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  1. Ameya stretched out, arching her back and reaching forward to scratch at the limb she was perched on. With a yowling yawn, she made her way out of the tree and landed softly on the ground. It was late in the day and she was getting a little hungry. On all fours, she sat down and focused on shifting - sleek black fur fading away to smooth skin, feline paws and limbs forming into lean arms and legs and human hands, face smoothing out from a cat-like muzzle and into a more human looking face. Her tail stayed, as did her amber cat-eyes. Unfortunately, she could never fully disguise herself, the one of the few of her kind with this difficulty. It was the reason she never really went into the nearby towns unless she had to.

    As human as she was going to get, she reached into a bush to pull out underclothes, slipping them on, her loose, baggy jeans and pulled them on while making sure her tail flattened out into the pantleg, and then a small t-shirt that fit tightly against her upper body. She didn't spend a lot of time clothed, since she was in feline form more often than not, but she felt like moving away from this tree and the area around it. A trip into town wasn't that bad of an idea, she thought either. It'd been a while since she'd been there; learning what news was now out was a pretty good idea, and she could scope out for anything that was... off.

    Dressed at last, Ameya stretched out her human form and ran in the direction of the town.
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    er hair blew in the wind as she flew. Dark jet black wings beat across the turbulent air making soft puttering sounds. She had three sets of wings, each stretching over 12ft in length from tip to tip. These massive wings were her pride and joy, her jewelry. She cleaned them, polished them, kept them looking amazing. These wings were the most perfect in all of the Empire, most vampires that had wings had holes in them at some point were as she did not. This flying gal was named Ish-ta, but she went by Tay. Her raven black hair waved and wafted around in the high velocity flight. Heading towards the stupid city she’d come to loath so much. Reaching into the pocket of her pants her left hand tapped the next button and turned on The Darkness one of her favorite songs to go flying to.

    The song always made her feel powerful. The clouds rushing bellow her, her red eyes looking forwards moving even faster to the music. She loved flying, why did she ever have to touch the ground! She shook her head some seeing the lights of the city and dove down. Off to meet the shape shifting cat woman. This hopefully would be fast and effective. This war needed to end, the bloodshed needed to be stopped. Those crafty bastards probably had a hundred thousand people watching already. The very trees below her could be them. She huffed, two sets of wings disappearing into nothing and letting her main two glide her down until she landed. She wore long thigh high boots that went up and under her long cloth jeans. Her color scheme being a simple black and blue. Her lipstick was even blue colored. She sighed and stood beside one of the trees, their meeting place was here.