Unexpected Moderator Privileges??

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  1. I tried to reply to someone today but I accidentally clicked edit on a post that WAS NOT MY OWN, so I ended up editing someone's post!

    I'm not sure I am supposed to be able to do that, since I'm not a moderator!

    Sexiest Over 40 Celebrities! (Pic Heavy Thread), Post #14 -- Original Post by Nydanna, Edited by Levusti

    I just thought I should bring that to your attention, to make sure that no weird bugs are happening and that people aren't abusing this if they happen to come across the same thing
  2. That sounds like a bug much like the one where donors has been able to bump other peoples threads o.O @Diana you better check this one out before someone does something baad xD
  3. I thought donators get mod control over their threads?
  4. Over their own threads yes, but now there is problems with them getting mod controls over everybody's threads apparently, which they shouldn't have. o.O
    Just think about it. Some evil mastermind seeing that that's possible and suddenly decides to donate one dollar and then BAM, they mess with every thread on iwaku. (Well, at least until they're banned.) Now I don't think such a scenario will emerge, but it's probably best for the staff to fix it before someone feels like abusing their privileges when they notice they have more than they should have :)
  5. That's his thread though. Am I misunderstanding something?
  6. He accidentally clicked edit on a thread that was NOT his own. And that's why it's a problem. He has edit privileges on other peoples threads.
  7. I won't lie I'm twisted enough to do something like that but I wouldn't XD
  8. He clicked on a post that was not his own on his own thread and as Unanan said before donators receive mod privileges on their own threads o.o No bug.
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  9. Well Iwaku has no need to worry cause I'm to poor to even donate money XD So I won't be taking over the world any time soon XD
  10. Oh wait really?

    I didnt know that we could do that.

    So I guess there really is no problem?
  11. Oh, then I was the one who misunderstood. xD If it's your own thread it does seem like you have the privilege to edit stuff in them. Though in the FAQ it does say it like this: Members who purchase Account Upgrades get a cool Name Color to show they are a donator along with extra thread tools in their roleplays to edit, manage, close, delete, and bump their topics.

    Since it says specifically roleplays, I'm not sure if they're supposed to have those things outside of the roleplay areas. So it's still good if Diana checks this out and untangle this confusion xD
  12. Yes, donator members have edit controls over all posts in their threads that they started.

    BUT! It is ONLY supposed to happen in the roleplay forums, so THAT is the bug. O__O So I will get that fixed.
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