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    1. The only thing you actually CAN'T Godmod is other cosmic beings.

    2. Describe your character on the first post. Feel free to use pictures and all. Characters can be any species you can think of, too. Either way, they all get cosmic powers.

    3. You travel primarily and literally THROUGH SPACE. You can explore numerous planets, space stations, ETC.

    4. Follow the instructions for leveling up.

    5. Enjoy yo'self.



    You are one of thousands of various lifeforms throughout the universe. By luck, you have been struck by a form of cosmic radiation, its energies now coursing through your veins, allowing you to travel space and progress to a higher level to use amazing powers for whatever purpose you see fit for the Galaxies around you.



    LEVEL 0: Every being imbued with cosmic energy gains the basic abilities of flight, and a protective aura to begin with. They can also sense other cosmic entities, and reshape their main/permanent forms to appear as they desire (ONE TIME SHAPESHIFTING. Females tend to use this power to become absurdly attractive goddesses).

    This form is able to absorb high level energy from sources such as a planet core, space ship fuel, or something like that to become Level 1.
    (Which translates to 5 posts involving your character siphoning energy from 5 different sources and transmuting it into cosmic energy, if it isn't already, to progress to Level 1).

    LEVEL 1: The being can actually manipulate the energy for energy blasts and various energy based powers.

    (Requires an additional 10 posts of the character using cosmic energy based attacks in combat to become a Level 2).

    LEVEL 2: The being gains the option of one signature weapon. It begins as a construct of either hard-light/shadow. Once the weapon is practiced with enough, it can be changed cosmetically.

    (Takes 5 posts of the character using the weapon in battle to master it/make it cosmetically change)

    (Requires an additional 5 posts afterwards of using the weapon once it has been mastered/can be cosmetically changed in order to become level 3).

    LEVEL 3: The user is capable of metamorphosis into a much stronger form. Like Super Saiyans or something, but your ascended form is based on you: You could turn into some creature, or have minor cosmetic changes or something.



  2. Our tale (Or rather, In Brightest Jay's character) begins on a rocky, indigo colored planet called "Roquefort." We focus specifically on what appears to be a small, silver and building in the style of 1950's Earth diners.

    It appears to be among other buildings positioned in the manner of a town straight out of a western film with sci fi elements. Just outside of this town, there lie a boulder. And climbing to sit on it was a human being. A figure possessing dark brown spiked hair, dark eyes, a dark blue suit, with a red belt, and red wristguards.

    (Minus the emblem and cape):


    He watched the stars peacefully now. Such was the boring life of a futuristic human colonization project from Earth that started a couple years ago. Barely anyone knew about it, but not due to the project being a government secret, rather that people just didn't care, and breezed right through it on the newspapers. As much as that sucks, that was unfortunately what happened.

    Of course, this young hero of 17 years probably doesn't care. What was his name, anyways?




    Now that's not right.




    Much Better. Ark was so entranced by the bizarre glow of the stars, other planets, and various things that lay before him. When he said yes to space travel, he imagined more blaster fights and meeting exotic alien women, as well as trying various forms of food and drink the beings of other worlds had to offer, and Jetpacks. He received only a job flipping burgers for his parents' burger joint in the local town called 'Gunga.'

    There were a couple of inhuman residents, but they weren't very special. It was in fact a human dominant society. In Fact-

    -The Fuck? Looks like a swirling blue fireball has flown straight towards Ark from space. Ark kicked against the boulder he sat on, flying off and making a run for it. If only the gravity was different from Earth's, and he could have been able to leap high and kill people with one punch. Then again, it sounds like some pulp science fiction story from the 1930's, adapted into novels, comic books, and most recently, a film.

    But we don't care about that right now.

    Ark tried as he could, but was promptly struck in the spinal chord, the energy of the fireball becoming a bright light that developed all over his body. When it was over… he looked exactly the same. Well, no need to change physical appearance…Although now Ark was sporting a dark blue aura about him, as he floated in the air, drifting aimlessly as he tried to regain consciousness...
  3. The chibi, sat, floating a few miles away from the son. Meditating. He embraced the heat like it was his own. Of course this was only the sun of the milky way, so he wasn't getting the full extent of his meditation, but he had to get a rock from mars so he could bring it back to his galaxy. He has a collection of different stones from different planets he keeps. He opened his eyes and blasted to mars. He landed with an explosion. He collected a rock from that explosion and stuck it in his pocket. He then blasted back out, leaving the atmosphere, then eventually the galaxy. He traveling faster than the speed of light, flying back to his galaxy. He closed his eyes on the way. He always loved how peaceful his rides back to his galaxy were. He usually enjoyed it. He turned around and put his hands behind his head and relaxed, still flying quickly back to his galaxy.
  4. (Everyone begins as Level 0…just a heads up. the high speed flight is fine, but don't pull any major powers until you get the posting requirements I edited in)


    Now enough of the shadowy midget, we'll probably see what he really looks like later on when we get more. Anyways, Ark was floating around a bit until he retained consciousness, as he suddenly found himself slingshotting into the atmosphere by merely flinching, and somehow surviving thanks to that blue aura he gained, as he flew back down towards the planet he had for so long called his new home, crying out in joy of his newfound powers, as he raced across a canyon far from the settlement.


    "This is the most awesome thing that has probably ever happened to me!"



    Anyways, Ark was floating around when he noticed what appeared to be a vehicle: A Hover-Car. The engine and other such things, located in the rear of this model of land speeding device was visible, the hood door opened to reveal that there was in fact no engine, or anything. All that remained was a dinosaur sized block that made itself known as a popular space brand of batteries.

    "JuJu Batteries. For when you need some Supercharging Ju-Ju-Juice!"

    Seemed pleasant enough. Ark proceeded to hop down, and took the massive energy storage container and wrapped his arms around it so it wouldn't fall onto the ground and probably explode. Which wouldn't be good for any of us, seeing as that would mean no story, and Ark wouldn't be able to progress out of Level 0.


    Ark began to think for a moment: Then, in a flash of light, he began to suck out the power from the blocky device and felt a surge of the cosmic energy course through him as his body automatically trans-mutated the electricity and nuclear power into pure, wholesome cosmic energy for his own purposes.

    It tasted like a kid's Juice Box though, to Ark. Feeling the renewing energy make him feel even stronger, and give him imagery in his mind of what more he could do if he could in fact get more energy, he began to drool a little, wiping the side of his lip, and flying off to find something else to take power from.
  5. Robon was enjoying his new power. He was ready to find out his secrets. He was ready for level one. He wondered what he had to do to unlock those powers. He looked for fellow cosmics, on the way back. He needed a buddy, to discover these powers with.
  6. Ark himself was faring somewhat better. He was already moving on to find his next power source: a freshly evacuated space-ship with a generator just itching to loan its power to him, as he tore through the ship with his bare hands, the protective aura giving him a degree of extra strength, though not as much as a level two, as he slithered into the ship, and towards the generator room, where he was licking his lips, preparing to use a knife hand strike to siphon the power out through is fingertips.

    …Though a nearby shadow was suddenly interested, a creature lying in wait as it watched the growing cosmic absorb some energy...