Unexpected Sparks

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  1. “Varius, my darling Varius!”

    The man held the phone away from his ear as he closed an eye, cringing a bit at his Scene director’s voice. Not the first thing he wanted to hear this morning, especially not this early.

    “Hey…” came his response.

    “I really need you down at Location this weekend…pretty please?” he pleaded.

    A noticeable sigh escaped his lips. He had been on scene almost all week long and this was the first night he finally got to sleep in his own bed. Plus he had been waiting impatiently to get over to the shop. The man had a few regulars which he guessed wouldn’t be too thrilled if the shop was closed this weekend as well. Plus Varuis would much rather be at shop, then on scene at the moment to be perfectly honest.

    “I can’t Adrian…My regulars at the shop are going to stop coming if I don’t open up soon again…”

    He whined, in clear disappointment.

    “But you are my favorite…This is going to be a looong weekend without you don’t here working…”

    “I can’t…now I need to go...I’m already late opening…”

    With that he click his phone shut and turned it onto vibrate; sliding it into his pocket. He walked out to his car and climbed in. The motor purred beautifully as he backed out and drove towards the shop. When he pulled up, there were a few customers waiting impatiently at the doors of the small shop. The man’s muscles tensed and he carefully climbed out of his car; scanning the area. There was an unfamiliar presence around here…The aura wasn’t one he has been around or sensed before. Cautiously he headed toward the shop, glancing around suspiciously.
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    Name: Isabelle

    Age: 19

    Appearance: tumblr_lcj4reJtcc1qctf8io1_500.jpg

    Powers: Control over the elements of water and earth, also able to communicate with animals. ((That okay?))

    Basic personality: sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, bubbly, graceful. It will develop throughout RP :)

    Isabelle checked her watch again and bundled her jacket tighter around her, it was freezing at the owner was late opening his store. She glanced at the sign in the display window, "Help wanted." Thats was why she was here standing out in the blistering winds, she desperately needed a job and this was the only one she could find. Nobody else was hiring, no matter how amazing her resume was.

    She sighed in relief when the owner finally arrived, she waited for the other customers to pile in ahead of her then quickly stepped in after them. She turned to look at the owner and was a little surprised, when she recognized him as a famous male model. She found herself unconsciously staring at him, she snapped out of it and approached him. She wondered how professional she should be, after all he would hopefully be her new boss. However he was only two years older than her, and very cute she might add.

    She smiled brightly at him, "good morning sir, my name is Isabelle." "I've come to apply for you vacancy?" She spoke politely but suitably relaxed as well, 'i have a resume prepared if you care to read it."
  3. Varuis came to the door of the shop and pulled out his key’s; opening the door. The customers piled in ahead of him and he stepped in last, just behind a girl. The door swung shut, and he went over to the counter. The girl followed him over and he turned, looking at her as he stopped in his tracks. She was a very pretty girl and it made his heart flutter in his chest just a bit as she smiled brightly. The girl introduced herself as Isabella and told him that she had come to apply for the opening he had; even offering a prepared resume. He nodded okay and took the resume from her; carefully looking over it. It was amazing…how had she not been hired already? Varuis smiled warmly and looked up from her resume.

    “It looks great…what I’ve been looking for. How soon and how much can you work? I’ve been meaning to keep the shop open at least five day’s a week but with my other job…It can be a bit of a hassle. And I want to hire someone who really needs it because I’ve been there…It’s not easy…”

    His hazel eyes flashed with the memory of the earlier days…the days where him and his brother had to work for everything they owned…worked to survive…to live. Almost immediately he turned his attention back to Isabelle. Waiting for her reply.
  4. Isabelle smiled excitedly, "thats great!." "i can work whenever you need me too." She grew serious for a moment "I really do need this job, I've been going through some rough times." If only he knew how tough, she thought to herself. She'd had to move three times in the past two months, every time she got settled she had to move again. She hoped this would be the last time, and that she'd finally be able to make something of her life again. She noticed the far away look in Varius eyes and guessed he was remembering something, so she tried to change the subject to avoid invading his privacy.

    "So what would the job entail?" She glanced around, "would i just be manning the register?" She hastily added, "cause i can do anything you need me to." She hoped she wasn't coming off too strong, but she wasn't lying when she said she needed this job. She'd just moved here, and nobody else in town was hiring. As she waited for his reply, she glanced around and noticed the shop was well stocked. It was warm and pleasant, but it could do with some re-decorating.
  5. Varius was pleased to hear that she would be available to work whenever. She could watch the shop on days that he was on scene and wouldn’t have to worry. Now he was getting somewhere. Isabelle asked what the job entailed and then looked around, adding that she could do anything that he needed done in shop. He leaned against the counter, sliding his leather jacket off.

    “Well…Yeah. Running the register, restocking, cleaning up…stuff like that.”

    He pushed off the counter and stretched, yawning; walking over to the door and flipping the sign to “Open”.
    Varius turned around and smiled warmly at her.

    “Well…your hired…But…”

    He walked up to her, stopping just in front of her.

    “You probably already know me, Varius Giovanni. Is it going to be a bother to you? My other job as a model? Cause I have had a lot of girls come into to apply for the job and only want it to stand around and stare…If you know what I mean…”

    The model smiled a bit as he looked down at her, taking in her beauty. Varius had always preferred Italian woman…but this woman was different somehow. A rare American beauty who he could tell needed this job desperately.
  6. Isabelle nodded as she listened to him describe her various duties, those were all things she could handle. She grinned happily when he announced she was hired, "really? Thats fantastic! Thank you!" She could've hugged him, though she doubted that would have been very professional. Her heart skipped a beat when he grew suddenly serious, but? what but?

    When he'd explained she didn't know how to feel, first of she felt like laughing she was so relived it wasn't something more serious. She also felt embarrassed, had he noticed her staring at him when she'd arrived? It had only been for a second and besides she had no doubts that Varius already had a girlfriend, and even if he didn't what was her appeal? Besides she didn't even know him, much less want a relationship with him. Even if he was incredibly handsome, she thought to herself.

    She looked him directly in the eye and spoke in a serious tone, "Varius i assure you i am simply in need of a good job." "I will perform this job as professionally as if you were any regular boss." She smiled playfully and gave him a quick stare, "there now its out of my system anyway."
  7. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw Isabelle smile. Her smile was cute…and in a good way, infectious. His hazel eyes lit up and he nodded.

    “Your very much welcome…I’ll be glad to have an employee who will auctally do her job. And I assure you that because of my other job…and this one the pay will be very good here. How does…50 Dollars an Hour sound…? Just to start off and I can give you all the hours you need. I’m in desperate need of help and to pass up a worker such as yourself would be a shame. I’ll give you my cell phone number before you leave and anytime you feel you need the cash just call and I’ll come over and unlock the store for you. Does that sound okay…?”

    He smiled warmly and relaxed. Fifty Dollars an hour was just Pocket change for him…At the rate he was bringing in the cash he could really afford to pay her much more. He glanced around at the walls and chuckled nervously.

    “I may be a Model but my Decorating skill need some work…the shop I did myself…my Condo was remodeled for me by designers I hired. However this shop was mine and I didn’t want people telling me how I should decorate it. But if you want, to make things more comfortable for you, you can fix a few things up to how you think they would look good. You’ll even get paid for that since you will be working…But if you don’t want to then that’s fine with me as well….”

    He turned around and headed towards the back room. Waving her with him, taking her into the back room where there was bottles and bags of liquids and herbs; and other medical type stock items.
  8. Isabelle was gob smacked, 50 bucks an hour? That was incredible! She kept her face passive, trying to stifle her delight "$50 sounds fine." She nodded in agreement to his suggestion and smiled, "that would be great I'd be calling you all the time!."

    She laughed and followed him to his back room, "it looks good i just thought I'd be nice to maybe give it a more natural feel." She gestured to a customer, "people come here sick and stressed." "You'd get more customers and repeat business if the place was calm and relaxing, I'd be happy to help you make some changes."

    She studied the various shelves for a moment and turned to Varius, 'so where do you get all this stuff?" She noticed a bag of peculiar looking leaves, "is most of it natural?"
  9. He nodded.

    “I have some people I know who specialize in medical herbs and other such similar things. They have connections and I go and pick stock items myself usually every Wednesday or Friday, Depending on when I need them. And yes...all of this stuff in here is natural occurring things in nature.”

    He pointed out the colored labels on each bag and bottle.

    “The bottles and bags marked with the red labels...those are pain killers. The one’s in purple are muscle relaxants...So on and so forth. I have everything from what I just listed downto vitamins and herbs for skin, body, and hair care. I label and distribute the herbs myself...So most of my time is preoccupied back here. When I finish back here I will join you out on the sales floor. Most of what you will be doing is cashiering, keeping things looking neat and clean,and I will help you with restocking the shelves. Everything has its place...and if they get mixed up the customers won’t know any better and may buy or take the wrong thing.”

    He looked over at her and his eyes widened for a moment as he remembered something.

    “Oh! And you can take Lunch anywhere between Noon and two o’clock or dinner from six to eight if you want to work in the evenings. The shop closes at nine thirty so you can be home before it gets too late.”

    Varius went over to the herb table and pulled a sticky note from its pad. Quickly he reached for a pen and scribbled his cell phone number on it and came back over to her; his skin lightly brushed against her as he handed the note over to her.

    “I take calls or texts whenever. I’m used to being called and texted all hours of the day and night so don’t ever feel like your bothering me. Though if I am on set or scene it may take me a bit longer to get back to you... Hmmm...”

    He bit his lip in thought for a moment then looked her in the eyes.

    “I think that covers it all...Is there anything else...? Anymore questions...?”

  10. Isabelle was happy about that, natural medicines were so much better for you plus she knew a few things about them. She listened intently to his descriptions of the many medicines, and committed them to memory.

    There were heaps of different medicines, she knew most of them but not all. 'I don't suppose you have a list of your medicinal items?" "I just thought i should study up on some of them, so I'm better equipped to handle this job." She said seriously, glanced at him. She nodded when he stressed on the importance of every things proper place, "I understand, I'll make sure everything is where it's suppose to be."

    She blushed a little as his skin brushed against hers as he handed her the note, "alright though i promise it won't be to late." he looked into her eyes, she felt nervous. She wanted to say something, but thought better of it. She looked away for a moment then back at him, "no i don't think so." She had nothing left to ask, but she was reluctant to leave. She thought for a moment, "oh i do have one question, when would you like me to start?"
  11. Varius motioned to the wall, a laminated list of the herbs and stock items.

    “That is right there…and there is another list upfront.”

    Isabelle looked around, looked hesitant to move as she thought up a question as to when she would start. He smiled happily.

    “When ever you would like…”

    He all of a sudden felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and frowned a bit as he pulled it out, ignoring the call and putting it back in his pocket.

    “Sorry about that…It’s my Modeling manager. He feels the need to pester me every moment of the day when I am not on Scene…was supposed to be there really but I told him no…glad I did, now I have a co-worker who isn’t just going to stare.”

    Varius smiled.

    “And I know that we just met, but perhaps you would allow me to take out to lunch, as co-workers. I’ll awser any questions you might have about me…”

    He smiled shyly, but cutely, biting his lip nervously as he looked her in the eyes, expectantly.
  12. Isabelle studied the list, she'd make sure to read it every time she was here. She turned to look at Varius and nodded, "alright could i start tomorrow?" She wanted to study up tonight, then come to work prepared early tomorrow morning.

    She expected him to answer his phone, and was oddly gratified he didn't. "Thats alright, it wouldn't have bothered me if you'd answered it." She laughed a little, 'well I'm glad you didn't either."

    She was not expecting his request, she was surprised and happy about it. She of course wanted to say yes, but wondered if it was a good idea. She admired his shy smile, it was really cute.

    She wanted to see it some more, so she accepted. "Alright, sounds good.' She smiled, "I'm new to town so i don't know any good places, do you?"
  13. Varius nodded, confirming that she could come into work tomorrow morning. And once she said yes, he sighed in relief.

    “I’m sorry…Hope that wasn’t crossing any boundaries…”

    He smiled again a bit shyly and looked away as a slight blush came across his face and he sighed a bit in relief. What was wrong with him? He had worked with lot's of beautiful models...What was so different now?

    “I hope anything won’t be awkward….”

    He glanced back at her for a moment, not realizing that the blush hadn’t completely disappeared.

    “Yeah…I do. But it depends on the food that you like.”

    He turned back around, smoothing out his shirt, more in nervousness than anything. Varius stood up strait and smiled softly.
  14. She smiled shyly, "no its okay its just lunch." She noticed his blush and her smile widened, "we're just going as coworkers it won't be awkward." "Though i hope we could maybe be friends." She said softly and shyly.

    She shrugged in response to his question, "well I'm a vegetarian so does that narrow it down?" She noticed the nervous way he fixed his shirt, and almost laughed because she was doing the same with her hair.

    She didn't understand what had come over her, sure he was handsome but she'd been around handsome guys before and never felt so shy. She knew it sounded strange, but she felt oddly connected to him.
  15. He wondered why when he turned around that her smile widened. Not that he minded it, it was adorable. But...It all of a sudden clear that she had seen him blushing. He tried to not let himself blush anymore. Then she smiled shyly and his heart skipped a beat; and his breath caught in his throat for a moment before he swallowed and nodded.

    “Yeah, your right. Just lunch between co-workers..."

    He said, almost as if he needed to reassure himself. If it were an auctal date...he would be in trouble. For some reason he got easily embarrssed around woman. Perhaps it was cause one day he wished to share his condo with one...but he needed to pull himself togeather and stop acting like such a fool. Besides, he went on business dinners and lunches all the time. Why was this any different...? After thinking for a few moments he couldn't come up the a logical reason why. All he knew was he needed to get into the other room, opposite from her so he could calm down and pull himself together.

    “Vegetarian…? Okay, I know the perfect place then. I’ll call and make reservations….”

    He smiled and ducked out of the room, pulling his Cellphone, and calling the restruant. Varius bit his lip and took a deep breath and realeased it slowly as someone picked up on the other end.

    "Hello...?" they awnsered.

    "Yeah..Hey. It's Mr. Giovanni...I'd like to make reservations for this afternoon...for two please."

    The people on the other end managed to sqeeze someone else's reservations in else where and put them in for One o'clock.

    "Thank you very much...bye."

    He could feel the blush slowly start to fade as he hung up and tucked his cellphone back into his pocket. This was proving to be an intresting day. Varius was glad he didn't go on scene...now he definitly had a reason to come to work at the shop. Somone else...was counting on him to get by.
  16. Isabelle loved how nervous he was, it was really cute and sweet. She nodded and watched as he stepped out of the room to make reservations, wanting to ass the time she started to read the supply list. It was very through, he must be pretty organized. Not that That was a bad thing, in fact she liked it.

    She started to examine different things on the shelves, making sure to put them back in the right spots. She could hear Varius on the phone, she found a mirror and tided herself up. Wait why was she doing this? It's not a date, its just as co workers. Even though she tried to convince herself of this, she still felt nervous and shy.

    She waited until she heard him hang up, then called out "could they fit us in?" She walked up to him, "what time are we going?" She smiled, feeling em brassed "because i have to run home first my wallet's at home."
  17. She asked him if they could fit them in and he nodded. Swallowing a lump in his throat.

    “Yeah…Usually If I just tell them my name for the reservation they make room. I feel bad sometimes…But It can’t be helped…no matter how much I wish it could..”

    Isabelle walked up to him and smiled. Asking what time they were going, because she needed to run home and get her wallet.

    “Well…It’s about eleven o’clock now…and the reservation is for one o’clock…So If we take lunch now, We’ll have plenty of time to run by and get your wallet if you want it. But remember…I am the boss so…I’m going to pay. Plus this place doesn’t come cheap. The food is excellent…but pricy. Hope your okay with that. There are a few other restruants but this one seemed more approprite for the meaning of the lunch. Perhaps I’ll show them to you, so if you ever plan on going out you can. They are all great, some are just cheaper than the others…This one is more Professional…the others are more…home like. Warm atmosphere…stuff like that. Found it comforting to go there especially when I just came over from Italy not too long ago…”

    He tried to not give up too much about him. This girl may look friendly…and was amazingly attractive but he had learned from the past that trust should be given up so easily.

    “Now…let’s go. I’ll give you a ride…It’s the Ferrari Spyder in the parking lot.”

    He smiled a bit and turned around, changing the sign to out to Lunch before walking out the door; holding it open for her. Varius pointed out his car in the parking lot, a Silver, open topped Ferrari Spyder.

    “The doors are unlocked…I need to lock up the shop, you can go out to the car and wait if want…I won’t be long.”
  18. She shook her head, 'i appreciate the offer but I'll pay my way.'' She didn't want him to think she was fishing for a free lunch, she really had left her wallet behind. She hated charity, and she especially didn't want him to think she'd agreed to lunch just because of his wealth.

    She listened to him describe the other restaurants, and his remark about Italy. she smiled, "really? I've always wanted to go to Italy, is it as beautiful as it's described?" She had been wondering about his accent, though she had been leaning towards Spanish.

    She followed him out to the car park, smiling brightly when he held the door for her. She was a sucker for gentlemen, she noticed his car and gasped quietly. Most girls didn't care much for cars, but she found them quite interesting. "Sweet ride." she said sincerely and nodded, "alright I'll wait for you." She strode over to the car and gazed at it admiringly, she jumped in and waited for Varius.​
  19. When she asked about Italy’s beauty a warm smile came across his lips. It was his home and also the place where he was born. Varius nodded and he locked the store up, awnsering her question about Italy.

    “It is one of the most beautiful places this world has to offer. My father and mother live there…also the place where I was born. It’s amazing…You will have to go see it one day…I promise you won’t regert it…”

    He walked out to the car with her and opened the door for her. She came over and complemented his vechical before climbing in. He went around to his side and slid in smoothly, pulling on his seatbelt and starting the engine. It purred beautifully as he backed out and pulled into the street.

    “So…Where to…? Just point the way.”
  20. Isabelle loved the warm smile he got when he described Italy, she wondered if he missed it. "if it's that magical then I'll defiantly have to go." She smiled and sat down next to him in his car, and fastened her seatbelt. As he started the engine she noted the fantastic roar of it, "so how much horsepower does this car have?"

    As they pulled out onto the road she gave him directions, after only about 15 minutes they arrived at her cottage. It was a bit small, but attractive and well looked after. It had a large yard and a beautiful garden, full of flowers, trees and water fountains. There where all sorts of wild birds around, and it also had a Koi pond. Overall it was a peaceful place, and it suited her.

    She turned to face Varius, "I'll just be a second." She got out and hurried inside, luckily she didn't have to look far for her wallet. Finding it on the kitchen table, she stepped back outside and started back to wards the car.