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  1. The introduction and the whole story that I plan to write, is based on one of the RPs I have started last week. (For reference you can have a look here) Any feedback you can give me is more than welcome because I want to improve as a creative writer so whether you find some spelling mistakes, bad grammar, or even missing punctuation, please let me know. Overall, I hope you will enjoy reading it and if you like it then stay tuned because I am already writing Chapter 1.


    Have you ever heard of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess? She is the warrior goddess as well as the one who has the power of healing. Many would be interested in knowing that she is also regarded as Lady of Slaughter. What do you think would happen if she got awaken? What if her true nature is different from that presented by old Egyptian myths? What if her blood lust does not only come from her warrior spirit but from real hunger? Do you see where this is going? The world is almost the same as we know it. The only difference is that vampires overpowered humans under the leadership of their cruel goddess and mother.

    Since that silent yet bloodstained deposition, vampires built human ghettos. People are forced to live there, serving like a cattle to vampires. Cattle that those ghouls can feed on at any time. Many years this newly established regime was working securely as the ticking of the clock until one day when a rumor was spread in their midst. A rumor about ancient Book of Thoth which was supposed to be the only book in which Thoth, the god of wisdom and magic, recorded all the secrets of the universe. One would think that Sekhmet herself would like to get her hands on that treasure, but the truth is that this book was not so relevant to the goddess as it was relevant to her minions. No vampire could walk in the sunlight without getting seriously burnt, or reduced to ashes in the worse cases. However, if one possessed the ancient book and learnt its secret, one could gain the power of day walking, among other possible powers and knowledge. Yes, it was rather appealing thought to all the vampires who are by nature not hungry only for blood but also for superiority among themselves. Political intrigues began to form as different families and factions wanted to be the first to find the precious knowledge. Sekhmet did not stop anyone, her silence only inciting the others to plot, fight and overall keep her entertained as she watched their struggle.

    However, no rivalry would be so interesting without third party entering the game. Shortly after vampires overtook humans, a new race, if you like, has arisen from the midst of humans. They are called Hekans and those individuals are able to control the ancient Egyptian magic that vampires, for some unknown reason, could not control themselves. Pure Hekans have died out thousands of years ago leaving behind their knowledge scribbled in books and on stones. The "modern" Hekans are humans chosen from the ghettos on the assumption that they have some inclination to magic usage. They have to throw away their humanity with the restraining ties that bind them to their own kind. Due to that, Hekans are despised by both, vampires and humans. At first, they were meant to be slaves to the blood lusting race and most of them obeyed. Then, out of blue, a rebellion has risen against the oppressors. Who knows whether it was due to the betrayal from among vampires themselves or it was initiated by a group of Hekans who were insane but lucky enough to try to go against their "benefactors". Either way the outcome was the same. Now, vampires have to fight magicians who are running free in their territory under the command of someone who is known as the General. Not many people know who General is or how does he look like. He is somewhat an enigma that is worrying vampires enough that they deploy a troop after a troop just to find that individual and bring him to face their twisted justice. Whichever way you like, General is out of our reach but some of his leaders are not. One of them is a loyal, devoted and down to earth Hekan named Darien.

    Darien is one out of a few who were charged with the mission of finding the Book of Thoth. Five other Hekans were assigned to him and together they began their journey. Out of the few selected, Darien's team got the furthest. By that I mean, they were not caught and brainwashed, or executed. You can imagine the turmoil it caused in vampire's society every time he managed to escape. It was not long before a competent commander was dispatched to hunt him down. It was not just for the reasons that he was after the book, the vampires just did not know how much Darien has found out already, how close he was to discovering the tome.

    It has been a year since Darien has started the adventurous yet lethal journey. Many times, he was able to escape traps that the vampire commander, renowned Rowena Finchley, has set up for him. Until tonight, when Darien and his team got surrounded. Before he could as much as try to run, it was already too late.
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