United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel: Junomedra's Quest

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Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi
Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as "Ganymede 7"

URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the Regency. It's mission: To explore the vastness of space, learn of new planets, stars, and colonize inhabitable locations.

Of course, the universe is not without it's dangers. Hostile Alien races travel the stars, hybrid races from cross breeding gone wrong, as well as self proclaimed pirates can be a danger to planet-side missions and in rare cases to the Junomedra itself. The crew and colony must protect itself while at the same time seeking out new lands and civilizations.

What is YOUR role on the Junomedra?

"Muahaha... haha.. BRUUUAAHAHAHAHAA!"

Okay, so she was hamming up the dramatic laughter more than she needed to. But Teegan was having a good morning - for once. The Junomedra had just come in to the orbit of a new planet. Higher ups were calling it Halamedies 29 and the atmosphere was habitable by most oxygen breathing species. This meant that Teegan was getting the opportunity to stretch her legs planet-side and do what she did best.

Discovering glorious new animal species!

"Teeeheee AHEM." Teegan coughed. As exciting as it was, maybe she'd need to reign herself in a little. Everyone was still all ticked off about the Jellyspider incident, and frankly all those damned Med Students were running around calling her a Mad Scientist now. Really, she was a zoologist! There was a difference!

Luckily, the exploration team was already down on the planet. Teegan looked out at the vegetation surrounding the small campsite they had set up. It was so lush! Like a giant rainforest. With her sack strapped firmly to her back and her datapalm in her hand, Teegan was already marching off towards a break in the trees. Time to find herself some animals!
Dr. Helmsley was in his private quarters when he heard over the P.A. that they had entered orbit of an oxygen producing planet. This, the fact that there was actual gravity and plant life to produce natural oxygen was good for his patients. Even with the advent of artificial gravity, he had noticed a drop in calcium levels within the bone structure of everyone.

Unfortunately, he was not a part of the exploration team. Until they deemed it safe nobody else could go planet-side. Some planets that event never came.

He made his rounds as he thought. One man had a broken arm, nothing too serious, but even if he did get the opportunity to take the man down to the planet for a few hours it would not be enough to help heal him. He passed by some people with internal problems - a man with really bad ulcers, a woman after her third miscarriage (she would need to be watched for a while), another woman in a coma... There might be something to that one, he thought to himself. He passed through the burn ward (there were surprising amounts of burns aboard this ship). Nobody there... And finally he entered the psychiatric ward.

This is the gold mine,
I wonder how many people gain disorders from this fucked up fake air?

He had a handful - the least dangerous - prepped in case he was allowed down there.

EunSoo watched quietly as the younger researchers scattered about the garden-like plants, taking photographs and DNA samples. She shifted her clipboard from one arm to the other, looking around. One of the scientists seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the view as well. EunSoo sighed, casting the woman a strained glance before looking elsewhere. She, out of all them, seemed rather uncomfortable out there. EunSoo pulled a pen from her skirt pocket and began to write. Halamedies 29. The air is refreshing as oxygen might have been, but I cannot remember it too well as it has been a while since I was last on Earth. Perhaps the air will do the patients in the psych ward well. A taste of the home planet, they're saying. She paused to look up at the sky curiously. It was strange how a planet could exist so similarly and yet, look so different.

The Med Students are enjoying themselves. The Mad Scientist looks as if she's up to no good once more.. EunSoo twirled the pen delicately in her hand before pocketing it. There wasn't much else she could think of at the moment and the record was pretty loose when it came to field investigation.

Perhaps she, too, should explore? Though the idea was not the least bit exciting, EunSoo braced herself and headed past the base into the lush greenery of Halamedies in silence.
Daeven was overwhelmed by the sights and smells of the planet. The air in the camp seemed electric with the anticipation of the researchers, all of them ecstatic at the prospects of a new world. Everyone except for him, that is. All that Daeven could look forward to was an extended stay as one of the camp's security guards. He sighed to himself at the prospects. If nothing else, I'm going to catch up on some sleep while these guys do...science stuff.

Any indifference he held towards the researchers was, admittedly, a front. If anything, Daeven was intimidated by them. Many of them would make great contributions in their lifetimes; he had the privilege of carrying a rifle and shooting a rodent every once in a while. In a hundred years, no one would remember the name Daeven Thistral.

For the moment, however, he contented himself with watching the wide eyed researchers taking their notes. He pushed back any stirrings of nervousness with a simple line of reassurance: Anything that can happen, won't.

Then again...maybe that wasn't as comforting as he had hoped.

"Blech, I think I found the Halamedies version of a cockroa--" THUMP!

"WHERE!" It's as if Teegan appeared out of nowhere, shoving the crew mate violently out of the way as she took his place, looking reverently in to the bushes. The guy picked himself up off the ground, muttering all sorts of curses directed towards her. Most of which involved the words 'insane' and 'fuck'. Teegan didn't hear a word - at least, didn't care to listen - as she was much more occupied in finding the live creature he spotted.

"Oooh, there you are! Hey... HEY! Don't run...!" The little bug spotted her right back, turning on it's legs to go running through the bushes away from the commotion all of the researchers were doing. Teegan, so very ungracefully gave chase.

"You're not supposed to go outside of the perimeter...!" called the crew mate, but as her form disappeared in to the trees he was left rolling his eyes and returning back to the main group. If the weirdo got lost or eaten, there weren't many people that would miss her!

So there she was, trying to keep up with the little critter without trampling over anything else as she chased it. One hand on her head to keep her hair band and communication link from bouncing off her head, and her other hand holding tight to her datapad.
The seven foot tall creature covered in black fur mixed with red and pale brown resembled Old Earth's version of the werewolf, the legendary half-man, half-beast as it crouched under the cover of foliage. The herd of twelve foot tall lumbering plant eaters with their oil gray skins and their massive horns grazed nearby. After hours of peaceful eating, their tight formation had broken up and now they were scattered around the large clearing. The creature's wicked claws and sharp teeth were lethal weapons but he'd fashioned a bow and arrows which proved to be great hunting tools.

Across the clearing, the massive wolf wasn't the only one spying on the herd. A six-legged feline predator with glowing yellow eyes and two whip-like tails crouched in wait. It was several feet long and waiting for one of the herd to wander away from the safety of the others.
Quite suddenly trees gave way to open plain. Which in itself didn't cause Teegan to stop her chase when she was so focused on the bug trying to escape from. The sudden bolting of movement in every which direction DID however. Her appearance sent a heard of beats stampeding across the grasslands. Hoofs hitting dirt in loud clopping thunder.

Teegan stood there in awe for a moment. Staring with wide-eyed wonder at the grey-skinned horned beasts. Meeting a new species never seemed to lose it's splendor for her. Many planets had hard animals, but no other planet had these animals. What a new and beautiful find!

...of course, they were all running amazingly fast. And twice her height. Not that it stopped her from leaping in to the grass plain and trying to chase a couple down! Her speed was no where near satisfactory, but she had her datapad held high trying to snap some picture shots of the herd as they ran free. Once she got her pictures, she would contact part of the ground team to help her catch a few.
The arrival of a new and mysterious creature sent everything into chaos! The massive wolf could only watch as the herd, suddenly spooked, broke into a stampede. The matriarch of the herd led the way to safety and the others instantly followed. The fair skinned creature with its strange appendage appeared to be trying to catch members of the herd, despite its small size and slowness.

The feline predator saw the fair skinned newcomer as a threat and a thief. It was stealing its meal! It slipped out of the bushes and then kept to the low to the ground as it stalked toward its new prey!
Teegan huffed and puffed until she finally slowed and stopped somewhere in the middle of the clearing. She bent forward, resting her hands on her knees as she caught her breath. Those things were fast! She should have thought ahead and brought herself a tranquilizer gun.

Once she could breathe normally again, Teegan stood straight and pulled out her datapad. "Lets see. Supplies. Going to need the gun, uum... hmm, looks like the jumbo sized cages. Maybe... three personnel..." She rattled off her necessities as she made her list, caring little if she looked weird for talking to herself. Nor realizing that she was being watched.

Although... Teegan paused and glanced around at the clearing. That was strange... with that whole stampede, there should be more 'wildlife' noises going on. Did she startle the whole forest of creatures? How exciting! That definitely meant she needed a lot more cages. Teegan added them to her list!
Closer ... closer ... The predator had never seen anything like this and neither had the wolf. He didn't know what sort of weapons or defenses this creature had to repel attacks but it apparently couldn't recognize danger when it was so close. The wolf moved closer. From a bird's eye view, the wolf and the predator were moving in a "V" shape with the tip being the newcomer.

The predator stopped just within pouncing distance and shifted. Its tails moved back and forth along the ground like twin snakes as it gathered all its power into its back legs. Its new prey was small so it could easilly topple and stun it before going in for the kill. Everything was silent and then it jumped out in a heartbeat.

The wolf collided with it in mid air and the two of them landed, a wild blur that kicked and scratched, flying all manner of things into the air. There were growls and snarls, claws and teeth flashing in the light. It was over in a manner of minutes but it felt like they had been fighting forever. The feline predator slunk off and the wolf stayed on all fours. They were both covered in gashes and bite marks but the wolf didn't let up his defensive stance until the feline had disappeared.

Then the wolf dragged in a deep breath and started moving back into the forest to tend to his wounds.
Janu N'yovem quickly monitored the engines functioning. Ah, running at 99.999%. One of them is slightly overheated. Landing on the planet will cool it down.

He moved swiftly over to a different screen and typed in some words. A few windows opened up on the large monitor with numbers, graphs, and text. He held a thin finger over the screen and looked over everything. Computers are working. One has a slight glitch in it, sometimes not properly displaying text. Must fix that. He typed something in a smaller window and entered it. It added it onto a list named To Be Fixed. The list was small now but Janu expected it to grow soon. His finger moved to a different window. He analyzed the numbers and words on it. Air pumps are excellent. One has an outdated maintenance system. Must fix that too. He added it onto his list.
A human poked his head into the mid-sized room. First his eyes glossed over all the open windows and monitors, before saying "Hey N'yovem, you're on the exploration team! Get your gun and get moving."
Janu nodded. "Yes. Of course. Exploration on the new planet. Though I must--"
"Now!" He said loudly before pulling back his head and running down the hall to inform the others on the team.
Janu turned away from the doorway. He typed in Pause Mode. The computer asked for confirmation. He selected yes. The computer than efficiently saved all of his work and darkened all the monitors. When he came back, everything would be just as it was. He could continue his work on monitoring the ship's running's. That was his job, after all. He pushed a small button on the wall and a small rack slid out. On it were various weapons, though nothing too powerful. Janu grabbed two guns, put them on his belt and walked out.

Janu was one of the aliens on the crew. He was a Moryin, a species originating from planets that were filled with strange creatures of glowing proximity. In fact, if it was pitch black, a faint glow would emit from his pale skin. He was 8 feet tall and easily towered over many of the crew workers on the ship. His legs reminded some humans of a creature they called a bird, due his legs bending backwards. Most noticeable about him was his frill. It fanned out behind his head, starting from the tip of his head and ending at the end of his neck (which was twice as long as a humans). It was only present in the males of his species and was a symbol of his health and age. As of now, he was 70 years old, roughly equal to a 30 year old human.

Janu exited the ship and breathed in the air. It had a slight bitter taste to him, but otherwise it was breathable to him. Some of the humans glanced at him quickly but looked away again. He at first took the time to look at his surrounding, but than noticed a woman barge through the forest. What was she doing? He quickly walked over to a crewman and asked.
"Her? I don't know, don't care."
Janu was surprised. Humans didn't even care for one another of their own species? "Could get hurt out there. Must help her."
The crewman shrugged. "You wanna help her? Go on ahead."
Janu nodded. "Yes. Good idea. Will help her." He galloped off, trailing the woman.
The crewman yelled after him. "Hey wait, I didn't mean...!"

But Janu had already vanished into the forest.
"That's the last of it." Joe announced as he set down one of the supply crates for the small lab that had been setup on the ground. He and his brother were using the small hover cranes to make the job quicker. After parking them close by Quain checked his wrist hologram for the next task.
His face broke out in a grin, "Perimiter patrol, yes!" he almost fist pumped from excitement. Joe rubbed his hands together in anticipation, "Let's get-" he was interrupted by the sight of Janu passing by, looking anxious, 'Where's he off to in such a hurry?' he asked in Quain's mind. 'Shall we find out, start our patrol there?' Joe smiled. 'Let's shall.'

They knew the tall guy somewhat, as they were occasionally instructed by him on where the ship needed maintenance. Their field guns were already srapped on their backs as they liked to be prepared and ran after Janu.
"Firefly!" Joe called out with their nickname the had given him before, "What's the rush?"
"Saw a space banshee?" Quain added enthusiastically.
Trees, they were everywhere. Janu bounded, each step taking him farther than the last. Sometimes he saw bits of the woman, running. Other times there was nothing and he feared that he had lost her. Each tree seemed to be exactly like the one he had passed. Exotic wildlife hooted high up in the canopy. Janu stopped and looked around. Maybe the woman went that way...He began a slight run towards one direction. Up ahead, he caught sight of the women. He skidded to a halt and laid a three fingered hand on her shoulder. She seemed to be staring at something. He followed her gaze to the beasts she was looking upon. Then he turned his attention on her.
"Miss. Dangerous out there. Unknown planet, after all. Possible many hostile lifeforms making their home here. Make sure you have weapon and partner..." He would've gone on if he hadn't seen she wasn't really paying attention to him. Then he said more firmly. "Have weapons, I assume. Very dangerous error if one does not have it with them..."