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Jenna ran, gasping for breathe. She was exhausted from running for her life, but knew that she had to keep going. Her ankle hurt like crazy but she thought to herself,"If I made it this far, I've got to keep going...." when she finally got out of that wretched forest that seemed to go on for miles, she almost cried, overjoyed at the siight of a house. Some lights were turned on so she had her hopes high. With the last energy left witthin her, she ran towards the house. At the doorstep, she looked up to the sky; the cold rain falling on her face, she then looked back and checked to see if anything had followed her...then turned back to the door, praying to get an answer......
Clara sat contently by the warmth of the fire, as she watched the rain fall. She was finally starting to feel relaxed, for the first time in weeks when she heard noises from the front step. Sighing she got to her feet and moved calmly yet quickly to the door, now that she was closer she could hear heavy breathing. It was probably just a lost traveler, her home was very remote.

Yet she was right next to the forest and she couldn't take any chances, she armed herself with the closet gun she found and leveled it at the door. Then she swung it open, ready to shoot at any moment. As her eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness, Clara could see a wet, lost looking girl who looked as if she'd been running a marathon. She aimed the gun at the strangers heart, "who are you?"
"Please, ...please just don't shoot. Look ..umm" , Jenna couldn't exactly tell her the truth or they'd think she was crazy. " I'm Jenna Lockheart and umm...my car broke down, and you were the first house I found so I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to let me borrow your phone or something.....?" Jenna shivered as the cold wind stung her face, making her brown Bangs fall down to her eyes. She mOved them away from her eyes and looked over het shoulder checking yet again if something was behind. She then turn her attention back to the house owner, hoping she would let her stay.
Clara stared hard at the girl's eyes for a moment, looking for the faintest sign she was lying. Finding none, she lowered her weapon and motioned Jenna to step inside. She was satisfied that this Jenna was telling the truth, and was not one of those creatures. Clara shut the door behind her then smiled reasureingly, "sorry about that but one can never be to careful." She didn't mention of course, why she had to be careful.

"My names Clara, take a seat and i'll get the phone." As she rummaged around in the kitchen cabinet, she wondered what Jenna must be thinking. Imagine knocking on someone's door and being confronted by a 19yr old girl pointing a gun your chest, and if that wasn't bad enough her house was full of weapons of every description. She finally managed to find the phone, "here you go."
"Thank you so very much, Clara." Jenna gave her a smile and took the phone, walking towards a window nearby. She bit her lip deciding wether she should put her family in this kind of danger, especially at night. She decided to call anyway and tell them about the "car troubles." she turned the phone on only to see that the line was dead. She blinked back tears and calmy turned to Clara," the lighting must have hit a light or something..... The line is dead..." shE said quietly so Clara wouldn't hear her voice break. She sighed heavily and took a quick glance at the window... The weather was terrible.
Clara frowned a little, Jenna seemed really upset "it's okay it might clear up." She dissapered for a moment then returned carrying a towel, "here dry yourself off or you'll freeze to death." She stared at her for a moment, "do you live nearby?"
Jenna smiled, "thanks." and wrapped the towel around her, then looking up at Clara. "No..I actually live on a different state. But I just came because of colleges...and as you can see, I kinda took a wrong turn." she looked down. "And you live here? By yourself?" she shivered as thunder boomed outside.
Clara nodded and gestursed to the various guns, swords, and other martial arts weapons "yeah which explains why i own all this stuff to defend myself against thugs and stuff." And off course to protect myself from those things in the forest, she thought to herself. She noticed Jenna shiver, "uh did you want to borrow some dry clothes?" She glanced at the dark sky then back at Jenna, "or is it the storm?"
"umm yeah, I'm cold....id like the clothes if it isn't too much to ask for." Jenna smiled and took a good look at the weapons, wondering if she knew about that horrible creature in the forest...'could that be enough to kill something like that, and what if there are more!?!' she thought to herself. She snapped out of her gaze and turned her attention to her dripping hair, drying it with a towel, then turning to Clara.
Clara smiled, "sure." She headed upstairs and returned with a pair of jeans, a shirt and a warm jumper. She handed them over, "the bathrooms past the kitchen on the left." Jenna seemed on edge and afraid, Clara couldn't help wondering if she'd seen one of the creatures. She decided to ask, once Jenna finished changing.
Jenna thanked Clara and headed upstairs to the bathroom, limping. As she closed the bathroom door, she thought about telling Clara about that evil assassin that almost killed her. She figured shed decide wether or not to when she finished changing.

Once finished and all warmed up, she headed downstairs to the living room, careful not to put too much force on her ankle. When she saw Clara, she grinned and said," I cannot thank you enough for this. You basically saved my life." 'No..literally...' she thought. She walked over and sat on the couch. Jenna opened her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it.
Clara smiled and shrugged, "it's no problem always happy to help someone out." She noticed that Jenna had been limping, perhaps she'd escaped the creatures attack? It didn't sem likely, the creatures almost never let prey escape and Jenna didn't look strong enough to fight one off especially seeing as she was unarmed. Clara leaned forward in her seat and looked at Jenna seriously, "did you come through the forest Jenna?"
She hesitated a moment and then nodded," umm yes...it's a big forest out there!" she bit her lip and stared into the fire, crackling before them. She then leaned back, since her back started hurting. She did get thrown hard against the floor. Jenna hoped that Clara wasn't noticing anything. 'there just simple questions right? I'm sure she doesn't suspect anything' she thought.
Clara nodded but remained silent, she carefully noted the pain on Jenna's face. She fiddled with the silver locket around her neck, "did you happen to see anything unusual in there?" Unusual was an understatement, those beast were hellish and deadly. Clara stole a quick glance out the window and frowned slightly, the storm seemed to be intensifying and thats when the beasts were usually the most active.
"No...!" she said quickly. "Umm...I mean, nothing out of the ordinary. Everybody gets a little scared when you're out in the forest alone...." she thought it over, thinking about telling her the truth. But if she didn't know about it, Clara would probably think she was crazy and maybe throw her out .

Jenna watched the room light up as the sky was ripped apart by lightning. Scared, she looked at Clara and said,"you know what, I did see something....but I...I dont want you to think I'm crazy or anything like that because I'm usually not like this at all....!" she sighed and looked down.
Clara was about to respond when she heard movement outside, she slowly got to her feet and armed herself with a large shotgun. Then glancing out the window, she turned back to Jenna "tell me, you'd be surprised at what i believe." I wonder what she saw, it wasn't the Shadow wolves or Jenna would be dead. She thought to herself, they're probably right outside.
"well I never really got to see it whole, but i think it was a huge dog of some sort...I dont know what was more scary; It's eyes or its sharp teeth...." She sighed, trying to keep calm, also hearing the noise outside. Jenna shook her head,"It almost killed me, i don't know how i ever got out of there alive. I mean, you believe me right? I'm 100% sure that this thing was real." She looked up at Clara nervously.
Clara nodded solemly "yes i believe you, and now we have a serious problem." So Jenna had seen one of them, but not clearly which was a blessing. She was about to explain, when an ear shattering howl thundered from just outside the door. Clara cursed under her breath, they had never come this close to the house before. They must have followed Jenna, Clara grabbed a second shotgun and wordlessly handed it to Jenna. "follow me we have to get downstairs before they bust through the door." She started to turn away but looked back quickly to add, "swallow your fear, they can smell it." With that she opened a trap door which lead down to a celler, once Jenna climbed down she locked it.

The celler was made like a bomb shelter, it was stock full of weapons, food, water and first aid. There were also a number of trapdoors leading to various rooms in the house, and a tunnel that lead outside. Clara turned to Jenna and motioned for her to be quiet, they could hear the wolve tearing into the front door above them.

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Jenna winced at the loud howl…she decided to ignore it and follow Clara down to the cellar. "Clara, I'm not sure I know how to use a shotgun!" Jenna Whispered. She looked up at the ceiling as she heard loud footsteps and glass shattering from above.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang and scratching noises coming from the door. 'Well if I don't know how to use a gun, now's a good time to learn!' She thought. Jenna looked over at Clara for further instructions, trying not to be frightened.
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Jenna winced at the loud howl...she decided to ignore it and follow Clara down to the cellar. "Clara, I'm not sure I know how to use a shotgun!" Jenna Whispered. SHe looked up at the ceiling as she heard loud footsteps and glass shattering from above.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and scratching noises coming from the door. 'Well if I dont know how to use a gun, now's a good time to learn!' She thought. Jenna Looked over at Clara for further instructions, trying not to be frightened.

(( I'm gonna try to get one of my friends to play the wolf. :P I'll ask him today.))