United Terran Defence Force Roleplay [WarRoleplay]

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    This roleplay is going to likely be one on one, however, a group MIGHT happen.

    Now on to the juicy part,
    The year is 2179, humanity has expanded outwards rapidly in the galaxy,
    the ruling 'party' are, in a nutshell, Nazis,
    People are beaten, starved, tortured and 'brainwashed' everyday,
    the normal human is fanatically loyal to there 'Fuhrer',
    conscription is common place, every citizen serves at lest 5 years in the military on there 20th birthday,
    humanity focuses on Military expansion on the most, so most if not all cities have a slum,
    humanity has massive man power, loyalty and tech backing up there military expansions.
    In the year 2180, humanity comes in contact with a alien race, this is there story.

    The story will be done in Steam or Skype, maybe another chatroom, like Chatzy, this allows fast responses and possibly log saving. If you want to add me on Steam, my username is '[SCG] Fidel Castro [RepofS]' without the quotation marks.

    The other person in this roleplay, I am hoping you can come up with the aliens, culture, military, biological, etc etc.
    There might be torture/rape/beatings, anything might happen in the roleplay, it all depends on what happens during the actual roleplay.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.