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  1. Three kingdoms banned together long ago to defeat an enemy that threatened to destroy them all. To destroy the enemy they used all their talents, knowledge, and resources to build a powerful relic. This relic was used to destroy the evil and save their kingdoms. The enemy destroyed the relic was split into three parts one part given to each kingdom for safe keeping. Over 200 years have passed since then and the friendships those kingdoms built those years ago have dwindled to nothing and war threatens to break out among them. However an even greater threat looms in the distance and unless the three kingdoms can band together again they may all very well be doomed.


    Name: Col'hen Whitiar
    Age: 21
    Race: Elf
    Role: Outlaw
    Kingdom: Caeros (it has the sea on its east coast)​
    Being the only daughter of a poor couple in the outskirts of her kingdom's capital, she never had an easy life. Fighting against men to prevent being raped and abused Col grew up quite strong and able with a dagger. To survive she started stealing what her family needed, a carrot, an apple... never more than the necessary.
    One day, however, she was caught by a royal guard which suggested to be more 'relaxed' toward him to keep her hand. He brought her in an alley but she rebelled and ended up killing him just as another guard was passing by. Being now an outlaw she found shelter in a tavern in another city as a waitress. Her dream is to be able to be reunited with her family.

    - Survival tecniques
    - Cooking
    - Sewing
    - Stealing
    - Stealth
    - Dagger
    - Traps
    - Simple reading and writing (with very bad calligraphy)​


    Name: Mi'ran Sairel
    Age: 19
    Race: human
    Role: princess
    Kingdom: Merula​
    She was born and sheltered in the royal castle where she was trained in the arts as every proper First princess; she is refined and knows a lot. That is, only in theory. In fact she doesn't know about practical or political matters or the REAL problems her future subjects have to go through. However, Mi'ran isn't the passive type and spent a lot of secret time practicing with a bow and she's not half bad at it. Truly she's not sure she would have the courage to use it in an actual battle, but it's something more to know at least.
    Her different colored eyes (Andy you know I'm a sucker for heterochromia XD) won her the title of 'Miracle princess'. Good at heart she knows where she stands and is not keen to be mistreated or to let her 3 brothers (17, 15 and 8 in age) make fun of her.


    - Diplomacy
    - Archery
    - Araldics
    - Fast learner
    - Reading & Writing
    - Intimidation
    Name: Vander Alluin
    Age: 20
    Race: Half elf half human
    Kingdom: Agora

    Background: Vander is the bastard son of the king of Agora. His mother was an elfish maiden who worked in the castle as a servant. His mother and the king did have..feelings for each other but they could obviously never be open about their relationship. When his mother found out that she was pregnant with the kings son the king sent them away with enough food and gold to last them a good long while until they could find a more permanent solution. Vander doesn't know that his father is the king of Agora because his mother never told him the truth. She told him that his father was a human and that due to certain circumstances they couldn't be together and that's all he knew. He now works where he can to help support his mother in these times all the while unknowing of his true past.
    dual sword weilding,
    read and write English and elvish,


    200 hundred years. 200 hundred years had passed since the victory over the dark forces that had threatened their kingdoms. The kingdoms of Agora, Caeros, and Merula had long since known peace and had remained without war or incident and the relic that had been built to destroy their enemies was still safe under lock and key. One piece located in each kingdom. However..those friendships have been under tight strain recently and war is threatening to break out among the three kingdoms yet again. Yet those worries would be put off for one night..hopefully. For tonight was the yearly feast to recall the joining of their kingdoms to destroy their ancient enemy. All the rulers of the three kingdoms would gather in a neutral point between their kingdoms and feast and celebrate their hard won victory those many years ago.

    Vander Alluin was a citizen of the kingdom of Agora. And while he didn't know it the bastard son of the king of Agora. His mother was an elfish maiden who loved him very much and gave him everything she possibly could to make sure he grew up a happy young man. And he was a happy man. He only wished he knew who his father was and why he hadn't stayed with them. His mother could only give him a sad smile when his father was mentioned and stayed silent. Vander was a half elf half human so he knew his father was a human. That didn't necessarily help calm him down however.

    Vander lived in the city of Lonet where the feast would be held to celebrate the pasts victories and had agreed to help out with the preparations of the celebration and providing some security for it. Although he didn't necessarily understand why security was needed. Each kingdom would have their own guards prepared and no one would dare attack the rulers while they were here. Currently he was acting as bouncer to the front gates. He wore a simple leather jerkin over his blue shirt. He also wore brown leather pants and light brown leather boots along with it. On his back hung two swords crossed in an X shape. The kings and their families were just arriving and would be progressing into the ballroom for the feast shortly. He only hoped that the night would continue to go by uneventfully and that no foul words nor blood would be spilled before the night was over. Little did he know the events that would take place that night that would set in motion the beginning of the end for them all.
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  2. -Mi'ran-
    Another year, another party, another anniversary. Nothing was more boring than everyday life and duty but she was the first princess and she would have done what her people expected from her. All while hoping her father had forgotten about finding her a husband, of course. The last couple of people had been so out of her league... one had always snot hanging from his nose the other couldn't help looking under every skirt of every maid... no matter the age. Quite digusting, is it not? "My dear" Mi'ran closed the book and smiled at his father who sat across her in the sumptuous royal carriage. They were almost arrived in Lonet and she couldn't wait to be able to get out of her shoes. "My dear, we have just stepped into Lonet soil. I recall you love the city, am I wrong?" the princess looked out the window just to smile sweetly "Yes, Father. It is a lovely location for the gathering even if so far from our palace." she knew where he was going "Do you remember Agora's second prince?" "Father... please, let's discuss this once we're home... I don't like that brute even from a long distance... don't even know why the like him so much... he's borious, rude, primitive" "Daughter... where are your manners?" said he in reprimand "My apologies" she said lowering her head. The king sighed and got silent until they arrived.

    Father and daughter were helped in getting out from their vehicle and were announced "THE KING OF MERULA, PAR'LAT AND HIS DAUGHTER, THE FIRST PRINCESS MI'RAN." sure... no one would have recognised her with different colored eyes, right? She nodded gently and elegantly took her father's hand, that big, gentle hand that always guided her, and started walking at his side, her long, natural red hair were fluttering in loose curls with every step, falling back on her blue brocade long dress with some feathers embroidered in gold on the short train. Her gaze was gentle and almost alien to everyone but she knew it. Different color, strange effect. With her father she went, walking in those traps for feet that were her shoes. They gave a sting of pain with every step, but no one should have noticed. Toward the entrance they went, greeting the security on duty with gentle smiles and light nods of the head.
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  3. Vander knew that the princess Mi'ran and her father would be the last group to arrive since their palace was the furthest one away from the meeting point. Vander had never actually seen the princess up close but when he did this time he actually blushed a bit and stared at her. She was incredibly beautiful there was no way he could deny that. But he quickly averted his gaze and shook his head to get rid of the blush on his cheeks. He couldn't be caught staring at the princess. That could get him in serious trouble in more ways then one. After the princess and her father had entered the building he gave a quick glance around before looking at the other guard that was with him and gave a small nod to him.

    Together the two of them walked inside before they closed the large doors that were the entrance to the building. They would be opened again at the end of the feast and the festivities when everyone was ready to return home. Vander knew that this was only the beginning of their night however. Things could go any direction at this point he only hoped that they would stay peaceful. He and the rest of the guards with him followed the members of royalty all the way to the banquet hall where the feast would be held. When the feast was over the tables would be cleared and moved and music would start playing for dancing. Vander was allowed to dance if someone asked him..but he needed to make sure the other guards knew he was dancing plus he could only dance as long as there were plenty of other guards to watch over the room since the same rules applied to them as well.

    Vander had been assigned to sit near the table where the members of royalty would sit for their feast. He was the last and first line of defense. If anyone came through the main doors he would be the last line to protect the kings and their families. If one of the kings attempted to assassinate another member he would be the first in line to be there to stop the attempt. He only hoped that if the latter occurred he would be fast enough to stop the assassination.
  4. - Mi'ran -

    Guards everywhere. At least they could count on security this year.

    The princess greeted all the others royals with grace and elegance and took her sit just behind an half elf guard with two swords, she was about to greet him when the King of Agora required her attention "Yes, your majesty, it is just me and the king. There was no reason to keep the palace empty for such a long time, don't you think?" she smiled as she took away her shoes, concealed by her long and vaporose dress. Did the king think he could scheme behind their back and attack when there was no one in the castle to fight back? He was highly mistaken.

    All the banquet was spent in useless chit-chat and power struggles. From an outsider it could seem a cordial and wonderful interaction but who was in there... stress and false smiles was all you could gain from so much royals around a table.

    Once her feet rested and the dining was over, she put her shoes back on and got up with her father to wait for the ballroom to be ready to dancing. From the table nothing had come out, nothing useful at the very least: princes in search of a wife (surely not her), princeses lost in the latest fashion and gossips (not even the useful one)... Mi'ran was actually pretty displeased about how well trained everyone was. And the dance begun. She danced with every male royal (her father first) matching their level perfectly and sometimes covering for some errors her escort could make. Once the royals were finished, the princes started asking the guards to dance, one by one, and if someone wasn't apt to dancing she would sit or stand next to them, trying to gather up informations, thanking them for their hard work. Her smile never once left her face. Toward the end though, she found herself tired and went to get some fresh air. She needed to speak to one last guard but a little break wouldn't have been bad.
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  5. Once dinner had ended Vander had helped with guiding the people towards the ballroom. Once there the music started almost instantly and people started dancing. Unfortunately for Vander no one wanted to dance with him. He was a half blood. an elf and a human. an abomination to most. He wasn't fully accepted by humans or by elves. Most of the elvish race were extremely proud and saw any taint to their pure blood line to be an insult. Humans..well they were the same way in their own way. They simply saw anyone who was different then them evil. This made his life even more difficult then it already was. He was handsome and he found girls that were..interested in him. But he was the kind of guy that they only saw good as either a quick one night thing. Or they truly did like him but they were too afraid of how other people would react to the two of them coming out to the public. So this often left Vander more alone then he already was.

    The night seemed to drag on and Vander wasn't asked to dance nor did he dance once throughout the night. It was near the end of the night that he saw the princess Mi'ran moving out and towards one of the side doors to get some fresh air. He knew that she wouldn't get into trouble but he had his orders and he wasn't allowed to let anyone from the royal families go off without someone watching over them. So he trudged through the crowds and before he knew it he had followed the princess out of the door and was standing outside on the balcony with her.
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  6. - Mi'ran -

    The air was gentle and brushed through her hair as the princess elegantly stood against the railing, bathed in the moonlight. In that time of the year the sun set early in Agora while in her land the day lasted longer, such was the distance between those two kingdoms.

    The music was being kept loud and surely some royal or some spy had their eyes on her, the only one who strayed from the dancefloor. Some steps made clear that a guard had followed her, surely to follow his duty. His steps were fat too calm to betray his intentions, or so she thought. Mi'ran tilted her head and looked at him: he was the last one. Such luck! "Thank you for your hard work, sir. It seems there will not be problems with the security, this year." she said in a calm voice smiling at him. "I'm sorry I still haven't asked you to dance, I hope you haven't taken offence" she apologised lowering lightly her head. He was taller than her even with the heels and his ears... sure a half-elf, still he was really... cool. Not a word she was prone to use but nothing that came to mind fitted better. She smiled again and looked back at the moon "I would have as soon as I got back in".
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  7. Vander was taken slightly aback by her compliment and her words of dancing. Did she mean to tease him? Or was she being sincere. He cleared his throat and gave her a small smile in return after a small bow "you humble me princess I am merely doing the job I was asked to do."

    He closed to distance between then and leaned again st the balcony with his arms crossed "it is such a lovely night. I feel it is wasted however with some of the people inside." He shook his head "my apologies I didn't mean to offend if I did. As for your offer to dance I very much appreciate it. It would most likely be my first and last dance of the night to have that dance be with a princess though it almost sounds like something out of a fairy tale doesn't it?" He gave a soft chuckle and a smile before he stood up and tucked his long hair behind his head.
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  8. - Mi'ran -

    Mi'ran laughed at the sky when he mentioned the waste of time "It could really be so... at least concerning a certain second prince's avances toward me." it was safe, it wasn't a secret, and Agora's second prince didn't make a mistery about courting her. That just made her despise him more. "I think everyone has a role in this life. A farmer is not less important than a king and a half blood has not less dignity than a pure bred. That is what I think. That is not what I should think though..." she stated winking at him; that wasn't a secret either. The 'miracle princess' had such strange thoughts, still she was a princess who did her job and well too. She turned facing the dance hall and smiled at him in silence listening to him. Did he really think it was a fairytail? Nobles weren't as in the books... they were so much much worse.

    "How did the watch go tonight? Anything suspicious? Any gossip a bored princess could dream up on?" she needed her information, and that was the best chance of obtaining them... of course she would have danced with him afterwards. The princess was sincere when talking about her ideas and his being a guard or a half bred didn't bother her a bit.
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  9. A light blush rose to Vander's cheeks at her wink and her words. It was almost unbelievable to hear a princess speak this way about anything to be honest. He had seen other princesses before as they came through and their words were always the same about how this place was beneath them and how they wanted to be home to enjoy their jewelry and other fine things. Mi'ran clearly wasn't like that but..was this an act? or was she being sincere? "Well..whether you should think it or not I'm glad that you do think that way it just goes to show that one day..you'll be a good queen and treat your people with dignity and respect."

    At her question about how the watch went he simply shrugged and turned around resting his elbows back on the railing of the balcony "It was quiet. We didn't expect trouble tonight but you can never be too cautious. It was good to know that we weren't needed however. As for the Gossip I don't listen to that. Rumors and gossip do nothing for me. I only believe in the truth and anything that isn't the truth can just vanish into thin air"
  10. The princess sighed and looked at the moon. "Too bad then" said the girl. Nothing strange had happened during that night... yet. Mi'ran could sense something in the air. Someone would call it 'bad omen' and she hoped it was just a sensation. For as much as she hated that land and its royals, having a scandal and putting innocents in danger for whatever reason wass wrong and was to be avoided at every cost. The struggles for power weren't pleasant to live. "Thank you. I really hope to be a worthy queen. Even if I will be a queen with a sweet spot for interesting gossip." she said as the wind blew away some hair uncovering a bit of her neck.

    The girl put her ear to the hall: a song was about to end and that was the perfect time. "If people can think these" she said pointing her eyes "can be beautiful, the gift of a miracle even if peculiar and strange, why can't they think you can be too? You can have the best of the two, don't give up, ok?" she added with a wink "On this account... Would you be my companion for a couple of songs?" she said with a curtsy nodding to the others inside.
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  11. Vander gave a small chuckle at her comment about how it was too bad that no rumors or gossip had reached his ears. None that were worth sharing anyways. When she spoke about her eyes he looked over at her and couldn't help but blush as he was captivated by her eyes for a moment. He quickly looked away however before she could catch his blush and tease him for it. Or get annoyed with him or something like it. However he felt that neither case was very likely of actually happening. When she said to not give up when it came to being accepted he only sighed a bit before nodding slowly "I try not to lose hope..but some days it feels like I'm fighting a battle that should never be fought to begin with"

    His heightened hearing allowed him to hear that a song was ending and he couldn't help but smile. When she asked him if he would like to dance with her he blushed again and swallowed hard before he gave her a genuine smile and gave a small nod followed with a bow and him extending his hand out to her "Princess..i would love to dance with you and would consider it a great honor"
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  12. | Col'hen |

    A handcart arrived at the citadel doors. The guards were about to close them when a white haired young elf stopped them trying to catch her breath "Wait! We are From Caeros, don't close the doors!!" the girl was bent over her knees trying to breath after the run she made to make it just in time. The kingdom had chosen her tavern, the 'Noble lily', to rapresent it in the meeting. How happy she was. She spent years trying to get away from Caeros Royal Guards and now she was just walking into a whole castle full of them. It was no use trying to escape now, she just could hope that no flyer made it there.

    After having discussed with the guards, somehow Col and the rest of the cart managed to get in. Once inside she was kidnapped by some cook "Here you were, dear get inside, change and go serve the guests. You are awfully late" she said pulling Col's arm. She now had to go and serve... with all those guards? Just a single one recognising her would be the end of her and the tavern and her dream. Before she could even realize what happened, she was already changed and with something in her hands.

    Col stepped inside the great hall with acouple of full trays just as a princess, a beautiful red haired one, started to dance with... 'He's so cool it blinds' she thought looking at them. "And now...?" she whispered.
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  13. Vander smiled as he gently took the princesses hand and led her back inside towards the dance floor. Just as the next song started he gave her a small bow only to keep her one hand in his own and gently set his hand on her hip. His footwork was perfect and the two of them danced like a feather across the floor as they stepped in rhythm to the music. As they danced a few nobles and even a few servants noticed that he was only a half blood by his ears and immediately started whispering amongst themselves "How could a princess dance with a half blood?!" "What is she trying to do?! Ruin herself?!" "He isn't fit to dance with her! Let alone be in the same room with her!" No one however came forward to stop the dancing pair.

    Vander's heightened hearing however heard every single comment they made and each one caused him to bite his tongue in order to keep himself from wincing or showing discomfort at the situation. It was far from it to be honest. He was honored and happy to be dancing with the princess..and he knew she felt similar in some aspect and that she didn't care about what the others said. He however did care..he didn't want her reputation to be ruined because of him. Especially when tensions were as high as they already were between the kingdoms.

    While they danced Vanders eyes were ever watchful. While it would appear to the princess he was looking down into her face in eyes he was carefully watching everything that happened in the room. Even the appearance of a young female elf with white hair that he hadn't seen before. As he passed by her while he was dancing with the princess he locked eyes with her for just a moment before they passed by again. Who was that girl? He hadn't seen her before but..something about her seemed off to him. He didn't see her as a threat but something for sure wasn't right about her being here.
  14. - Mi'ran -

    "You are a wonderful partner, as well as a perfect guard." she said with the last bow at the end of the song. "Please, don't take what the nobles say to heart, they are just jelous of your skills, I'll be sure to step on someone's feet, tonight" she added. She didn't hear a word, of course but her experience was enough. On the other hand, she had noticed he was looking around during their dance and was eager to discover if her partner had noticed someone new.

    "Thank you for tonight" she wispered before reaching her father and converse with him or, rather, report to him.

    - Col'hen -
    The girl was taken aback by those eyes, those eyes that seemed to be reading her and her past and unfortunately a tray slipped from her hand and fell on the ground exactly when everyone stopped clapping their hands to the princess and her beautiful partner.

    The clang took her back on the ground and she fell on her knees and started to clean efficently, she was a waitress after all "I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry... I'm sorry" she continued to say as a chant while the nobles spit insults at her without reserve. "Even a half would be better in this work!!" and "What if you got my dress dirty, commoner? Slum bitch, uh?".

    The elf just clenched her hands and kept on asking to be forgiven. When a sweet female voice spoke up "Oh my, countess... I'm so utterly sorry... I got your precious dress dirty with wine...could you ever find a way to forgive me?"
    the girl looked up to see the princess, that fabulous dancing princess, with an empty glass in a hand and a fan in the other "O... of course princess, don't worry about it, it wasn't so expensive, after all" Col was about to start to cry whn the nobles disperded and only the princess remained, kneeling down and petting her head gently "See this mess to the end and then come and find me, ok?" she asked winking at her.

    Col'hen blushed and nodded before making haste at cleaning.
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  15. Vander turned his attention back to the princess as the song ended and she spoke. He couldn't help but blush once again under her praise. He didn't know much about him being a perfect guard or the nobles and the ones that insult him being jealous of his skills and his existence..however it was nice to hear that she did like who he was and that she believed in him. "It was an honor to dance with you princess. I hope I can do so again sometime but maybe it could be under different circumstances and without the scrutiny of others eyes watching us."

    The next thing he knew..as fast as she had appeared she was gone and once again he was alone to scour the room for any trouble. He had to bite back a sigh and did his absolute best to keep a straight face. However that face wasn't kept for long when he heard a loud clang of a tray hitting the ground. He spun around his hands on his swords ready to fight if it was an attack being initiated. When he saw that it was just one of the serving girls that had dropped a tray.

    Unfortunately for the young girl..she was an elf and that earned her no reprieve from the nobles insults. However..one noble did exactly the opposite. And that noble was the princess he had just finished dancing with. He couldn't help but smile as she stood up for the young girl and did what she could to help. He didn't know what exactly was said to her but knew that whatever it had been had been very kind. Vander glanced around after the princess had left the girl and after confirming that no one else was going to help her walked over himself and knelt down next to her and gently started to help her clean up the mess "The princess really is kind isn't she?" He looks back at her and gives her a warm smile "My name is Vander what is yours?"
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  16. - Col'hen -
    When he talked to her Col almost flinched covering her face with her hair not to risk to be recognized. "Y--Yes, she is" she said in a whisper "Please, don't worry, you'll cut yourself, I made this mess and I have to get things right" she added facing the broken glasses 'And please get away without knowing who I am PLEASE' she added in her head. Too many guards, too much attenction.

    Her white hair were long enough to cover her well and now, to add to the fear, there was another thing she was worried about: was she blushing? Yes, she was. Why the hell was HIM the one approaching her? The girl got the pieces on the tray quickly and got up while putting the last one on top. Fate however, decided to play her ahd that glass cut her... and she was so eager to tell other people to be carefull with that. "Ouch... how stupid I am"
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  17. Vander however ignored the girl as she asked him to not help and to avoid cutting himself. He had little to worry about that. He had gloves on to protect his hands against any cuts so that was a bonus to him helping her. Plus..since she was an elf and would know about his pain to some degree he had no reason not to help her "Nonsense..we are kin after all even if I'm only a half blood. Besides if someone needs help I'm going to help them..it's just the way I am."

    Then she cut herself and he had to bite back a small laugh. Giving her a sympathetic smile he gently pulled a small roll of cloth out of his pocket. Tearing off a piece he gently took her arm to lead her outside. On the way out he grabbed a glass of water to clean the cut. Once they were outside he gently and carefully poured the water over her cut and then inspected the wound to make sure the glass wasn't still inside. After deciding that it wasn't he took the torn piece of cloth and gently yet expertly tied it around the cut to stop the blood flow "there you go good as new. And don't say I didn't have to do that I already know i didn't..the thing Is I wanted to because I like helping people and you needed some help. Plus I could never abandon a pretty girl like yourself" He knew he was laying it on a little thick but hey..who could blame him? She was beautiful and he wouldn't deny that. Plus she did need his help so there was no reason for him not to help her.
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  18. |Col'hen|

    Col's face reddened like a tomato and just followed him and let him medicate her out of surprise and embarassement. She didn't know how to react or what was a good idea to reply. Too much time spent in the taver, too few time spent with someone who cared for her cuts. He even tore his own handkerchief to stop the bleeding. She was genuinely moved by it and almost broke in tears. Luck was with her though as one of the other servants called for the 'clumsy new one' clearly referring to her. Col'hen bowed in respect and apology to the handsome guard and just left in a hurry to regroup before someone could have a good look at her. She even had to get back to the princess who, she saw when she glanced at her, was elegantly laughing, sitting at the table stealing glances of him and her... what a strange princess indeed...
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  19. Vander smiled at the young girl as she continued to get more and more flustered as he helped her out. He wanted to ask her her name at least but before he could she was gone again to help out. He sighed a bit and then gave a small shrug and stood up and walked back inside. He figured he'd see her again and that he'd have a chance to ask her then. He couldn't help but think that she looked familiar though for some reason..he felt like he had seen her face before somewhere but..he just couldn't put his finger on it to save his life. After a while he gave up trying to remember and just went back to his post to observe and make sure that everything continued to go smoothly. He could tell that some of the nobles were already getting a little deep in their bottles so that could cause for some issues later. Even a noble could get into a drunken brawl and that was the worst kind of brawl to get into because it could very much more or less start a war between the two bickering nobles. And like always..a drunk even when sobered up and remembering the night before does not want to admit they were in the wrong and call for peace.