Undertale: Reset-Soul Mayhem

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  1. This is an au roleplay based off of the game Undertale. I , the GREAT Seihou (see what I did there?), will play as a female Frisk, and roubo will play as Asriel. More will be added once I write the plot down @-@
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  2. @roubo

    (Here's the roleplay!)

    Times Running Out...


    Frisk had defeated hime once again. She had gotten a truly pacifist
    ending, so how come he still felt so, empty? Of course not having a
    soul would be a reason, but during the other timelines, he hadn't felt
    this hollow. And this is what scared him. This could finally be the ending
    for him, Frisk had truly found happiness. He was happy for her. Yet the
    sudden wave of sadness hit him like a brick. Tears streaming down his snow life
    fur, the realization hit him.

    This might be the end of his story.

    Whimpers turned into sobs, and sobs turned into a breakdown.
    He had lived so many lives. Reset after reset, he was content
    with just having Frisk there. But now, he realized Frisk still
    had a home to go to.

    And it wasn't with him.

    Gathering up the buttercups around him, he held them to his
    chest. A final feeling of warmth, love, went through his body. Soon he will return to a flower. Unable to feel love, unable to feel anything.
    He would never have the chance to see his mother and father.
    Although if they knew of the things he had done, he knew they
    would never forgive him. Chara was a distant memory, leaving him
    in the darkness of the flower bed. He had done everything to make it last a little
    longer, so why didn't it work.
    Why did he have to fail another time.
    But at least it may be his final.
    Asriel never truly got the chance to see the Overworld, Frisk's world. He wondered what it looked like, what the stars looked liked.
    The feeling on numbness began to fade into him, grasping the former buttercup of himself he prayed to anyone, anything.

    He just wanted to say goodbye.
  3. @roubo (I'm sorry it's so short ;-; )

    Frisk ran to the last place she's seen yellow flowers. She wanted to see something, or someone, before she left to go to the Overworld. Something inside of her was telling her she has to do it, like its the most important thing she needs to do.

    As the bright yellow patch came into view, Frisk slowed to a walk, noticing a figure, crying terribly as they hugged a bouquet of flowers. She blinked and frowned slightly, slowly approaching the light so the figure can see her.

    "H-Hello..?" She called out softly, nervously and cautiously stepping into the grass and field of flowers.

    For some reason, she felt a song play through her mind, a sad, but simple song. She felt like it must've been his song, the boy who was with the flowers. It made her get sad, like she needed to comfort him somehow, even though she doesn't even know him.
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  4. Asriel had swiftly turned around to face his best friend, Frisk,

    "Ah, Hello Frisk, you really came back to see me this time, didn't you?"

    He quickly rid his tears of his face by using the white paw of his right hand. Seeing that Frisk still cared, meant more than anything to him.
    Although he was defeated again, he was still happy that Frisk came back to greet him. Surrounded by the yellow flowers that been with him ever since he was young
    his joy seemed to rise quite a bit.

    "Frisk, would you like to sit down and water the plants with me?"

    He knew he didn't have much time left, but still, he wanted to make it last, no matter how short it was. Picking up the pale yellow watering can, that seemed to blend in
    with the flowers, he turned to Frisk. Holding the can softly reminded him of his child-like days. A smile spread across his
    face, wishing to receive a hopeful answer from Frisk.
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  5. @roubo

    Frisk nodded to his question, smiling a bit. "Yeah, I have.. H-Have you been crying..?" She asked worriedly, approaching Asriel and began to feel bad. As she slowly took a spot in front of him, she looked around and felt that the flowers add a touch of melancholy.

    The human girl directed her attention back to Asriel as he asked her if she wanted to water the flowers with him. She quickly nodded, smiling at him. "Of course!"

    She sat down with him and watched as he picked up the watering can. She wanted to do anything just to make him happy again. Though Frisk had a feeling that this moment won't last for long. With that heavy feeling in her heart, she tried to hide it with a smile.

    "Asriel, I'm sorry things had to turn out this way.." Frisk said quietly, looking down at the flowers.
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  6. Asriel's eyes widened quickly, swiftly turning around and quickly re-rubbing his eyes to make sure he didn't have any tears. He didn't want his last moment to be sad! Gathering up his mast bits of determination he collected himself, providing a calm state to his personality.

    "Of course!", stated Frisk.

    He was filled with joy, he never had the time to water the plants with Frisk before, so this would be a new experience for him! Picking up the pale watering can, he pointed to sections in the flower bed he though needed watering.

    "This group needs some watering, I like to call them Temmie, because Temmie's look kind of the same, and flowers look the same a bit too! We could make some flower crowns if you want. Mom taught me how to make them when I was really young. So It might come out bad, but I bet you'll make a really nice one!"

    His endless talking didn't seem to end, joy and excitement filled him in order to block out the reality of this situation. But his speech seemed to end in a millisecond the moment Frisk began to talk.

    "Asriel, Im sorry it had to end this way.." Frisk stated under her breath.

    Finally the situation began to seek into Asriel, that this may be the True End. His shoulders slumped down. Yet still, he didn't want Frisk to share the burden of his sadness. Kneeling down he picked up two buttercups. Then began to walk to Frisk, sitting down next to her. He put one flower into his lap, and another into Frisk's.

    "We can make a new group if you want to..."

    He pointed to his flower, stating its name was Asriel. Then began to point at Frisk's flower, restating it was Frisk.

    "And if we leave them down hear, even though we wont be together, we could still be together. So that even though we cant see each other, these flowers always can."

    Asriel turned to Frisk, shining his innocent smile.
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  7. @roubo

    Frisk smiled as she listened to Asriel talk excitedly, some of his excitement spreading to her. She really wished that things went back to the way they were, but unfortunately, it can't be.

    She took the watering can from him and smiled, slowly watering the plants Asriel suggested that should be watered.

    After Asriel slumped, Frisk's mood turned sad. She watched as the prince took two buttercups and gave one to her, and one for himself. Frisk gingerly took the buttercup from her lap and stared at it as she listened to Asriel. After he finished, Frisk returned the smile.

    "Yeah... That's a good idea. Our flowers can stay together and live happily..." She said hopefully, then smiled a bit brighter.

    "Let's try to make the flower crowns.. So we can both feel the happiness shared by all the flowers.." She suggested, even though she knew that they were pressed on time. "We can water the flowers first, they must be thirsty.."
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  8. A smile spread across his face, happy to hear Frisk feel a bit better.

    "Alright, but we want to make sure we flower them with not to much water, or they with overflow and the nutrients will leave. Meaning they will begin to wilt. "

    Carefully getting up and dusting himself off, he placed the "Asriel" flower onto the ground. Picking up his own watering can, he reached a bit
    to the right and was able to pull up a pastel mint one. Already full, he carefully handed it to Frisk.

    Almost as getting a searing headache, Asriel flinched a little. Careful to cover it up, he threw a reassuring smile towards Frisk.

    " Which section do you want to do first. I think the "Yellow Flowers" need some watering, I haven't watered them in so long..."
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  9. @roubo

    Frisk smiled as she saw Asriel be happy again. She nodded as he had instructed her to not over water the flowers. She took the watering can from him and noticed him flinch slightly. She gave him a small smile and carefully placed her flower down next to Asriel's.

    "Yeah, lets water them. We wouldn't want them to be thirsty for too long." Frisk replied with a smile, taking her watering can and began to water the flowers cautiously.

    "After this we can make the flower crowns right? I don't really remember how to make them either, but it can't be that hard, right?" She asked as she went to another part of the group of flowers and began to water them as well.
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  10. {sorry for the late reply, Ive been trying to set up a computer the past day.}

    Asriel tilted up his watering can as Frisk began to question her own ability on making flower crown. Asriel hesitated a bit, seeming to question his own abilities of making flower crown even more. If Frisk cant do it, well then his might not even look like there were flowers in it.

    "Of course we can make flower crowns! Its just that don't put yourself down if you cant! But Im almost one hundred percent you can make one! Because if you cant... mine might not even look like a flower anymore."

    He truthfully believed Frisk could make good flower crowns if she was DETERMINED enough. Frisk was always quite better at doing things than him.
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  11. (It's fine! I was just trying to make sure you got the alert because sometimes the alerts don't alert you and stuff @-@)

    Frisk continued to water the flowers, then stopped when Asriel seemed to hesitate on her remark. She tilted her head towards him while he voiced out his thoughts. Frisk smiled, then let out a giggle.

    "Alright then, let's see if you're right!" The girl exclaimed as she set her watering can down and quickly ran over to the perfectly healthy flowers on the other side. She picked up a couple of them, all being hugged by her as she carried them back. She flopped herself down on the soft grass and took two flowers in a hand, carefully beginning to work on the stems, twisting them and tying.

    Continuing the twisting and tying process, she took another flower, then another flower painstakingly trying to not damage the flowers as she braided them together. After a few, seemingly long minutes, Frisk added the last flower, connecting it to the first and made a decent flower crown.

    Frisk stood up, and went over to Asriel, carefully placing the crown on his head. "It's not as great as Mom's, I-I mean Mrs. Toriel's, but this will do!" She said happily, before she took a step back to admire Asriel in his new attire. "You... Look like a true prince, Asriel.." Frisk said, with an unavoidable smile.
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  12. Ariel thought Frisk having the ability to make flower crowns was extraordinary. Or maybe it was a human thing. After all they did have smaller fingers, and Asriel could quite do such precision with his paws. Though when Frisk put the flower crown onto him, without him expecting it, he jumped a tad bit. But once it settled a bit, he seemed comfortable with it.

    But once she had commented on him looking like a true prince, and Frisk's smile, he could only smile back in a giggly attitude. He then grabbed his furry ears, put them under his snout, and tied them, for they were extremely durable. Making a statue like pose that they had made on one of Mettaton's Superhero Specials, he stated such, in the lowest voice he could.

    "Howdy! I am king Asgore, Ruler of the Underground, would you like some tea!?" he said in his most brooding voice.

    Pretending to had summoned a staff, he playfully kept on tapping it on the ground. Slightly resembling his father, Asgore.

    "Blah Blah Blah, do you want to water the flowers!", he continued as Asgore. Then stopped realizing he had just done what he said as he imitated his dad. Groaning for foolish mistake.
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  13. Frisk watched, amused, as Asriel got startled with his unexpected gift. She smiled more Ashe began to take his furry ears and tied them under his snout, causing her to giggle.

    "Asriel, what are you-" Frisk stopped at mid-sentence and bursted into giggles as Asriel struck a pose and began to speak in a low voice. She got in front of him and made a somewhat awkward bow, since she really didn't know how to do one properly. She looked up and grinned.

    "Hello Your Highness, lovely day for tea and watering plants!" Frisk greeted happily, before she saw Asriel groan. She giggled again.

    "Asriel, its okay, Mr. Asgore isn't here, and besides, I won't tell... Your Majesty!" She laughed, then slowly stopped, looking him over. "How does it feel to have your flower crown and declared King? I think..." Frisk cut herself short, not sure what to say, or how to say it. After a moment, she knew what she wanted to ask. At a wrong time, but she didn't know how long she has with him. She sighed, gently getting his ears and untied them, smiling a bit nervously.

    "Asriel... C-Can you tell me something? What... Wh-What will happen... After this..? I mean, you don't have much time left, d-do you? We both know it... I'm sorry for asking right when we were having fun b-but.." Frisk took a deep breath and looked at him. "Please tell me what will happen to Y-You.. I-I want to know.."
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  14. Ariels childish nature stopped at the question. He knew Frisk was going to ask this sooner or later, so he should have prepared himself more for the situation. Yet he couldnt stop himself from having a tad bit of sadness run over him.

    "H-Honestly Frisk, I don't know what happens. After the little DETERMINATION I have disappears, I will go back to being him, Flowey, again. Me and Flowey are different people without our emotions, he probably wont even remember this. Technically, Ill just, disappear..."

    [sorry this is short, trying to help set up iwaku for a friend]
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  15. @roubo
    (It's totally fine! ^-^)

    Frisk looked at the ground, saddened. "Asriel, I wish I can change this... Keep this all from happening, and we could go onto the Overworld.. A-And.." Frisk began to get teary eyed, quickly lifting a sleeved arm over her eyes and rubbed them vigorously.

    "Asriel, you don't deserve any of this.. It wasn't your fault.. You didn't... I-I mean.." Frisk sobbed and took a moment to try and compose herself. "I don't want to leave you here.. I know that... " She pointed to the buttercups that represented them. "They... will be together here... But I don't want to leave you if I can do something about it... I-I want to do s-something about this.. I-I know I can..!" Frisk cried, then hugged Asriel tightly.

    "I know this might be a lost cause... But I want to do something so we BOTH get out of here together.. I don't want to leave you here to become Flowey..."
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