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Unexpected Roommate w/ Tsubasa

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by April, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Kepi hurried down the street, her head down and hat pulled low, trying to look like she knew where she was going. She didn't of course, but she knew if she looked around like an idiot, she would definitely get mugged, or worse. So instead she followed the crowds, as her large suitcase hit her shins with each step. She was still fuming from earlier. Her parents and her often had disagreements, but this time, it was an all out screaming match. Before she couldn't stand up to them at all, but as she got older the anger got bottled up, and her first year of college (Kepi is only 17 but she is a disorganized genius) had been spent in general studies while her family pressured her to go into the engineering program while she resisted, insisting on art classes and interior design courses. Until she had gotten her new schedule only to find her parents had gotten rid of all her art classes and changed her major to engineering. She confronted them and it went from a heated discussion to a screaming match, until she had enough and Kepi stormed to her room, put as much as she could fit into a large suitcase and a large backpack, along with all her savings and the universities phone number and stormed out. After taking the train, she ended up back close to campus but unable to go back, as it was summer break. So here she was, backpack bouncing, head down, aimlessly wandering the crowded streets, oblivious to anything but the ground in front of her.

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  4. Though Reo was told that he should find a roommate as soon as possible, time went by so fast that only three days left until the next payment was due. He couldn't understand why such misfortune was brought upon himself. The rent actually went up by 15% after three months, how did that happened? If he read the contract carefully before he signed then things wouldn't be so bad now. It was all because he was hesitant to post the ad seeking for roommate. He even refused help from his classmates and neighbors when they wanted to introduce him to people who were looking for an apartment with affordable rent. The thought of living together with a stranger under the same roof bothered him greatly and lots of things came to mind, whether he could handle it or not was a different matter. But time was running out so he couldn't be picky anymore. He decided to take the risk and went to search for a roommate. He walked around for hours already and still hadn't seen any potential candidate. For some reason, it was more like hide and seek rather than a serious search.

    There was a period that he wanted to give up but he couldn't deny the fact that the apartment he was living in was the best out of the others so he continued. Not only it was ten minutes walk to the college, the convenient store was two blocks away and the traffic wasn't so bad during peak hour. Basically, the location was good and he couldn't possibly find another one better than this. Just when he decided to go home for the day, he saw a girl wandering the street alone with a suitcase and a large backpack. Something was telling him that she had nowhere to go and he was searching for someone like her. The young man quietly approached the girl. He kept a good distance away from her though. He wouldn't want to suddenly scare her off. "Are you looking for a place to stay? How about my place?" That sounded like some lame pick up line but he couldn't think of anything better to say.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.