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    Sivaria Kress (sɪvɑ:riʌ kres; sih-vah-ree-uh krehs)



    Trespa, Galidus

    Quite a beauty, Sivaria has smooth, glowing olive skin, with lush black hair cascading in long, elegant waves down her back, though it's not uncommon for her to tie it back in a thick braid. Her eyes are a shade of brown dark enough to drown in, and yet always seem to shine with the light of a little mischief. Her thin, narrow, straight features match the rest of her body perfectly, her whole body holding that kind of lithe, petite grace, at once angular and yet fluid. She doesn’t have too much in the way of voluptuous womanly curves, but those wouldn’t really suit her anyways. She tends to move as if everything she does is something of a dance, as well. Interestingly enough, however, her tapering, graceful fingers are calloused, unafraid to show her low birth and hard-working lifestyle. She typically walks around barefoot. She likes a variety of long skirts with revealing short tops and a variety of cheap jewelry, but in the interest of maneuverability she will pull on some form of mid-length pants/tights underneath when not dancing. Because she dances, both her clothing and jewelry are very secure, a great deal more than they appear. She also wears several different sizes/types of chakram on her arms like jewelry, though few realize those are weapons.

    “People like to tell me I’m trouble. I like to prove them right.”
    ~ Selfish and Bold ~
    Sivaria primarily thinks of herself first. Though not necessarily out of malicious intent, the girl rarely takes note or care of others’ comfort. At the very least not over her own. She is used to getting her way, and comfortable doing whatever it takes to get it. Nor does she ever bother hiding this intent. She may not always be truthful, but nor does she see much point in deceiving people about who she is and what she intends to do. She can be a rather brazen girl, and is at times rather scary for it. Safe to say, diplomacy is not a passion or skill for her. This does mean she can seem to be a bit of a brat at times, and quite a number of people - some of whom only knew her for a few minutes - have given her the "bitch" label, quite justifiably. She very literally speaks her mind, the words coming out of her mouth as she thinks them, so little about her thought process is hidden (not to say she can't lie).

    ~ Whimsical and Daring ~
    Sivaria is not exactly one to hesitate or overthink. That's not to say she never thinks, simply that she likes to follow the flow of her emotions, rather than letting her mind dictate what she does. How boring would life be if people always stuck to what was logical and sensible. Life is short. One should live it to the fullest. Her emotions are strong and quick to change, easily swayed by outside influences. Stupid as some people might see her, she is true to her ideals, and brave enough to follow them even if they set her against the rest of the world. She is not afraid of standing out, and in a burst of passion could quite willingly defy people in positions of power. As a member of a traveling band of essentially orphan thieves, this kind of "flashy courage" is a very dangerous trait to exhibit.

    ~ Stubborn, Independent, and Overconfident ~
    Perhaps this doesn't really need to be said, because of the traits listed above, but this little girl is a rather independent soul. As a general rule, she hates being tied down, loyal only to her father figure and mentor. For the most part, this free spirited attitude has no effect on their other people, but it is also not uncommon for her to butt heads with others simply out of a pig-headed need to be Not Told What to Do. She fiercely believes that she herself knows best what's best for herself, and nobody can tell her otherwise. What else is she supposed to believe? She's taken care of herself all this time.

    ~ Teasing and Flirtatious ~
    Sivaria's natural state of being is "comfortable." She is comfortable most anywhere doing most anything, and she never faces any of it without keeping a good-natured sense of self-entitled humor through it all. She rarely takes things (or people) seriously and easily pokes fun at anybody she meets. One of many traits that has gotten her into trouble with people much stronger or more powerful than her more than once. In a sense, she enjoys making other people uncomfortable. She also happens to be very well aware of her own beauty, and has taken advantage of it all her life. Flirting has just always been an easy and amusing way to interact with others. Whether she's fighting with someone, stealing from them, or dancing, everything she does and says shows off an obnoxious sense of joy and unconcern. It helps that she has a low understanding of sexual morality.

    "People say life is a game, but they're wrong. It's a dance. The difference is that there are winners and losers in a game. In a dance, the end is inevitable and all that matters is everything you do before it's over."
    Sivaria has always been something of an orphan. She knows nothing about her parents, nor cares. You could treat Sivaria's entire life like a dance, because that's how she has always treated it. Being thrown aside by the mysterious people who gave birth to her was like the first step forward. They took the first step, and handed her to Mehgo, who has been her mentor for years. Mehgo never pretended to be her father. He had other homeless orphans he took care of, and those other orphans were her dance partners. She danced circles around the bully Marko tried to be, guiding sweet little Gemina to do the same. With Delilah, they would dance towards each other, taking jabs at each other before dancing away again. They were rivals, but never truly enemies, both too enthralled with the dance. She would dance her way through newcomers and tourists, innocent merchants too stupid to notice her daily thievery. More often she was the one other people trained on while they were being stolen from. Dancing was always something she was good at physically, too. There were others, many others.

    ~Some were better at begging, some were better at threatening, some were better at pickpocketing, but Sivaria was good at dancing, and all of them were beholden to Mehgo.~

    Life has always been just a give and take. Some people you work with, some people you work around, and the rest are nothing but background. When her soul's restlessness compelled her to step away from the dance Mehgo was conducting, she stepped a little too close to the edge of the stage, but found her feet again and a new partner in Mirellion. The dance hasn't stopped yet, so neither has she, or so the story goes...

    ~ The Travelers ~
    The people of Galidus are largely independent both of each other and of their central government. They are a hardy people and quite a number of them are very proud of that self-same independence. But among such a people it is perhaps no very great surprise that there would be those without homes, ever-wanderers. These wanderers are known to most as the travelers. Some roam the plains of Galidus, others make their stomping grounds among the icy peaks, and yet others travel the dry, hot underbelly of the country. Wherever they go, they are outcasts. Although they are a good source of commerce and entertainment in many parts and their coming is usually an anticipated event in smaller villages, they are never truly part of any one people, and are widely regarded with some suspicion. When the travelers come to town, men and women will go out to enjoy their day, but will watch their children and purses carefully. Those travelers are all thieves, after all.

    This is a rather unfair generalization of travelers, for there are a wide number of different clans, and while most do support themselves through trade, entertainment, and the livestock they keep with them, few are dishonorable, and even fewer have any real affiliation with each other. On the contrary, most clans intersect little with each other's "territories" and have historically made their routes such that they would not bump into one another. It is unknown why this is the case, but perhaps thanks to this distinct separation, each clan acts much like its own settlement, adhering to separate social norms and distinct, if perhaps crude, forms of government. As a matter of fact, any who dared actually study this diverse people would find that the only true similarities clans appear to share are a restless, independent disposition, and a love of their caravans and their livestock.

    ~ Mehgo and the Dehtarani ~
    The Dehtaran travelers are as old as they go, which is to say, no one can really say when precisely when they were born, but it was not early and it was not recently. They simply always were, the way most traveler clans were. They were a clan that traversed the desert-like stretch between the Kalliu lake and Misery lake. They were a kind clan, but one of scavengers. Unlike many clans where the members were largely collections of families, the Dehtaran were a clan that gained and lost its members fairly easily. They picked up stragglers and orphans who needed a home here and there, and people would leave to settle down, when they got tired of the wandering life. Most would leave them in the bigger cities, where they were less well-known as homeless nomads. Though the nature of their clan made their patterns inconsistent, typically, the Dehtaran would stay no more than a week in inhabited places, cultivating goats as livestock. They were arbiters of simple trade and occasionally entertained as dancers, but overall a quiet clan who kept to themselves. A group of women were considered elders, and they were depended upon to be a constant presence - a governing body for disputes, but also the warriors who protected the clan from those who would seek to harm them. As they grew older they would groom younger women who seemed most likely to stay to take their places when they could no longer do so. They chose when and where to go, rarely sticking to a single route - yet another rare trait among the Traveler clans. Men were not encouraged to stay, nor were families with children. A culture that worshiped the single woman.

    Everything changed, however, 40 years ago, when the Dehtarani picked up a very small, very dirty eleven year old boy with sandy blonde hair in an obscure town with no name. He was an orphan, as many of their people were, but he was not just any orphan. He gave no name, so the elders gave him a name: Mehgo. For their people may come and may go as they please, and Mehgo would be one of their people. They did not understand then that his name ought to have been Mustgo.

    Mehgo's story is full of its own secrets, of the darkest of loves and the most beautiful of hates, but it is not one that Sivaria knew. All that matters is how he changed the Dehtaran. Though outwardly the clan remained largely the same, by the time Mehgo was 26, he had unofficial control. No longer were they a clan of wandering freedom. He decided who joined and who left. He decided where they went and how long they stayed there. But most of all, he decided how the clan thrived, and while more lucrative than the professions they had taken in the past, they were also more unscrupulous. As fluid an organization as they had always been, morality changed with the generations. At times the Dehteran were thieves preying upon the careless in the large cities, at others they were hunters who stayed oft in dangerous, unsettled paths, but this had never been decided by any one person's will, but by the talent and whimsy of the people who joined them. Mehgo, however, saw only potential. He began to gather vagrant orphans from the streets. He would evaluate each one and assign them a job based on their strengths. They fell into four main categories: thief, mugger, distracter, beggar. If the children began questioning his authority, or no longer brought in a fair profit, he would cast them out of the clan. If they did not go quietly, he would take care of them. It was a simple, but ruthless system, and it was into this self-same system that Sivaria was brought as a babe.

    ~ The Spitfyre Leaves Home ~
    Sivaria was a rare case. It was unusual that Mehgo saw fit to invite into the clan something so immediately useless as an infant, but the current elders were growing restless. Mehgo had allowed few people to stay a long time, and the elders were anxious to begin training a new generation to take their place. Sivaria was raised with the expectation that she would one day succeed the current "head" elder, along with a couple of other girls the elders were training. She was formally taught to wield the Weapons of the Elders - chakra - as well as one other weapon of her choosing, which she decided would be a staff. The elder overseeing her tried to guide her decisions as well as train her to be a warrior, even as she did her duties with the rest of the orphans. There was just one small problem: Sivaria was............ Sivaria.

    Impetuous even as a child, she loudly stirred up trouble wherever she went. She hated responsibility, loved play, and the only kind of charisma she had came from her wild, independent spirit. She was the very epitome of their clan, just not necessarily a good leader of it. She was smart and a quick study in combat, but the last thing a quiet clan recently turned to thievery as subsistence needed was a spit fire for a leader. Even more curious was how determined Mehgo was to make Sivaria an elder one day. She was the only one of the orphans ever allowed to speak back to him. He cultivated her, brought her up, and perhaps was the cause of her unshakable confidence. If she was to succeed their leaders, and the unofficial god of their clan prevented her from being punished, what reason was there for her to ever fear. That, coupled with her natural talent for survival in any environment, and Sivaria enjoyed a life that, though less than privileged, allowed her to flourish. Her life could not be considered "uneventful" or "peaceful," but to her, it was untroubled.

    Unlike many of the other orphans, the dancer never felt any uncertainty about the clan being her home. People came and went, but not her. The clan was where she belonged, the heart of freedom. The clan was where she would stay. Always. This was not some kind of resolution, but an irrefutable, immutable fact. That was what she thought until one day she awoke and she knew she was going to leave. She knew it with the same level certainty she had always had that she would stay. So she went in front of all the elders, the older members of the clan, and Mehgo himself, and openly announced her departure, before turning on her heels with everything she had ever owned and left. The clan was in uproar. Mehgo stopped her on the edge of their settlement, and for the first time in her life she was afraid of him. He had a wild look in his eyes and told her that she wasn't going to leave. She stood her ground and retorted that she was. For a moment she thought he was going to kill her. But then he let go of her, and she walked away without turning back.

    For months, Sivaria went wherever her feet took her, walking without aim or direction, following her instincts. She survived solely on the money she got from stealing and dancing, because she took nothing of monetary value from the clan except for her metal chakram and a small knife she used to craft a crude staff. Her dancing was all she really had besides her weapons. She went as her clan ancestors had done and wandered the great lands with no greater purpose than to be free in the truest sense of the word, until finally she found herself at the monastery, banging on the doors for reasons she herself did not know.

    Quick - Sivaria is a quick thinker, a quick learner, and quick on her feet.
    Flexible - The girl is physically flexible, make no mistake about that, but it is more important to note that she is mentally flexible. Rebellious, stubborn, and frustratingly childish as she may be, Sivaria has learned that sometimes you need to work with people you may not want to work with, or may not even like, and that a quick change of plans will be more often necessary than not. She'll butt heads with an authority figure any time, but if she needs to listen to that person's orders or work with them, she'll also understand that she needs to do it and without hesitation or complaint.
    Charming(ish) - Few people ever have neutral opinions on Sivaria, because those people whom she does not butt heads with, she more often than not becomes friendly with. It is rare for Sivaria not to have people she can turn to in a pinch.
    Brave - A blessing and a curse, really.
    Instinctively Pragmatic - While oftentimes subject to her own nonsensical whims, and nowhere near sociopathic, Sivaria's instincts almost always lead her to pick the most practical option in high pressure situations. Meaning, on occasion she can be very efficient and borderline ruthless.

    Proud - Although she doesn't mind leeching off of people, Sivaria struggles with openly and vulnerably asking for help when she needs it.
    Deathly Curious and Immature - It gets her into trouble.
    Half-Unscrupulous, Half-Too-Noble - While clearly shameless, careless, and somewhat amoral (does not exactly endear her to others and win her their trust), Sivaria can have something of a savior complex towards those she perceives as being unable to stand up for themselves, and has gotten herself into trouble many a time for fighting for poor little souls.
    Vain - Really self-explanatory.
    Flashy - Not a subtle or stealthy girl.

    Uses chakram as main long-range weapons, staff as close-range (better with chakram)

    ~ Bonded Ability ~
    Thick Skin - Much like the Hard Head ability of the Swamp dragons, this would allow the tamer to survive very tough blows by concentrating sheer willpower into protecting her life force, which also reduces the impact of strikes of any kind.

    The Other Orphans - Gemina, Marko, Delilah, Billy, Carrowen, there are tens of other orphans under the care of Mehgo. Sivaria was never close to any of them, not because she didn't like any of them, but because few of them were ever constant. Children of all ages from 6 to 17 came and went.



    Dragon Name
    Mirellion (mʊ:reliɪn; murr-rehl-ee-ihn)

    Dragon Gender

    Dragon Species
    Swamp (Olive)

    Dragon Personality
    "Swamps kill. Shame I'm just a swamp dragon."
    ~ Aloof, Proud, Impulsive, Intransigent, Protective, Unfriendly, Clever, Humorous ~
    Mirellion is not a likable dragon. Not only does he dislike speaking with... well, anyone besides his tamer, he is also a naturally proud, stubborn creature, who has no desire to interact with others and does not care about being polite or thoughtful or considerate. Despite this, he is fiercely protective of those around him in a sibling-type, "only I get to insult you" way. It is possible (heh, not really) this is an indication he actually cares about others, but it's more likely to be his dislike of labels, enforced organization, and authority figures. Ie. He's argumentative. While an undisputed lone wolf, on the rare occasion one actually speaks to him at length, Mirellion is revealed to be an incredibly witty, sarcastic fellow, with surprisingly keen insight, though his love of brevity is in no way stinted.

    Dragon Strengths
    Observant, Stealthy, Nature Navigator, Good Swimmer, Balanced, Agile

    Dragon Weaknesses
    Extremely LazyPoor Communicator, Resistant to Change and Authority, Not Adaptable, Deathly Curious​
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  2. “There is no one in the world that lives without sin,”
    {Banner here}
    Velia D’Amore

    Velia – Means concealed; Sofia – Means wisdom; Fiametta – Means little fire; Lucio – Means light; Melania – Means black or dark.
    D’Amore – Means of love.


    March 20th, 2009


    House and Year
    Ravenclaw, 4th year



    Blood Status

    “The Original”
    Easily Frightened
    Compulsively Dishonest
    “The Student”
    “The Rebel”
    Easily Angered
    “The Player”
    Very Smart
    “The Protector”
    Nearly Speechless
    Pertinent Personality Information

    Living With It
    Road(s) Taken
    Witch Trials
    Breaking Through or Breaking Down

    Selena D’Amore | Mother
    Victor D’Amore | Father
    The D’Amores and Riccis | Extended Family

    Black Mamba

    A Court of Law
    A Cage
    Being Upside-Down
    A Gun


    Wood | Hawthorn
    Core | Cenocroca/Leucotta Horn
    8 in



    (Describe how your character looks. Make it match the banner. Extra pictures are optional, and need to match the description.)

    Shadow - Chromatics.​
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  3. Name



    Solona, Calidar

    Obedient/Takes Directions Well





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  4. Appearance
    "Oh what, you can't see it for yourself? Or do you just need someone to sing my praises, cause I've got lackeys for that."
    FC Colin O'Donoghue

    "Dave is good, Vis is good, Desh is good, really kinda anything works."
    Davis Caddesh

    "Shh shh shh shh. Do you hear that? It's the sound of you shutting the hell up."
    Here's a lovely sample for ya
    Him singing briefly

    "Eternally older than I look, but still younger than most."

    "Average, I'd say. Nuthin to be ashamed of."

    "Isn't that rude to ask? Or does that only apply to girls?"

    "Wow, you are REALLY blind, aren't you?"
    Dark Dark Brown

    "It's funny. I was expecting things to change when you become a blood-sucker, y'know besides the fangs and the immortality, but somehow they're still green."
    Pale grey-bluey green (turn vivid jade green when using magic)

    *monotone "I'm a regular rebel."
    Davis has piercings in both ears and one very small tattoo on the inside of his right wrist of a filled in triangle meant to represent stopped change.

    "Nowadays, you don't become a vamp by having a normal, happy childhood. Ask any one of the other freaks about their pasts. If none of them bite your head off for it, you'll see what I'm talking about."
    Davis Caddesh died of disease in 1848 during the Irish Potato Famine. Or at least, that's what everyone besides his scumbag brother thought. He was born to the Caddesh family, the third of eight children, in the year 1830. Or at least, that's what everyone besides his scumbag mother thought. There were a lot of scumbags in his family, so he congratulates himself that he's not actually related to any of them. Or at least, as he tells it there were.


    The man known as Davis Caddesh was born to an Irish family in 1830, and promptly abandoned... or lost, or kidnapped. He still hasn't figured out which one it was. He was raised by peasant farmers along with seven other children only two of whom actually liked him, or anyone else for that matter. Ireland was going through turbulent times largely characterized by political discontent and it affected everyone, but it wasn't enough to ruin their family's lives. No, what was really wrong with their family had nothing to do with the political situation at the time, and most everything to do with the kind of people in the household.

    When you think of poor farmers, the typical image is of a cozy wooden shack home, acres of farmland, and a homely, hospitable family. Not so the Caddeshes. The children of the Caddesh family worked hard, or rather, were worked hard by their parents, who put enough on the table to keep them from complaining, but little enough that they had to fight for it. Theirs was a first-come-first-serve, survival-of-the-fittest family. Davis was always different from the rest of his siblings. Even though he ate what they did and learned what they learned, he looked different from them. Darker hair, taller frame, skinnier features. More importantly, he thought differently from them. While he fought to be the one with food in his mouth just as much as the rest of them, he did it in different ways. The men of the Caddesh household were loud, brusque, straightforward, and strong. He was quieter than them in some ways, more curious, more wheedling. When his brothers fought each other for something, he'd come in and take it quietly while they weren't looking. He was eager to talk to strangers, and quick to lift things off of them. He was always the first to wiggle his way out of work or trick someone else into doing his work for him. Most of all, when he fought with his siblings, he always made sure it looked like their fault.

    Okay, so maybe he was the laziest, most despicable lying scumbag in the family. His eldest younger brother certainly seemed to think so. Only a year apart in age, Nick and Davis never exactly got along. Nick was considered the healer in the family, good at identifying herbs and remembering cures. For a poor kid who couldn't read or write, he was smart, even Davis could tell. It was possibly for that precise reason that the kid disliked him so much. With more clarity and less forgiveness than the rest of their siblings, he always saw precisely what Davis was doing, and what he was doing wrong. Their mom shared this clarity. She always had her eye on him, as if waiting for him to do something wrong. Sometimes, when he did something he wasn't supposed to and thought no one was looking, he'd see her in the corner, watching him with an expression he couldn't read.

    She didn't tell him until he was twelve that he wasn't her son. She didn't need any incentive to tell him either. She just... dropped it one day, when he happened to walk into the shed to get a rake, and ran into her alone. Just a "You're not one of mine, you know. Not one of us. You don't belong here." He took it surprisingly well, maybe because he'd suspected he wasn't related to them by now. He was young, but he'd never been an idiot. So the cuckoo of the nest went on as if he hadn't heard anything and nothing had happened. That was before it happened, though. The Famine.

    In 1845, the potato blight killed off almost all of the cheapest and most abundant produce in Ireland - in fact, the one produce that 1/3 of the population was dependent on. The Caddeshes belonged in that 1/3 of the population. In the first year they endured this severe famine, somehow they all managed to hang on, though not a single potato survived. In the second year, they lost the eldest daughter to hunger, the child born after Nick. And in the third year, Davis got sick. Davis was the only one in the family who got sick, and for a week he was bedridden with fever and boils, natural illness worsening with the lack of food. He fell asleep one day and woke up being dragged in a blanket to a cart. He struggled weakly against his captor and managed to poke his head out of the top of the blanket. "W-what is-?" It was Nick. "Nick?"

    "You're dead." His younger "brother" hissed at him. "Saoirse and Ronan, they could get sick, because of you. You're dead, got it? Don't come back." With that, he was knocked over the head and dumped into the cart. He woke up again in the middle of nowhere, apparently having been dumped from the cart once he was discovered. He didn't know how long he'd been passed out or where he was. But despite his brother's deepest insistence, he was not dead. Not yet, anyways. And he was determined to keep it that way.

    He clung to that determination for another fourteen years. Using all of the cunning he'd used to be a troublemaker back in his old home, he scrounged his way through the next two years of the famine and then stowed away on a ship to America, spending the next twelve years of his life there. He was less than noble in all of his dealings, and shameless about it at that. Even becoming a vampire was something he begged for in the last throes of death. Long story short, in his years of cavorting about as a cheat, liar, and petty criminal, he managed to piss off the then-burgeoning Irish mob in New York. One of them stabbed him, and as he hid himself in a dark alley, he caught sight of a vampire feeding. Grabbing onto the vampire, he gasped for life and asked for help. The vampire in question laughed at him, but found him amusing, and so dragged him all the way back to their current residence, which was close and with a vampire's speed and strength took only minutes to reach. There, he met Ambrogio who was so amused by his desperation to live, that he turned him himself.

    Since becoming a vampire, Davis has done a number of things he never expected to do. It was odd at first, but only needing to drink blood to live has afforded him a little time to do a more than just barely survive. He has learned how to read, write, and fluently speak English (his first spoken language is actually Irish Gaelic), and has taken up music. One of the most significant things he's learned throughout the years has to do with computers. He watched the spike of technology and grew with it, taking to the lines of coding like a fish to water, and is now a computer savant and hacker. He also has traveled a lot, staying each place sometimes a couple years at a time, sometimes a few months at a time, but never longer than that. While he settles comfortably in each place, he can never seem to fully stop there, and eventually he always leaves in search of something else. Something he has yet to describe.

    Before he was turned, Ambrogio asked him a question: "Why are you willing to become a monster just to live a little longer? What is it you so desperately live for?"

    He'd answered with something trite, but he'd looked the old vampire in the eye, and they'd both understood that he hadn't known either. Perhaps it was the reason Ambrogio had decided to save him: for him to figure it out. But despite his best efforts, he still hasn't even come close.

    "Girls only."

    "Stay chill, man. You don't want that balloon you call a head to explode, do you?"
    Davis projects endless confidence, but it's not because he's actually confident. It's just really hard to shake him. His natural disposition had never been a jumpy one, and after having had a hard life with a lot of people he's had to lie to and a lot of very weird things happening (vampires are totally normal, right?), there's really nothing left on the planet that can surprise him enough to cause any reaction greater than a raised eyebrow. He's got an excellent poker face and will never get flustered or panicked when something bad comes up. He keeps a calm, clear mind no matter the trouble. It means he's a great guy to be with if you're in a sticky situation. Unless, of course, you're in the way of him getting out.
    Resilient and True to Himself
    Rather like it is difficult to shake him in a moment, he isn't the type to be deeply shaken by... anything. He doesn't let other people define who he is, though that may have something to do with the fact that he's survived thus far by not giving a shit about what other people thought of him. If he did, he would've given up on life when he was abandoned by his brother when he was fifteen. Or died when he was stabbed when he was 32. He is who he is, and no one is fucking going to change that. No one is going to convince him he's any less, no matter what he resorts to to survive. People can take their negative opinions and shove them up their own asses as far as he cares.
    Good Listener
    Contrary to his what his unflappable attitude might suggest, Davis is actually an extremely attentive listener. Sure, he might not give a crap about what you think of his life choices, but if you've got anything to say about yourself, he will take the time to listen, understand, and offer his thoughtful advice. He will remember things you tell him, like important dates, and make sure his consequent behavior is tailored accordingly. Half of the reason is that taking care to listen to people makes it easier to swindle them. Half of it is that no one has ever taken the care to listen to him, so he can't help but allow them the courtesy he has never received.
    Yet another one of those things that has helped him swindle people better is a naturally friendly disposition. He gets along well with most everyone. You can sit next to him in a bar and raise a glass to toast life, and he'll strike up an easy conversation with little prompting. He can act engaged in a talk about almost any subject, and is rarely found a winsome smile. He's quite good at seeming talkative without saying much of any substance, and making people feel comfortable and included. Or at least if they're excluded, they'll find some company in their solitude.
    Davis is nothing if not flexible. Being open to other people's advice and suggestions has helped him plenty of times. While he takes every suggestion and puts it up against his own knowledge and experience, he is not ashamed of accepting other people's insight, and learning from their mistakes. In the end, letting other people edumacate him is to his gain, anyways. He is also flexible in his ideas. It's why he took up computer programming, and why he learned how to play the guitar. It's also why he has no strong political views, and has no prejudices against any kind of people except for the little kind (midgets he can stand, just keep him away from children - nasty little creatures).

    "Flaws? What flaws?"
    Snarky Little Wise-Ass
    Davis is friendly. But friendliness does not equate to politeness. His smart mouth has gotten him in trouble at times, particularly when talking to people he's fond of or close to. Or not fond of. There's a reason people already pissed off at him tend to get more pissed off at him after he opens his mouth. It's not something he does on purpose, but it seems that of all the smart habits he has managed to both cultivate and sustain over the years, shutting the hell up has never even been on the list of things to try. Being sarcastic and annoying, particularly to people he dislikes, is a joy in his life he's not ready to give up just yet, and in his personal opinion, lots of people respond well to it with his boyish charms to supplement.
    Cynically Romantic
    As much of a flirtatious lady's man as he seems, Davis is not one for hooking up or throwing himself out there. Oh sure, he's had a fling or two, but he holds dear some odd sense of romance that has him hoping he'll find a special girl someday. This romantic outlook also applies to how he sees the world, as he is constantly looking for his "home" as if someday he'll find a place where he belongs, when he didn't belong from the moment he was born. And that's where the cynical line comes in. As much as Davis cares for these unrealistic ideals, the hope he ties into them is quite naturally swamped in his life experience of "expect bad things to happen and happen often." Overall, it is a mentally unhealthy internal argument to constantly sustain.
    Chronically Suffering from Self-Dishonesty
    Davis is quite content to be the biggest liar in town, but the one person he lies to the most and the most consistently is himself. Anything he dislikes about himself, all of his deepest insecurities, fears, and even secrets, are things he himself refuses to acknowledge with a vengeance. If there's something he doesn't want to accept, he'd rather pretend like he hadn't heard it or felt it in the first place, than man up and face it head on.
    Toes the "Very Selfish" Line
    Davis is not a mean guy. He's nice enough to people in general, it's just that he cares a whole helluvalot more about his own survival than he does about anyone else. So while he might give up his seat on a bus for a very pregnant lady, he would have absolutely no qualms in killing that same pregnant lady if it helped him get out of a life-or-death situation. His own convenience, happiness, and survival will always come first, cause he happens to like his life. And really the only time he puts other people first is when doing so doesn't get in the way of those three things.
    Largely Prideless and Difficult to Motivate
    There are certain things that people with a lot of pride do. They turn their noses up at people or foods or things they consider inferior. They never give up a secret once they've sworn to protect it, and seem quite content to lord over other people with their moral and mental superiority. There are certain things that people with a basic sense of self-respect do. They refuse to prostitute themselves, don't eat things that are almost inedible, and take a little pride in what they do, who they are, or the people they love. And then there's Davis. Basically the only line Davis will not cross is selling his body, but that ties into the nonsensically romantic part of him. Everything else is up for grabs. He will grovel, wheedle, flatter, run like a coward, whatever it takes to most effectively leave him with the greatest gain, he will do. It doesn't matter if it's ignoble, illegal, or just plain unpleasant, sometimes all three. On the other hand, he is not one to do these things lightly either, because they just take so damn much effort, that he's honestly not all that willing to put into such annoying activities unless they actively do provide for him in some ways. You could say he mixes the bad qualities of being both lazy and unprincipled.
    Mildly Mercenary
    One very good way to motivate him, however, is to bribe him. Davis loves bribery. Of course, because he's not completely selfish, he will sometimes do things for other people without requiring anything in return from them, like the pregnant lady example. On the other hand, if you actually ask him to do something for you, he will expect you to come with payment in hand. IOUs don't appeal to him. It doesn't always have to be money. It could also be a promised favor, a case of beer, or a new computer. If he determines that your payment is worth it (and he's not confident he can steal it from you and get away with it), he will without hesitation do almost anything.

    "You don't want me to look too close, do you?"
    Modern Television
    Video Games
    Card Games
    "Make sure you write these ones down CAREFULLY."
    Dancing (but don't tell anybody)
    The Sea
    "Yeah, cause I really wanna waste my time on you right now."
    Stupid People
    Fucking Know-It-Alls (suppose this is redundant but... ;) )
    Animals in general
    "Wouldn't you like to know?"
    Typical Vamp Stuff
    "My eyesight is excellent."
    Navigation Skills
    "Eating orphans."
    Writing Music
    Jigsaw Puzzles
    "Do you really need to ask?"
    Playing Guitar and Singing
    Not Dying
    Fulgurkinesis (Electricity Manipulation)
    "Oh, this and that."
    Being completely alone
    "Y'know. The point of a secret is that it's... secret."
    He actually loved his family.

    "Can you see this hunk of man ready to get tied down yet?"
    Currently Single

    "Well, I do have a mad love with orange juice."
    None yet

    Olivia de Montecristo
    "I've never had someone try to kill me so many times. I feel so loved."
    To be completely honest, Davis never expected to become friends with a hunter. Actually, they can't completely be called friends, because he considers her a friend, and as far as he can tell she considers him an enemy. He doesn't mind that, though, it just makes interacting with her more enjoyable for him. The hunter and vampire have had an unusual relationship for about four years. He met his "little huntress" on what he later discovered was her very first job. While hanging out with some other vampires in an abandoned house they'd set up camp in, hunters found them. Sensing something wasn't right, Davis made himself scarce. As the hunters burst through the front door and slaughtered the other idiots, Davis was making his escape through the back, only to find that way blocked by that girl. He got away, but that apparently didn't sit right with her, because she found him again a year later and hasn't left him alone since. He's always managed to get away, but at this point, he's started looking forward to her tracking him down. She hasn't killed him yet, and he's come to realize she probably never will. The risk of it keeps their relationship fresh, though, in his opinion.

    General Law Enforcement & Hunters
    "Fuck the police."
    Before there were hunters or vampires, there were criminals and police. As far as he can tell, this is true in history, but more importantly it is true of Davis's personal history. When he was human, he was a criminal. Aaand as a criminal, he's had a rather contentious "you chase me, I thumb my nose at you when I don't get caught" kind of relationship for most of his independent life. He'd love to say that relationship has changed after becoming immortal and above all that, but he really hasn't stopped being a criminal. I mean, now he kills people and breaks into expensive computer systems, so it's actually kind of gotten worse. As usual, the police are a nuisance he's been giving the slip for a very very long time. For the most part, the biggest headache they provide is helping categorize and alert the hunters of unusual activity. Which is useful. For the hunters. For catching vampires. Which means it's annoying for vampires. Which means it's annoying for Davis. As a result, Davis still doesn't like police after all this time. His relationship with hunters is much the same. He's figured out by now he's never going to be completely off the list of unofficially wanted persons. Oddly enough, that doesn't really keep him up at night.

    "Do you really expect me to take care of something that's gonna die in 20 years when I'm gonna live forever?"

    "How much more are you gonna need, you greedy bastard?"
    He's never kissed a girl before.

    He's never given up his first name Davis, but to humans he never gives the last name Caddesh anymore. The only ones who know it are the vampires.

    Favorite Song
    "Nothing beats music. It is, the single most beautiful thing man has ever attempted, and every musician knows that he will spend his whole life looking for that perfect melody. That universal song we are born dreaming about."
    No favorites, but he has a number he quite likes. Playlist pending.​
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  5. Name



    Solona, Calidar






  6. Name



    Solona, Calidar






  7. Name



    Solona, Calidar






  8. Name



    Solona, Calidar






  9. » Appearance «
    FC Luke Evans

    Ambrogio Calogero D'Incanto

    • Voice
      Sample Pending

      ͼ Age ͽ
      Old (born somewhere in the 7th or 8th century BC)


      ϲ Weight ͻ

      Almost Black

      ͻ Eyes ϲ

      Moon Compass - On his left chest, as a representation that his heart's every direction points to Selene unwaveringly.
      Dragon Tree - On his upper back, inspired by the Garden of the Hesperides and the dragon Ladon that guards the tree of golden apples, this represents Ambrogio's fierce protective attitude towards his "children."

      ͽ Sexuality/Alignment ͼ
    • Features
      Even as a child, Ambrogio was the type to look out for others. He was constantly helping others, taking care of his brother, going out of his way for everyone else. Having lived past the rise and fall of whole empires, he has grown a little more calloused to the human lives that come and go, but some core part of him is always seeking good for others.

      One of Ambrogio's most redeeming qualities is his ability to accept anyone. When he was younger, he was a much harsher judge of character, but with the centuries that have passed, he has mellowed a great deal. He still respects the qualities that he considered worthy in the past, but has learned to find both the humor and the good qualities in almost every kind of personality, and how to weather it when two opposing personalities clash. Rather curiously, he feels that this has given him greater insight into many different other people, and the more people he meets, the more interesting he finds them, and the more lenient he becomes with people whose morals don't meet up with his own. This has extended to a kind of "roll with the punches" attitude about eccentric or sometimes even unpleasant behavior, and calling him names or trying to make fun of him is honestly more likely to make him laugh than make him angry. Perhaps the only people he remains unforgiving and untrusting of are betrayers and serial killers.

      Despite Ambrogio's friendly, fatherly attitude, or perhaps precisely because of it, he draws people to him naturally. He neither expects nor desires anyone to follow behind him, instead seeing most everyone as equals and companions. Not only that, he has learned to command his children sternly when he needs to, to lead them with an ironclad will when he must.

      Staunchly Just
      Although his judgment may have mellowed over the years, no matter how much time passes, Ambrogio is always determined to do what he believes is right. He may have a relatively hands-off approach with other people about their own morals, but he will always be fair when mediating a dispute, merciless when meting out justice, and firm about the basic sense of dignity and respect people should maintain for all things that live, human or vampire. He would sacrifice almost anything for the sake of his sense of honor and justice.

      Posses Protective and Devoted
      You could say he's a family guy, but it would be a lot more accurate to say you touch someone he considers dear to him, and he will destroy you, whether or not he likes you. It has nothing to do with personal opinion, and everything to do with a deep protective instinct. This of course makes it... uhm... complicated when someone he loves hurts another person he loves. Like his brother trying to kill his children, just as a crazy "for example." It also means that he is completely devoted to his loved ones. He will never betray them, never turn against them without reason. He would do anything for them, and woe unto any who gets in the way of that.

      When it comes to facing monsters or gods more powerful than himself, Ambrogio is just like any man. He gets scared. He just also happens to be very good at defying his fears. When something matters to him, it doesn't matter if it means risking his life or freedom. He will throw himself into it without hesitation.

      A curious thing about Ambrogio is that he is a rather spontaneous guy, with a "why the heck not" attitude. Some people think it's another one of those "mellowed with age" traits, but it's actually a flaw he's had since he was born - one that got him into a lot of trouble when he was a hot-blooded young adventurer, hungry for excitement. While not quite stupid enough to jump into things without thinking about them at all, there's something he enjoys about going with the flow and following his whims. It's oddly satisfying, and even more so to drag other people along with those whims, occasionally with uh... slightly dubious consent. It means he can sometimes be difficult to predict and even more difficult to protect or keep track of.

      Leader though he might be, Ambrogio hates controlling anyone, much less his dearest children. He has his rules to protect the majority of the clan and their secrecy, and anyone who breaks those rules will not be let off easy, but for the most part, he lets the vampires do whatever the heck it is they want to do. He watches for signs of traitors, and tries to keep tensions between the vampires as low as possible, even intervening if it seems like it's getting out of hand, but for the most part he keeps this constant surveillance on the DL; he doesn't want to be an annoying helicopter parent. Not only that, but it would be a pain in the ass to keep track of them ALL. When nobody dies, and people keep making more children, you end up with... a lot of them. And he's not going to waste his time on that kind of project. Because of this, though, there are no doubt many of the vampires who think he is weak and naive for the freedom he gives them, which is a dangerous position for him to be in.

      Deceptively Passionate
      Not often getting angry does not equate to having an even temper and good control over emotions. They say still waters run deep, and that's very true for Ambrogio. When riled up, his emotions are strong and unforgiving, and the effect of them can be dangerous. Suffice to say he is a passionate man. When grieved he will sometimes shut himself away from the world for days. When angered, it's not unusual for his kill rate to go up significantly, and he becomes difficult to find as he often stays away from the rest of the clan so as not to lash out at one of them when in one of those moods. This does, of course, apply to his joy and love as well, though. When actively happy, he becomes nearly euphoric, and as I'm sure is evident already, his love does not die easily or quickly.

      Just a liiittle Reckless
      When you mix spontaneity with a good dose of fearlessness what do you expect to get? Unsurprisingly, Ambrogio has a bit of a wild streak that immortality, super strength, super speed, and natural superiority over the rest of his kind have exacerbated considerably. It's true that it is more difficult for him to die or even get hurt now that he's a vampire, but that doesn't preclude the possibility of his getting caught in the sunshine, or of having his picture taken and spread around as an international criminal, or of him getting caught off guard by one of the hunters and actually wounded by one of their special weapons. It's just a little bit. Just a little. :P

      While usually a fairly comfortable person, once he gets an idea into that head of his, the father of vampires can be stubborn as an ox, like a dog with a bone, and the animal comparisons continue. If he woke up one day and decided he was most definitely going to climb Mount Everest (quite unadvisable when you can't handle the sun), not a person in this world (barring Selene) could dissuade him from it. And good luck trying to get him to come to Elder meetings in anything more formal than his pajamas. He'll trade your pointless complaints for candy, as Thelonious has figured out by now.

      For all that vampirism has changed his life in some unpleasant ways (he misses the feel of the sun on his skin, and a great many other things), Ambrogio is proud of who he is now, of the empire he's built, of the power he has. And that same pride is nothing more than a kind of hubris. It is difficult for him to admit his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. His greatest fears and desires lay hidden deep inside of him, and there are many things he will refuse to ask help for, no matter how dire or stupid the situation is. Asking first Hades, then Artemis for help all those years ago took a great deal of willpower to humble himself so.

      Cheerful and carefree as he may seem on the outside, Ambrogio is a natural introvert. He needs time to sit alone and think, to work through his inner problems. At times this makes him seem melancholy and withdrawn, and perhaps puts him a bit too much in his own head, when it might be better if he was more engaged and present.
    • Childhood
    • Interests/Hobbies
      Playing Chess
      Learning Languages
      Horseback Riding
      Poking fun at Thelonious

      ͼ Likes ͽ
      Moonlit Nights
      Artificial Lighting
      Italian Cars
      Bright Pink Food Coloring

      Unnecessary Arguments
      Adulterers (fools don't know just how much they have)
      Processed Cheese
      Erasable Pens
      Contact Lenses (safe to say he doesn't bother wearing them)
      Strong scents, particularly perfume or cologne

      ϲ Weaknesses ͻ
      The Sun
      Children (real children, like little ones)
      Stubborn self-reliance

      Fighting Skills
      Strong Mental Discipline
      Highly Perceptive
      Calming Influence

      ͻ Talents ϲ
      "Appearing" and "Disappearing"

      Photokinesis (Light Manipulation)
      Phytokinesis (Plant Manipulation)

      His children dying/having misfortune befall them
      Never seeing Selene again or her coming to love another man
      Being forced to make a choice between saving his brother and saving his children.
      Angering the gods - the gods do not so much frighten Ambrogio as make him wary. He has spent over 2000 years without any of them further messing with his life and his body, but he remembers the events of the past, and remains wary that angering another one of them will cause more trouble.

      ͽ Secrets ͼ
      Though not quite a complete secret, one of Ambrogio's deepest, fervent desires - one he barely acknowledges to himself - is to properly touch Selene. To kiss her, hold her, and have children blood-related to them (y'know, the other kind of blood-related. The... normal kind).
      Yet another one of those heart-crushing hopes he does not dare to even speak aloud is to one day reconcile with his brother, and become friends once again.

      Favorite Song
      When I'm Sixty-Four by the Beatles
      A recent favorite is I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
      (Ambrogio quite cheerfully gets the feeling that all of the hunters would be disappointed to know that their "arch-nemesis" likes cute songs the best).
    • Relationship Status

      Selene De Sparta
      "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. It's not warm when she's away. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone, and she's always gone too long, any time she goes away." - Bill Withers

      Thelonious Dante
      "You're so serious. Too serious. You must be some sort of national treasure." - Souteigai Love Serendipity
      The man is altogether too serious about everything, but that doesn't stop Ambrogio from caring deeply about him. He trusts him almost more than anyone else in the world, believing in his loyalty and honor. He has a great deal of respect for what he considers Thelonious's inner strength, and sees him both as a friend and as his family - his eldest son, of sorts.

      Raphael di Bernardo
      "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me. Just be my friend." - Albert Camus
      Ambrogio is quite fond of Raphael, mostly because he feels a bit like he actually raised him, the child having served him for most of his life (the dhampir's, not Ambrogio's of course). He knows that the dhampir is very loyal to him and understands that the young one feels the need to serve him, but mostly he just appreciates the company.

      "He's a cold-hearted snake." - Paula Abdul
      Fucking son of a bitch should keep his hands off Selene and learn a couple little things like loyalty (going after his own sister for taking pity on them? really?), honor (leave another man's brother out of things!), and grace (if a woman doesn't like you, the correct answer is not "try to force her apart from her lover"). While generally not easily angered, Ambrogio has a mixture of disdain and hatred for Apollo that runs deep and has never died. He considers the god a despicable piece of shit, and the paragon of everything he himself refuses to be.

      "... if there's one thing I've learned over the eons, it's that you can't give up on your family, no matter how tempting they make it." - Rick Riordan
      Ambrogio has always loved his brother. The only one of his biological family still alive, the old vampire has cared for him far longer than anyone else around. It tears him apart to know that his brother hates him and wants him dead. Every time a hunter kills one of his own, his rage at knowing it was under his brother's tutelage wars with the loyalty he cannot bring himself to abandon, and he wonders just how much longer he must bear the pain of that long struggle. Sometimes, he wonders if it would be better to hate his brother, to curse him for it, but most days he acknowledges that more than anything the anger simply masks the grief he wishes he did not have to feel. Of all the things Apollo has done to him, this is the one thing that Ambrogio hates him the most for. Trapping Selene and causing his life as a vampire was an awful thing to do, but he does believe he could've forgiven the god for it. A man's passions can cause him to do awful things, and all in all he has not had so horrible a life as a vampire, with his immortal children and his undying love, but turning his own brother against him has tortured Ambrogio unspeakably through the centuries. If it came down to a choice between killing his brother and letting the other vampires die, he does not know what he would do. It is his deepest fear.

      The Hunters
      "The world is full of confusion and contradiction. We cannot expect to do anything that is absolutely right. We can only measure rightness by the truth within ourselves. And our own truth will never be quite the same as somebody else's." - Jay Woodman
      Ambrogio's view on the rest of the hunters is nearly as complicated as his relationship with his brother. He does not share Thelonious's hatred of humanity, and has always preferred that they live and let live, not wreak havoc and carnage as they might with the physical gifts they have. At the same time, it has been many centuries since he was fully human, and even then he was a traveler, and in that time to travel alone was also to be a warrior. He knew what it was like to take the life of another man for one's own protection when he was human, and now that he feeds upon them, he has no real objections to killing them once in a while. The hunters are no exception. On the contrary, he has occasionally thought it might be convenient if they could round up every last one of the pests and thoroughly destroy them once and for all. Yet at the same time, he half-admires, half-feels sorry for these mortals, for how likely it is that they fear his kind and the courage they display in facing him and his children in defiance, whether to protect themselves and others, or to exact revenge for a fallen family member or friend. He sees all of them as having a kind of spunk that he can't help but like, at least a little bit.

      "It is a perversely human perception that animals in their native habitat are running wild." - Robert Brault
      While Ambrogio does not have any solid pets, he takes care of a colony of bees, and occasionally feeds a vampire bat clutch he set up as a joke in a cave nearby his property outside of Forence, after the rise of Dracula and the "vampires can turn into bats" myth.

    Will fill in if anything comes to mind.
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  10. [​IMG]


    "The sum of a person's parts would surely create an infinitely complex number."

    Zechariah Ashkew


    (Secret) Monikers
    The Cheshire Cat
    The Blind Hunter



    Human Mage

    Hiraeth Seis


    C (White Rank)

    April 9th


    This iridescent blue stone with its marble-like quality is particularly notable for the series of black cracks that appear to mar its surface, even when cut to be a smooth, round stone. Although it is generally reputed to be a stone of spiritual magic and healing, it is this stone's broken, almost surreal visual that suits Zechariah the most, particularly as it matches his now useless eyes.

    Zodiac Sign

    Many things are said about Aries. That they are stubborn, energetic leaders. Courageous, optimistic, honest, but also aggressive and impulsive. Very little of this appears to apply to Zechariah upon first glance, as he lacks obstinacy, enthusiasm, and any apparent interest in taking a leadership role, but he a closer look would reveal more similarities with this type than one might think.



    Long story short, Zechariah was born to a good, normal family in an isolated village hidden deep inside the mountains. When he was five, most of his village was burned down, and in the process he lost his sight and badly burned his left hand and forearm. He ran into the forest and wandered there for some time before finding his Exceed, Serinia. The two of them ended up stumbling upon the Yakuma clan, where he was abused in the pursuit of the perfection of his magic. Eventually, he left the village, went on the run with Serinia, and came out into more civilized areas, eventually choosing to join Hiraeth Seis.

    Do you really want to see?


    Probably should give a trigger warning here for some death, abuse, and fire-damage.


    Good Beginnings Do Not Always Lead to Good Ends
    Zechariah was born to a pair of Ashkews whose names and faces he does not remember. His hometown was a small, unassuming village deep in the mountains behind the Waas forest, though it is now nothing but dilapidated, scorched buildings overrun with wildlife. His family and village were poor and isolated, but still happy, friendly, and kind, and he was raised with love for the first five years of his life, a robust mountain child with a love for his parents, a natural talent for tracking, and a tough, but cheerful disposition. He grew up on whatever hardy animals the men could hunt, and whatever tough plants the women could find or grow in the rocky earth and chilly weather. He had never heard of magic or thought about the outside world, content and confident, as he was, in his own little quiet world.

    But it seemed, the universe had other plans.

    When Zechariah was five, a man arrived in their little town. A stranger. They did not get strangers, very often, and the mysterious man was met with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity. He was cautiously welcomed in by an older couple without children, and fed and told reluctantly that he could stay for the night. At dinnertime, they all gathered together to have their meal as a community, and he delighted the children by telling them stories of his adventures. The children, Zechariah included, listened eagerly to him talk of things they'd never even heard of, and did not notice that it made the adults uncomfortable to hear him expounding on such flights of fancy to their impressionable kids.

    That night, Zechariah awoke to shouts. He ran to the doorway to see what was happening, and saw the elderly couple fighting with the stranger who had come to the village, shouting and pushing him out of their home. He didn't understand. What was going on? "Zechariah, come away from the door." His mother said from behind him, pulling him from the doorway. Her voice was worried, so he complied, but his bright blue eyes strained to watch the proceedings curiously as he was pulled away. The man shouted something, and a burst of light lit up the square, temporarily stunning the child. The next thing he knew, the house was burning. No. The whole village was burning. Burning in bright purple flames that seemed to be laughing. Was that a face? How could it be laughing? Creaks and crackles and pops mingled with screams of fear and pain and loss and anger. All of it, all of it. Too much noise. And he was still blinking spots out of his eyes. He could hear his mother yelling, but it was a far-off kind of sound. Where was she? WHERE WAS SHE?

    Reality came flooding back to the small boy in a flash, and he started crying, frightened by the flames, but not knowing what to do. What had been an open doorway moments before was now wreathed in death. His mother was yelling for him and his father, having escaped moments before, not realizing she'd lost her grip on him. He was crying and crying, and suddenly his mother had his right hand in a death grip, pulling him out. But the doorway. It was so bright and scary. "GO!" His mother roared at him in a voice he'd never heard from her before. They almost made it out. Almost. In a moment that remains very fuzzy for him, a burning beam in their small wooden house fell, nearly crushing him. Although the bulk of his body escaped too much damage because he was so small a target, his arm got trapped under the beam. He screamed in pain. In a burst of inhuman strength, his mother ripped him out from under the burning piece of wood. The splinters that tore into the flesh of his fingers went ignored as they were instantly "cauterized" by the fire itself. Twisting around, Marianna Ashkew flung her son out of the doorway before a chunk of the ceiling collapsed on top of her.

    Vision blurred with tears and still blubbering a little from the pain, Zechariah turned this way and that, wondering where his mother had gone. His house, still being consumed by that cackling purple fire revealed a little of her outstretched arms, though her face was already burning and unrecognizable. Suddenly, all tears stopped. In shock, Zechariah took a stumbling step closer. The fire was so hot, and something was wrong with the smoke. Something was weird around it. It felt like it was choking him, it stung his eyes, but he could not blink, could not look away. He could only stare in horror. "M-mom. Mooom!!" Someone grabbed him, tearing him away, but he fought them. They were saying something, but it didn't matter what it was. He barely registered it. Shoving the adult off, he rushed closer to the fire, only to have a lick of it fling itself gleefully right at his face, seeming to sear it a little. He fell back, closing his stinging eyes hard for a moment, and the "whoever-it-was" took the moment to grab him and begin running. He opened his eyes wide, looking over the man's shoulder, the image of his destroyed home didn't look right. His eyes watered, having stayed open too long, and he thought he blinked, but he didn't feel his lids move. He must have blinked. The image was darkening, fading. No. No. Why? "MOM!" He yelled one more time.

    The person carrying him stopped abruptly and more yelling ensued. Too. Many. Sounds. He struggled to get back to his house before it got too dark and he wouldn't be able to find his way back. His parents had always told him to come home before it got too dark, because he got lost easily. Angry words, spitting flames. He was jostled in his father's arms, and he yanked himself free, falling to the ground and running, running towards where he'd thought he'd last seen his home, but it was all just vaguely purple now. Where was anything? It was getting dark. All dark now. As his vision turned black, Zechariah ran unknowingly into the neighboring forest. Where was he going? Was this the right way? No? This way? He ran, then stopped. There was a sound from over there. That must be the right way. No. But then, did he see a light from over there? It must be that way.

    Several hours in, Zechariah understood that he was well and truly lost, and had no idea how much longer it would be until the sun rose again. He sat down and cried until sleep finally took him. When he awoke, the world was warm, and the birds were chirping. The world was awake, but he could not seem to open his eyes. Was he opening them? Everything was still dark as night. He must have slept through to the next night, but what was this warmth? Fire? FIRE. Panicking, the boy ran as fast as he could to get away from the fire, but then stopped. That wasn't right. Fire was not so silent, nor so gentle. Fire was not dark any more than the sun. Now that he was a little calmer, he realized it should not have been last night, either. His fingers reached out until he felt warmth touch them again, and this time he moved slowly closer to it until his face, also was engulfed in the familiar, comforting warmth. He turned his face up towards the sun and opened his eyes as wide as he could, ignoring the pain it still caused him to do so. He blinked hard and tried again. Nothing.

    He understood. He would never look upon the sun again.

    If a Random Stranger Tries to Adopt You, Always Politely Say No
    The next few weeks were hard. He had lost almost everything. Unable to find his way back home, Zechariah survived warily on vegetables. His ears strained to hear every little crackle of a branch, his fingers to feel the difference in everything he touched, his nose to smell the poison from the food. Had birds always sounded like that? Had this kind of tree always felt like that? Had this berry always tasted like this? Luck smiled on him for those few brief weeks, as he managed to escape death one day after another, forcing himself to memorize what each sound, smell, taste, touch meant, sometimes even muttering mnemonic devices to himself to help him along. Just because he'd lost his sight and the use of his left arm didn't mean all of his senses had become magically enhanced. Always, always, he kept his eyes wide open in the hopes that someday he would find light and color again. His left arm, too, caused him much trouble. He would try to move his fingers without thinking about it, only to face the searing pain all over again. As time went by, it quieted to a constant, quiet throb, but the pain never seemed to completely leave. Unable to fully give up his old lifestyle, he learned to climb with just his one arm, so that he could sit atop large tree branches and rest for a moment. Working around these losses helped him forget, during the day, how he had lost them in the first place, and he gave up finding his home again, but when the air cooled again and all the animals went to sleep and so therefore must he also, the quiet allowed everything to come back again. Most of his nights were miserable ones.

    One day, as he was wandering about, a high, childish female voice informed him. "There's a poo there."

    Startled, Zechariah whipped his head around, instinctively looking for the source of the sound, though he wouldn't have been able to see it if his eyes were pointing straight it. He hadn't said anything to anyone for weeks, so it was with a little hesitation that he asked, "W-who are you?"

    "Over here." Carefully, he turned to face the sound, which was oddly slightly upwards. A very tall person, perhaps? But the voice sounded like a very young girl. "Can't you see me?" The voice asked again. He shook his head. He heard an odd sound he'd never heard before, a bit like fluttering, or flapping? A sort of sparkly noise accompanied it, and then he felt a light warmth and the voice came from right in front of his face. "How about now?"

    He yelped, and stumbled backwards. "W-what are you?" He asked, shaking.

    There was a brief silence, and then she said, "I'm a cat! A flying cat. At least, that's what Granny Whinny calls me. And I saw you. You stepped in the poo."

    Zechariah blinked in her general direction. "A... flying cat?" Another silence he did not know was her nodding.

    "Yep. I'm a flying cat. You can't see very well, can you?" She asked, childishly, and suddenly he felt something soft and warm land on his hand.

    He gave another jump of surprise, but managed to reach his right hand up in time to stop the poor thing from falling off. He instinctively brought his left hand up as well, but when it clumsily touched the Exceed, he gave a hiss of pain and withdrew it. Carefully holding her with just his left hand, he brought her down to his face level. "I can't see at all." Cradling her in the crook of his left arm, he patted her gingerly with his right hand. From what it felt like, the creature did appear to be telling the truth. About the cat part, anyways. He couldn't feel anything in the way of wings. "But cats can't fly. Or talk." He said, quietly. They'd had a couple in his village.

    "I can." She said, springing from his arm and into the air. It hurt his arm, but she didn't seem to notice.

    He nodded, obediently. "I'm Zechariah, who are you? Is your granny close by?" PEOPLE. Maybe there were people nearby! He didn't remember anyone named "Whinny," but it could still be someone from his village, maybe! He tried to convince himself that he had known someone named Whinny.

    "I'm Serinia." There was a flutter as she gave a mid-air curtsy. "And Granny Whinny is gone, so it's just me, now. And you! You're not like Granny Whinny, though, you're smaller. And your arm looks funny." His hope was instantly crushed. This cat had never seen another person before, clearly. Nor did it appear this "granny" of hers had lived with anyone else. Maybe she had been a flying cat, too, now that he thought about it. He drooped a little, and made as if to walk away, but Serinia just continued to follow him, chattering a little.

    Serinia did not leave him alone from then on. She continued following him, and Zechariah found himself enjoying her company. It was nice to talk to someone else, and she helped him avoid doing thing like running into trees, falling off cliffs, or slipping on mud. It was not uncommon for her to follow him up a tree and just sit on his lap, the two of them simply enjoying their time together, and it became habitual for her to curl up on top of his chest when they slept. He told her about the village, and the strange man, about his mother and his arm, and she told him a couple stories of her few days with the woman known as "Granny Whinny" who had passed away not long after she had hatched. Little by little, he felt her healing him a little, giving him hope of finding his family again. Finally, one day, it seemed like his wish had come true. She excitedly came back and told him she'd seen a village. It was next to a large waterfall, which his had not been, but it was people.

    He arrived at the mysterious village excited. This village, however, was even more unwelcoming to visitors than his had been. He had unknowingly stumbled upon the remnants of an ancient people. The Yakuma clan. When he walked into the clearing where they were set up, the nearest person jumped and reached for a weapon, pulling out a knife and demanding to know his identity. He looked over at her without quite meeting her eyes. He was not afraid of her, because she had pulled the knife from where it had been secured in her clothes, and he did not recognize the sound. It took little for her to realize he could not actually see her at all. Bringing the child in, she told him to wait inside her house and went to tell the elders of the clan. They were not happy, and held a council to discuss what to do with this unknown boy. Some thought it would be best to send him back into the forest. He had seen and understood nothing, surely. Others wanted to put him to death. Just because he couldn't see anything, didn't mean he wouldn't end up telling anyone else what he had found. Finally, one elder, Geilig Yakuma, declared that he would teach the boy in their ways, in the one magic that could only be taught to blind children, Contact. He would be taught as one of them. Live as one of them. Die as one of them. And their secret would never get out.

    Zechariah knew nothing of this discussion, only that he had been told to wait in the strange woman's home for quite a long while. He ate whatever she gave him and fell asleep, hugging Serinia happily. The next day, Serinia was pulled from his arms. The man who came to pick him up spoke in a rough voice. "Zechariah Ashkew, is it? You are not Zechariah anymore. Forget that name. You are Ash. You were born a weak-willed child of fire. We will change that. I will teach you magic, the magic of our people so that you can be reborn as one of us." It was an odd surprise, but not an unpleasant one. He was excited to hear that such a thing existed, and that this village was being kind enough to teach it to him, so that he could be stronger, overcome the lack of his sight.

    That optimism was ruthlessly crushed over the next year or so. Serinia, who had escaped when they had tried to kill her, watched over Ash fearfully from the shadows of the forest. Before teaching him any magic at all, Geilig taught him the Yakuma language, which was necessary for casting Yakuma magic, and put him through a horrific physical training. His natural clumsiness got him into immense trouble, and every time he made a mistake he was punished severely. He was forced to run through the village and forest at top speed for what felt like miles, to bathe in the freezing cold waters of the waterfall every day, to try and grab things with his mangled arm, to stay in a squatting position for hours. If he could not complete these things he was beat by Geilig who told him over and over again that he was worth nothing if he did not get stronger. He cried a lot at first, but eventually grew used to it. He had thought that Serinia had abandoned him, and found no comfort in the other children, who were treated similarly each in their own forms of the eighteen.

    "On the Run" Very Rarely Entails Any Actual Running
    A little over a year after he had joined, Geilig decided that it was time for "Ash" to take a tougher path. He had thus far been unsuccessful at actually casting the magic, though he had suffered much for it, and had picked up the language faster than expected. He took him to the edge of the forest and told him to go in there and hunt. His progress would be monitored, but he would not be protected or saved. The plan was for a guide to take him to a specific area of the forest where the most dangerous animals lived, and then force him to survive and find his way back on his own. Not having mastered his magic at all, he was terrified to try such a thing, and after he was dropped off, he didn't move for a bit, trying hard to get something, anything to work. Then, he heard a scream. Serinia had followed him into the forest and, thinking that he was alone at last, had tried to approach him, only to be caught by his monitor. "HELP!" She screamed, and this time, Ash recognized her voice. It was Serinia. She was in danger. It was the push he had needed.

    A rune appeared under his feet and the language of the Yakuma peoples that he had been forced to learn slipped from his tongue naturally, an expression of poison-like anger. Before he really understood what he himself had done, a keening shriek of sound flashed through the forest in a burst of the amorphous ball of sound that epitomized yakuma magic, stunning both Serinia and the man who had caught her. Another set of words, and for a brief second, he could see the whole of the forest clearly, though without color. He raced forward and freed Serinia of the man. Geilig's lackey was a user of Command, the powerful ability to force one to do what you say, even against their will. Although he was still in his teens, and not very strong, he recovered tolerably from the burst of sound and commanded Ash to "Come here." Ash complied without even trying to fight it, but on his way, he grabbed a rock and clobbered the man in the leg. When he hopped one leg in surprise and fell down to Ash's level, the kid clobbered him hard on the head, certainly enough to knock him out and perhaps enough to leave permanent damage. Zechariah had had enough. He turned and walked away, fully aware that the Yakuma clan would probably hunt him down after this, but not caring.

    Crying and clinging to him, Serinia apologized profusely, also slightly still frightened, and explained to him how the Yakuma clan had tried to kill her, and how she had escaped. How sorry she was. He said nothing for a while, just a small boy with his small cat, walking through the forest. Tearfully, she asked him, "Are you crying?" And she turned to look.

    He was not crying, nor did he look at her. He put his good hand on her soft head and said in a voice that felt too calm and cheerful to be real, "No. I'm never going to cry, again. I've already cried all my life's worth of tears. Besides, I have you. What do I have to be sad about?" And he smiled calmly. True to his word, he never cried again. The two of them wandered the forest and mountains for a long time, hiding from the Yakuma clan, muddling along on their own. He learned how to perform a few more spells, and learned how to hunt with his magic. It was a dangerous and uncertain way to live, but no matter what happened, Zechariah never wavered.

    Home is Not Where Your Heart is, but Where Your Feet Always Take You Back To
    Eventually, the two of them found themselves walking out of the mountains and finding themselves in a more civilized area. They met travelers at the foot of Mt. Hakobe and the then-eight-year-old was at first extremely wary of them, but they proved to be harmless people and convinced him and Serinia to go into Oshibana with them. For the first time, he was introduced to the concept of money, and people, civilization. Without thinking about it, he selfishly stole the money the travelers had on them and made off with it, making his way through the towns, where he started hearing stories of "guilds" where mages gathered together. He was a mage, too. He must be. It was clear not everyone could use magic. Not even most people. There were even two close by, Red Dawn and Hiraeth Seis, or something. He listened closely to the gossip of others, and discovered the differences between Dark Guilds and normal ones, the pillars, various forms of magic. He saw that wizards were thought of as oddities, anomalies, and so learned to hide that part of himself. He was curious. He wanted to see a guild, see if there were others like him out there, and what they did, how they lived. On a whim, he decided to go to Hiraeth Seis, see what it was like. He walked into the guild's beautiful green halls, unawed by what he could not see, and after a few weeks there, decided it was as good a place as any.

    Since joining, he has taken on quite a few random wizard jobs, finding his niche in the "retrieval" area. Most people are disappointed, at first, to find him blind, but he has never failed at one of these jobs, and has earned a quiet reputation as a hunter of men. The Blind Hunter. While it is not a well-known title among regular people, members of on either side of the law have quite a few of them heard of him. His unseeing grin as he returns the lost object, or entraps the fugitive, have also given him the name, the Cheshire Cat. There are stories that he's not a person at all, but a ghost, that he cannot actually use magic, or that he has followers who back him up and make his conquests possible. Really, how ridiculous. When he introduces himself, he has always been very straightforward. "My name is Zechariah, but you can call me Ash. I'm a mage of Hiraeth Seis, and I can find anything or anyone you want. For the right price."


    "T-tell your boyfriend, if he says he got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him."

    Chill, but Blunt
    Ash is not a "panic and run for the hills" type of kid. After making his resolution to never cry again, he also decided for himself, that no matter what he was feeling, he would always smile. Even when angry, sad, scared, or ashamed, look it in the face and smile, because it does no one any good to rage against the world, you least of all. He possesses a sort of calm disregard for the people and events around him, as if none of it really matters. People who like him or don't like him, people who like each other or don't like each other, dangerous situations that frighten others, or careless words that make others angry, rarely does he let any of those considerations penetrate his heart, and even when they do it is even rarer that he lets them penetrate his actions. Instead, he exudes a naturally cheerful calm almost in every situation, without fail. It is perhaps because of this lack of concern that he also never attempts to lie or flatter. Although not exactly a chatterer, when he speaks, his words are typically very straightforward (if occasionally sarcastic). As valued a virtue as honesty is, he can sometimes go a little too far with this, in the eyes of other people, often bordering on plain rude or aggressive.

    Lone Wolf
    Zechariah is not directly secretive or silent. If you ask him about his past or his arm it takes very little from him to explain that he was orphaned in a fire, though he would never mention the Yakuma clan. That said, he keeps himself to himself. He doesn't go offering information people do not ask for, or flaunting anything he may or may not be able to do. He does not try to make friends, and makes it clear to those who get in his face that he's not particularly interested in it, either, though he doesn't mind if someone chooses to think well of him of their own free will. That's their concern, not his. Nor does he have many common interests he can use to spark friendships. He is not very frivolous and takes consistent enjoyment in very few activities besides climbing and his jobs. He does not have a "pack mentality," rarely gets affected by mobs, and does not think of his guild members as his close buddies. Even if he likes you, your enemies are not his enemies, and he will not invest a great deal of energy to spend a lot of time with you. This is not to say that he has no loyalties towards others or even his guild. He will never betray those that he likes or believes in, but he does not let other people's lives control or intertwine with his own. You do what you want, he'll do what he wants. This more importantly extends to his profession. He works ALONE (so far, anyways, Serinia has been pushing him more and more to go with others on jobs). This is partially because he does not want his magic to be discovered by the others in the guild, but partially because he dislikes dealing with the unpredictability of other mages on the job.

    Logical and Precise, but Impulsive; Full of Thought and Observant, but Absent-Minded
    The way Ash thinks has an odd sort of self-contradictory cadence to it, contrasting a lack of thought with an excess of it. Although never one to go for the stupid, reckless, "why don't I get myself killed?" options, he can, at times, make a snap decision to do things without any real rhyme or reason. He might analyze a situation 20 ways in a matter of seconds, and then decide that none of it really matters and just pick whichever option pops into his head first. In a rather similar fashion, he is constantly thinking, taking various things into consideration and mulling over almost everyone, everything, and every situation he comes into contact with, but at the same time shows an almost absent-minded disposition in that he will quickly forget or discard things that he had just heard. He remembers sensory information acutely, and yet can be incredibly forgetful when it comes to names or personal information. The simplest way to describe the entire phenomenon, I suppose, would be to say that what's in his head does not always fully translate to what's going on, or how he responds, in the outside world.

    Obstinate, Determined, Stalwart, Resolute
    Anyone who knows him would say he is a hard worker, and perhaps this is true. It would be incorrect to say that Ash is stubborn in the traditional sense. As a general rule, he doesn't care enough about most things to fight with other people about it, and he's more likely to throw an argument than keep one going, even if he's right. The things he gets stubborn about, though, he gets very very stubborn about. His rule of not working with others, for instance, he has kept fairly faithfully for all but the last year or so. His loyalty towards his guild and the yakuma clan is also strong enough that he has kept his secret for a little short of a decade, and he would do the same for Hiraeth Seis. His resolution to continue smiling, and to live as he likes with no particular restraints, these things that he holds dear, he holds on to with an iron grip, and as a person he is slow to change. It is also this kind of hard-headedness that has given him all of his greatest gifts. His acute hearing and sensitive sense of touch and smell are not just by-products of his blindness, but products of careful training and memorization, an obsessive need to perfect his other senses in the absence of the visual one. The way he grit his teeth and took every moment of abuse in the yakuma clan, and even the way he turned away from them and never looked back was due to his resolution, even the fact that he can climb trees one-handed without his sight is thanks to this. Every physical and magical gift he has was born in that "death-grip" core of his, and some of his mental ones as well. Without his obstinacy, Ash would have, and in his estimation be, nothing.

    Creepily Optimistic (or is it pessimistic?)
    Ash tends to have a kind of "look on the bright side" mentality, that may actually be called pessimism, if you really think about it. It's a tendency to say, "well hey, sure we're trapped in a cave with a giant talking monkey who wants to eat us and has plus five speed, but at least we're not hungry to boot. And you know what, think about it, we could be trapped with a giant talking LION instead. It's fine, it's fine." This goes beyond his decision to keep smiling, because it is not a decision at all but a disposition he's had for quite some time, perhaps a twisted sense of the natural optimism he was born with. It could be interpreted as a "we're not dead yet, so there's still hope" but it could also be interpreted as a "even if we're starving and miserable and all hope is lost, it could still be worse!" *gringrin. No one but him really knows which one it actually is, in his head. In the end, it's kind of just all "fine" even when it's really not, and _then_ he tops it with his signature never-ending smile. Most people he shows this side of himself to find this sort of creepy, especially with how graphically and flamboyantly he states the alternatives. He may have lost his physical vision, but he certainly has not lost his internal vision and can expound in length on all of the horrible things that COULD be happening, all with the kind of delighted sparkle in his voice that indicates he may actually somewhat be hoping for one of these awful things to come true. Serinia herself finds this occasionally disturbing, though for the most part she's gotten used to it at this point. Some part of her thinks that he may have started doing this more openly precisely because she used to be so freaked out by it, and she always feels bad when she notices it affecting someone else.

    Ruthless and Sadistic (but just a little bit)
    An imminently selfish creature, Zechariah sees no problem with doing a number of things others would consider perhaps... morally ambiguous. If you tell him, "You'll never take me alive!" Without skipping a beat, he'd respond with a smile and a, "Then I'll gladly take you dead!" Step in his way, and he will step on you, and do so without thought or hesitation. He might even stomp a little harder than usual just because you're there. The rather curious thing about this is that it half seems to come out of malice, and half doesn't seem to. He does a bit seem to enjoy himself when doing something kind of... heinous, like destroying buildings or trapping fugitives in sound cages. At times, he will even trap them and let them go before trapping them again, if they seem weak enough, like a cat with a mouse. He does typically smile while doing such things, but as that is his default it is difficult to say for certain it's because he enjoys inflicting pain on other people. He certainly doesn't bother to go very far out of his way to torture people. Quite the opposite, actually, he appears to most like the kind of people who are quiet and soft-hearted, and most often goes out of his way for random things that catch his interest or to randomly buy a child an ice cream or get a cute bow for Serinia. To the casual observer this may seem like a strange thing, but it's pretty simple. The long and short of it would be: he does whatever pleases him. While he does occasionally find it amusing to cruelly mess with people, it brings him as much amusement to hear Serinia squeal in excitement, or imagine the looks on the parents faces when he gives a random child an ice cream. He likes soft-hearted people because they are naturally considerate and make him feel more comfortable, as long as they are not loud, but also does not mind crushing people mostly because if he does not have any particular opinion of them, he does not care about them at all. They become a non-entity in his head, and treating them as bugs or toys therefore becomes not so horrible a thing.
    « »
    Immense Willpower
    Exceptional Hearing
    Good Reflexes
    High Stamina
    Quick Learner
    Fast Runner
    Immune to Visual Illusion Magics or Magics Requiring Eye Contact
    Cannot use left hand
    Slicy Stabby Thingies
    Finding Places (Houkou-onchi)
    Purely Physical Fights
    Cool, Quiet Things
    Solid Script
    Rain (but not storms)
    Plant Life
    High Places
    Extremely Noisy Places
    HEAT (He's a melter)
    Statues (There's something just really weird about them)
    Short Things (Short doorways, short buildings, short steps. They are really easy to trip over or smack into)
    Making everything taste horrible
    Tracking Things Down (this apparently extends to people, animals, and vegetables, but not locations themselves)
    Climbing (yes, one-handed)
    Reading Tones
    Reading Body Language



    PM me if interested

    Serinia - Reader
    When Serinia met Zechariah, she was a newly hatched Exceed whose family had disappeared before she hatched (unbeknownst to her, her parents had been eaten in the forest). Her most important function, currently, is to read for him, but in truth she is also his beloved companion. She seems like a bit of a quiet, timid soul at first, quick to get depressed and deeply empathetic towards others, but she largely wears the pants in their relationship (figuratively speaking), because she cares deeply about him and believes she knows what's best for him. That, plus Zechariah likes to give her her way. Part of her protective instinct towards him is that she's known him for most of her life, but there is also the underlying indefinite insecurity that it is her fault that Zechariah went through what he did with the Yakuma. It is an insecurity that Zechariah understands, but knows he cannot assuage with words. He is kind to her in a way he is not with others.

    The Ashkews - Lost Memories
    Although Zechariah was old enough to remember his true parents before they died, he remembers largely only snippets and moments. His quiet, happy memories of those two people, and as a matter of fact, all of the people in his village, have been overwhelmed by the more vivid and terrible memories of his time in the Yakuma clan and everything thereafter. Nowadays, he never thinks of them, as the concept of parents has become obsolete for him.

    The Yakuma Clan - Mildly Disgusting Parental Figure
    To an extent, Zechariah considers the yakuma clan his "origin." His "family." In his head, they are the ones who taught him magic and made him who he is today. At the same time, some might think he's a sadist, but he is not a fool. He does not think that the abuse he received in the pursuit of magic was at all normal, and he finds their practices absolutely loathsome. On top of which, he thinks of them as a small-minded people, clinging on to their old glory and power, unaware of how the world works now. Ensconced in their little bubble of isolation, he is certain they will one day self-destruct. Only this time, for real, not just in the eyes of the rest of the world. Still, no matter how much you dislike them, family is family, and he has loyally kept the secret of their village to himself.

    Hiraeth Seis - Mother Guild (?)
    Zechariah is not what one would consider a fanatic and loyal member of the guild, but that does not change the fact that the guild is now his home. It is the place you come flying back to when you have become tired of your travels and your work. While, even after all this time, he may not have very close relationships with his guild members, he thinks of the place as "where he belongs" and feels most comfortable within its halls.

    Other Guilds - Unrelated Uninteresting Organizations
    Zechariah knows that Hiraeth Seis has rivalries with a number of other guilds, but honestly...? He doesn't care. The guild's feuds are not his feuds, and what real point is there in holding a grudge against a large group of people whom he has never met before, and who have never done him any harm? It feels... stupid. Like a waste of time, and there are actually times where he forgets, altogether, that such things exist.



    Zechariah has very soft black hair with some streaks of white in it. He keeps his fluffy black hair short, and largely keeps it clear of his ears, so that he doesn't have to brush it back all the time to hear anything, but refuses to get buzz cuts. His skin is slightly on the pale side, but is a little rough in general. His features are somewhat sharp and a little petite in some ways, and he has a largely skinny, and ever so slightly lanky figure that still does not fail to display some of his natural strength. Although nearly fully grown, his features retain a childish edge that makes it difficult to forget that he is still in his teens. Thin lips, a very straight nose, well-defined eyebrows, and a slender neck combine to make him a moderately attractive guy. His fingers are long, but bony, and his vibrant blue eyes, fairly wide, not that it does anything for him. He stands at about 5'6.

    Defining Traits
    • Zechariah does not bother covering up his eyes, and instead blinks and looks around with them as most normally would. However, they are clearly blank and they typically rest just a little bit off their intended target, as he turns his eyes to look, but can't actually see.

    • His left hand and forearm he typically wraps in clean white bandages, because the flesh there is very badly burned and mangled. He doesn't really need to do this, as either way his left hand is permanently useless (though he can still move his left arm, trying to use his fingers causes him extreme pain and his grip is neither strong nor precise), but he does so because he knows it makes his disability seem more horrific to others to show off the puckered red flesh, and he's gotten tired of being treated like a complete invalid most especially by his clients.

    • He has pierced ears.

    Clothing Style
    Blind though he might be, Zechariah somehow manages to stay fairly fashionable. His current style involves a loosely buttoned jacket with a collared shirt underneath. When he's feeling fancy, he will occasionally go with some hats, as well. His earrings, however, are almost always very simple black studs, and it is a wonder why he keeps them pierced at all. He rarely otherwise accessorizes.

    Guild Mark
    His guild mark is sunset colored, and covers the area of his left eye when it's closed, but because he largely keeps his eyes open, for the most part, you can only see the outer edges of it.


    Fighting Style
    While not incredibly weak, Zechariah is normally exceptionally clumsy and cannot use weapons that require two hands. All he's really got are his feet and his wits, when it comes down to it. As a result it would be difficult to say he has a fighting style outside of his magic. The rest of it would really just have to be called a "running style." Take away his magic and thwart all his dodges, and you've got an easy fight on your hands.


    "The idea that magic is the solution to problems is rather equivalent to the idea that breaking a light bulb will make fixing it less difficult because now someone more qualified will have to change it."

    Little to nothing is known about the ancient Yakuma clan. What kind of a people they were, what led to their downfall, and how they developed their magic. The only thing they are known for is eighteen immensely powerful magics spoken in their language known as the Yakuma 18 War Gods Magics. While not formally considered a Lost Magic, the use of these magics is extremely rare, and few can boast that they know even how one learns such a thing, though some say that no matter which of the eighteen one chooses, one cannot learn any of the Yakuma magics unless the mage has endured deep suffering.

    Of the 18, Zechariah was trained only in the one referred to as "Contact." All of the Yakuma War Gods magic follow the same pattern, but each one focuses on a different major factor in war. Such as Territory: representing the land controlled by each opposing force, users of the Territory magic have the ability to manipulate space. One can manipulate space to form heat and generate explosions, teleporting people and/or objects of their choice, and granting the user the ability to switch places with other people who are in close proximity. While Zechariah cannot use Territory, the nature of Contact is much the same.

    The user is able to conjure a kind of wave-like bubble of sound in the approximate shape of an ethereal sphere, which allows them to manipulate the sound within their hearing. One can manipulate sound as a means of defense and offense by means of vibrating molecules at such high speeds that the material bursts into flame, or disorienting them with loud noises or others’ voices, even cause mild hallucinations, etc. However, its true potential is found in defeating multiple enemies at once. The more organized a force, the easier it is to control it with sounds, imitating command patterns and voices. It is one of the more subtle of the War God powers, but is nonetheless extremely useful. It’s greatest drawback, however, is that only one who is blind from a very young age can use this power. As with all the War God magics, it can be used to summon a god-like entity that has an inordinate amount of power over this element, and uses enchantments in the language of the ancient Yakuma tribe. The god-like entity is the most cooperative for contact, as it is the only category for which the being has more than one potential use. It also allows the user to understand and utilize all forms of language, though summoning this entity is the most advanced form of this magic and attempts to summon any of the Yakuma War Gods has resulted in stupid mages' deaths.

    The above, however, mentions only the POTENTIAL. The level reached by each mage is, as for every magic, determined by the individual.

    1. Imitation - The ability to precisely replicate a sound from any direction you choose.
    2. Echo-Vision - Basically a form of echolocation so precise that it is possible to act as a replacement for vision except for in terms of flat things (art, color, and letters).
    3. Amplify - The ability to multiply the volume of an ongoing sound, making it much louder.
    4. Silence - Blocks the source of a sound in something of an invisible bubble so that no one outside the radius of the bubble can hear it.
    5. Sound Cage - Creates a cage where the bars are made of such intense sound waves it would cause anyone extreme pain to try leaving through the bars, which, though visible, are not solid.
    6. Sound Burst - Causes an extremely loud burst of sound from the caster that can temporarily stun or disorient those around them.


    「俺がどんなに祈っても。いいえ、この夢が叶われても。無くせばならなければ。。。 自分から離した方がいい。」


    Without using his magic, Zechariah has found that by making a certain kind of clicking sound with his tongue, he can still get a general, if slightly vague idea of approximately where things are.

    Since he was so young when he went blind, he would not be able to read even if he were to regain his sight.

    Zechariah does not care for animals. While he doesn't hate them, he's not in love with them, either. The reverse, however, does not appear to be true. Animals love him. Domesticated animals will instantly gravitate towards him, and while this is not so magical a thing that wild ones will follow him around, it takes little for him to win one over. This is something he himself does not appear to notice, though Serinia most certainly does.

    NTS: Potential future powers. Putting out fire, levitating objects, making things catch fire/destroying them, turning sound into electricity, cause physical pain, cause mild hallucinations or trouble breathing, sync vibrations for healing.

    Zechariah has told no one but Arba what his magic is, and has never openly displayed or explained it in front of everyone else. Rarely has he ever used it in front of the other members of his guild, either. He prefers to work alone, most often taking "bounty hunter" or "finder" jobs. The only condition he ever gives his clients is that they take no part in the hunt and leave him to his own devices, and those who have attempted to watch him have been met with a "goodbye, and good riddance." "The Cheshire Cat" and "The Blind Hunter" are monikers that have become associated with him outside of the guild, and few know that the two are the same. He does not believe that any of his guild mates knows that either moniker refers to him, but he does not much care if they did.

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  13. [​IMG]


    Neyalisshe Luruliyah

    Night Lily (given by her father)
    One-Coin Ravager (by old guild)
    Chance Witch
    Dove Queen





    Guild Master

    March 12th

    Padparadscha - Neither Ruby nor Sapphire, pink nor orange.

    Zodiac Sign
    Pisces - In some sense, correct, in the fundamental aspect, wrong as wrongness can be.


    Neyalisshe used to think that the idea of a mother was a myth little children told their funny-looking fathers when they were being lonely. Baralind Luruliyah was her father's name, and he raised her by himself. Physically she was nearly the spitting image of him as a child, and even now sometimes she looks in the mirror and sees bits of him shining through. Certainly, however, her temperament was nothing like his. Baralind was a kind, and to an extent weak-willed man, who lived his life as if he was hiding from everything. Neya, on the other hand, had always been an extremely lively and slightly wild child, this made worse by her father's inability to stop her. Although she never really listened to him, though, she loved her father a great deal. One thing in particular that had always fascinated her was that her father was a mage. He never explicitly told her that, but she saw him use it sometimes. She saw its potential when he used it to protect her, or entertain others, or make their lives more comfortable. For reasons she never understood, he never used it for jobs, though. As far as she knew, he was always home, and she had no idea where their income came from. He was not a part of those things called guilds, but his magic seemed... versatile, useful. She couldn't really understand it.

    As she grew older, her wild spirit blossomed even further, and she became something of a delinquent and a bully, a tough fighter who looked for and made as much trouble as she could for everyone. She was a troubled teen who often clashed with her father over his easy-going, half-assed attitude, no longer able to really respect him. Some days it felt like she was trying to push him up a never-ending hill, and the farther up they went, the more pathetic and weak he got. The older she got, the more frail he seemed, the more frustratingly useless and hopeless. And one day when she was 17, in a decision she has regretted ever since, she gave up on him altogether, stole one of his coins, and left the house with an unregistered little "guild." That "guild" was nothing more than a group of late teens (15-19) who went around causing havoc with what little magic they knew, and for two months she was a carefree little bully, constantly acting out, defying the law, stealing or coercing things from others, as if just to spite everything her father had been.

    That all came to a screeching halt when a real dark guild came upon them boasting about their magic, and quite simply ripped them apart, killing most of the group. Their fun little "guild" was disbanded in a flash, and during the fight, Neyalisshe was severely wounded, the only one to escape with her life because of her magic rather than luck. After escaping to the edge of the town, she collapsed. She was found by the twins of Colomba, who had heard about the incident. While she was passed out, the two took her in and began the process of healing her. She awoke a few hours later, though she was bedridden for three days. During that time, the tragedy that she had gone through, watching so many of her friends die set her deep into thought. Why she had joined the guild in the first place, why she had stolen one of her father's coins, everything that had led up to it, and when she was finally healed, she honestly thanked the twins and told them she was returning to her hometown. They wished her well, but told her she would always be welcome to come see them again.

    Her homecoming was not at all what she had expected. Rather than greeting her worried father, she walked into an empty house collecting dust. After searching everywhere, someone finally told her the news. Her father had died. He had been quite ill for some time, though he hadn't told her. After she had disappeared, he had done everything to find her, and in his searching had collapsed for the last time. He had left her every last one of his possessions. The house and everything in it. She scoured the house for things of meaning, a letter, a sign, anything he might have left her for a good reason. Nothing. Not a thing that seemed to have any kind of value. However, to her shock, she discovered not just the one or two occasional coins she'd seen him use, but a whole chest full, along with emotionless instructions on how to store them or make them appear. As for what each one did. Well, she'd have to figure that out herself, apparently, because there was no guide to that. She tried to stay in that house for a while, but it wore out her spirit to stay in the house that constantly reminded her of the father whom she had left to die alone.

    Less than two weeks later, she sold everything except for the coins and began to wander around homeless, unable to settle down, but eventually remembered the twins' offer. On a bit of a whim, she went to Colomba and told the guild masters what had happened. She spoke of it nonchalantly, as if it didn't really matter, but those two understood just what it meant to her, and sat down next to her just to be with her. Before she herself really understood what was going on, Neya was crying. She cried herself to sleep that night in the guild and when she woke again was told that she was theirs now. Part of the guild, one of their children.

    It had originally been their intention to simply give her a home, because that was their brand of kindness, but they quickly came to understand that she had a natural aptitude for magic. Whoever her mother was, she took to the usage of her father's coins as if they were old friends. However, she expressed some interest in other forms of magic, so the twins introduced her to various types until she seemed to find one she liked. They watched her grow not only in the usage of magic, but also in the way she dealt with other people, the way she had put effort into changing her life drastically from what it had been. Slowly, they began to groom her for the guild master position, unbeknownst to even her. When they passed away, they left her the key to the secret safe and their will announced the intention for her to run the guild, which she has been doing ever since, though even she does not understand why they would leave so precious a thing to her.


    Neya appears, for the most part, to be a gentle, kind woman, if a little bit physically intimidating at times. She loves children and her guild members, and believes that everyone has some good in them. She is constantly thinking about how best to help others, even at her own expense, and is friendly and accepting of other people, even those with horrible pasts. She makes a point of being starkly morally just, and stands up for others when she does not always do so for herself. She is a good listener and is careful about the words she uses. In council meetings, she is a thoughtful, devil's advocate type - always arguing to make sure no point of view is overlooked, while calming or mediating conflicts. She rarely raises her voice and almost never shows off what strength she has. Some might say she's a classic polite, demure, "goody two-shoes." Any of her guild members who've been around long enough, however, know that that's... not quite it. Or rather, it's not all there is to her personality. While it certainly is true that Neyalisshe cares deeply about other people and most of all about second chances, believing in those everyone else has given up hope for, she also makes it clear that she has a line you Do Not Cross. This is not simply a matter of "standing up for others" or "having a spine." When Colomba's guild master gets angry, her displeasure is, though no one would say it to her face, quite honestly unnecessarily violent. She has perhaps what would best be called an "angry meter." When it hits "very irritated" she starts throwing things. Once it hits "very angry" you can expect a beating and a sudden burst of swearing. And once it hits "furious," though it rarely does, what ensues could only be described as a total catastrophe. Anger aside, among her guild members or friends, she can also be slightly teasing and a bit of a troublemaker, the kind of woman who enjoys a thrill and tackles scary situations with a kind of nonsensical glee. People who get to know her come to understand that both her reckless, violent side, and her thoughtful, kind side are just two parts of a whole, neither one complete without the other.

    Usually Cool-headed

    Too trusting
    Ranged combat
    Taking control of her strongest emotions (very emotional once it gets going)
    Sometimes hesitant with her decisions (because of her past, not naturally)


    Bedtime Stories

    Cats and Fruit (Yes, fruit. Her father once told her a story about talking flesh-eating pears when she was a child, and it frightened her so much that he found it cute and made her bedtime stories fruithorror-themed. Which is also why she hates bedtime stories.)


    Neya is a striking woman, and on first glance much more intimidating than she would like to be. She has long, straight black hair and bangs, a mole under her right eye, and sharp features. She is tall, and possesses a natural, physical grace, but her dark grey eyes have an automatic glare to them that instinctively scares people. She is fairly pale, with a small nose and thin lips, and her eyes seem to disappear a little when she smiles.

    Guild Mark
    Proudly displayed right beneath her collar bones on the flat portion of her chest. It is not unusual for her to wear dresses with low cuts when attending formal occasions so that her guild mark is clear to see. Colomba's guild sign is rather unusual compared to that of most guilds, and Neya has made hers further unusual by changing the color scheme on her chest to be in darker colors.



    Neya holds two forms of magic, and while neither is inherently very strong, both are extremely versatile. Interestingly, she uses her secondary magic (the weaker one she is less comfortable with) much more often than her main magic, bringing that out as a wild card (or coin, I suppose would be more accurate here) when it seems her secondary magic is not enough.

    Ability (Secondary)
    Perfume Magic
    A form of Magic that entails the use of vials filled with Magical perfume. By uncapping the vials, the user releases a scent that, once inhaled, triggers one of various, status-affecting spells; ranging from alleviating pain to curing some poisons, though all these effects are temporary. While it holds significant appeal as a supportive Magic, it also has application as an offensive Magic. Because perfume is not easily blocked or avoided, Perfume Magic can be potent enough to help take down even the strongest mages, making it very versatile, regardless of the user's own Magic Power or skill. This Magic can also be used on the user themselves, increasing attributes such as speed, strength, even muscle size, by an incredible margin. It also allows users to take control of different elements, such as lightning, etc, though Neya herself has never used it in this capacity. Practiced users of Perfume Magic develop highly perceptive olfactory senses; notable Perfume Magic users are known to recognize people, and even the nature of their Magic Power, by smelling their scent.

    Each kind is incredibly simple and typically causes only one effect, whose name tends to be self-explanatory. The list below is ordered by complexity.

    Pain-Relieving Perfume
    Pain Perfume
    Fleet-Foot Perfume: Zero-Distance Inhalation - increases user speed
    Power Perfume - increases user strength/muscle
    Poison Perfume
    Tickle Perfume
    Sneeze Perfume
    Confusion Perfume
    Sleep Perfume
    Heal Perfume - causes smellers/user to heal more quickly
    Energizing Perfume
    Attraction Perfume - causes smellers to feel strong attraction to user
    Weak Perfume - causes smellers to feel weak, decreasing physical and magical strength
    Gender-change Perfume - changes gender of smellers/user
    Invisible Perfume - causes user to become invisible
    Body-double Perfume - causes user to leave a body double every time they move
    Memory Perfume - allows user to pass memories to smeller
    Control Perfume - allows user to temporarily control smeller
    Copy Perfume [Individual] - allows user to copy the physical form of a specific individual, if they have first captured that individual's smell. (requires different perfume for each person they want to copy)
    Free-Heart Perfume - releases smeller inhibitions, allowing their true heart to come through

    Ability (Main)
    Coins Magic
    This type of magic can best be described as a game of chance that nobody wants to be playing. There are many different kinds of coins, and each one is unique, carved with complex emblems on each side that cause different effects. These coins appear to be made of gold, and as far as Neya can tell are impervious to all kinds of magic. Additionally, she has never seen anyone else use them, nor knows how her father obtained them when they are not sold or offered anywhere. Each coin has the ability to cause two effects, both of the same theme, though not identical. Such as summoning a giant lion versus summoning a giant bird, or a causing a controlled slice of wind versus a giant twist of it. A very few coins have the same function, several can be used to track people, some can be used as communications devices among those with the coins on them, and others can be used to warn the user that someone is in danger, much in the same way magic cards can be used. These coins have only one side and are the only ones for which this is the case. A very specific set of five are used for fortune-telling, though only Neya really seems to be able to read them, and their accuracy is in no way guaranteed.

    A majority of the coins, however, have a simple two-sided structure. Neya will flip a coin, and when it hits a flat surface, the face facing up when it lands will cause a burst of an effect. While unpredictable even for the user, there are several advantages to using coin magic. Firstly that its unpredictable style makes it hard to prepare for or fight against, secondly that it takes very little magical power to use, and thirdly that it is not limited to a specific element (much like cards magic, perfume magic, and ring magic). While it can be compared to cards magic in its ability to summon beings and and elements, throwing it has no effect, one cannot trap individuals in it (though it is possible to immobilize them), and it further has the ability to affect a specific area and person - to form a barrier, nullify all magic within a certain area, cause someone to forget something, or suddenly appear to grow very old. It can also create illusions, or equip the user with some kind of weapon or armor. While straightforward summons and attacks can be avoided, avoiding an effect directed at one's person or at a specific area requires one to stop the coin from hitting a flat surface and thus nullify the spell. Nothing else will do.

    One major drawback is that the coins are difficult to learn how to use as they look largely identical apart from the markings inscribed upon them. Its creations are also, much like other less specialized holder magics, rarely as strong as that wielded by sole users of the element. A summoned ice beast, for instance, will not be as strong as a beast created by an ice-make mage. It is difficult to say whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage, but the effect of each coin will only last as long as it stays where it fell. Meaning if you drop a coin on a table, and it promptly falls off the edge and onto the ground, the effect will last for only a brief flash of a moment. And if you don't want to lose your coins or leave them around, all of your spells will be extremely temporary. Using multiple coins at once is a huge risk, because that is a number of "possibilities" stacked on top of each other, but it is possible to combine effects by doing so. Dropping a wind-based coin, for instance, with a fire-based coin, may very likely give you an inferno-based attack. Furthermore, as little magic as it may seem to take to use the magic in these coins, using too many does eventually wear one out. The one thing you never want to hear if you're anywhere near Neya, is the patter of many different coins raining onto the ground, because that means she's willing to do anything to win the fight, and neither you nor her have any idea what's actually going to happen.

    Besides using her magic, Neya is excellent at hand-to-hand combat, and is also known for her ferocious throws, which are archer-level accurate and can basically turn anything more rigid than paper into a deadly weapon (okay, that's an exaggeration...)

    Neya does not typically use weapons, but when she does, it is a long chain whip with a sharp end reminiscent of a devil's tail, that has curiously been blunted.

    The key around her neck given to her by the twins and used to open the safe door.
    Her father's set of coins.
    A simple black ring she wears on her right ring finger emblazoned with an odd symbol vaguely reminiscent of a guild mark in the shape of a skull. If it has special properties, no one else has seen it yet. Like below, but with HORNS.

    Armor? HAH. Who needs something like that?


    She was once engaged.

    She secretly wishes that she could some day find out who her mother was, and why she never knew her.

    Will add other random facts if think of them, as I will probably add weaknesses, likes and dislikes as I discover them.​
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