced to do quite a lot of chores, which he really didn't mind all that much he was so used to getting punished. But was the boy right? Ash was able to charm and flirt with any girl he wanted and they never refused him, but it was never true love, he wondered if he would ever find it, if he could ever feel that overwhelming happiness? Ash could not help but laugh at this. He, the great and totally bad ass Ashley Pendergast was thinking about crap like this? No he wouldn't allow it...

Ash laid his head against the rock he was sitting against and stared up and the cloudy evening sky, this was his favorite kind of weather, cold and gray, it relaxed him. He could not stand warm clear weather, when everything was in bloom... No this was perfect for him. He breathed in more of the nerve numbing nicotine and exhaled. "You don't need anyone but yourself Ash, you can survive on your own, you have done it for almost two years. And if anyone has a problem with the way you are they better keep it to themselves." He told himself. he finished his cigarette and put it out and threw the butte to the ground. As he sat there he noticed someone walking along the lake shore getting closer to him, he could not make out who it was and really could care less, no one ever talked to him... Ash closed his eyes and sighed.
Not quite walking; more like running. Platinum blonde hair whipped about Luella's face as she ran, her legs pumping her further along the lake shore, her chest burning from her effort. She'd been running for what felt like hours, though she was sure it had probably only been five minutes. The cold air stung her face as she cut through it, the wind tugging at the jacket she'd never gotten the chance to button up. Struggling to catch her breath, it was a miracle that she was still able to throw back her head and let out an eardrum shattering scream sent all the way from the tips of her toes. For a brief moment, her scream echoed, drowning out the rhythmic thud of her boots on the damp, soft ground. But quickly another sound joined the others: hooting and laughing as two other figures raced after her.

"Get her! Trip the bitch!" one boy shouted to the other. They were gaining ground on her and she felt the flutter of panic deep in her gut. Disregarding the pain in her chest and legs, she pushed her body to move faster. If she could just get enough distance... Suddenly the world spun into chaos and she hit the ground hard, rolling to a stop after tumbling a few feet. She wasn't sure what had tripped her, her only concern being the two boys now within arm's reach of her. Before she could get back to her feet, the first boy threw himself on top of her with a triumphant laugh while the second boy bent over, trying to catch his breath. "Thought you could outrun us?!" he shouted, pinning her head to the ground with his foot pressed roughly to her cheek.

"Let me GO!" she screamed, struggling under her captors. All three were unaware that they were being watched.
Ash stood to his feet when he saw three boys tackle the girl who had tripped and fell tothe ground, he knew what was about to happen and he felt his stomach sink. Ash reached into his coat pocket and took out a handgun, he cocked it and made his way silently around the lake and his behind one of the trees. He peaked around wanting to be sure they weren't armed and thankfuly they were not. He stepped out from behind the tree aiming the gun at the boy's head he was ontop of the girl. Ash's jaw twitched in anger. "Get off of her now." He said coldly as he stepped into the moonlight. the boy stood to his feet quickly and stepped back nervously holding his hands up in surrender the other two boys also stepped back. "Get the hell off of my property now or i swear i'll pull the trigger." He said coldly. The boys continued standing there Ash stepepd toward them again and in fear they began running, He fired the gun and theyran faster, then he put his gun away.

Ash stepped toward the girl and helped her to her feet. "Are you okay? They didn't hurt you did they?" He said as he looked at her, she had taken a pretty bad fall she had to be sore.
Being suddenly freed confused Luella and she cocked an eyebrow as she watched the boys running off into the distance. "What the--" she mumbled, cut off when she caught sight of another boy, one she didn't know. He was holding a gun and it didn't take her long to put two and two together. As the stranger pulled her to her feet, she frowned at him and took a moment to brush mud and grass off of her knees. A small amount of blood was already soaking through the knees of her jeans, though it didn't even phase her. She was used to these kinds of bumps and bruises.

"Are you okay? They didn't hurt you did they?"

Eyes flickering up to him the moment he spoke, she stood up straight to her full height of five feet and a measly four inches. And then she decked him one! A mean right hook to his jaw, her expression beyond livid. "Thanks for scaring off my friends, you jackass!" she growled, turned on her heel, and stomped away. The fact that the stranger had a gun didn't bother her one bit. She'd been exposed to much worse things afterall.