Understanding Our Way

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    A small group role-play. Contains Fantasy, Action, Dystopia, and Romance. Please read the following provided below. If you have any questions or are interested please post a comment below or send my a private message. Thanks.

    _The world has aged gracefully despite the fact that it has been mistreated for centuries. Now most of its green is covered with a thick layer of concrete as cities take over. Only one city has been able to preserve the wildlife neighboring them. Sadly, within the small sanctuary nature still has contains a few ruins of civilizations. The most stable of them is an old Elementary School, which has been well taken care of by few.

    _Those who inhabit the abandoned building every now and then are the gang Pride. The city contained many gang, but it's three most well-known and largest are Pride, Greed, and Wrath. Pride has been known to protect the city while Wrath terrorizes it. Greed is stuck in the middle, switching sides whenever it is in their interest.

    _Returning to Pride, it is a gang of Freaks. In the future, scientists have grown reckless and selfish in their pursuit for knowledge and power. Many have suffered, and these Freaks are the results. Hybrids and cyborgs of many variations are usually placed in cities such as this one so that they may not spread.
    _And yet... they still protect the very humans who shun them.


    • Member of Pride
    • Member of Wrath
    • Member of Greed

    • Hybrid
    1. Anthropomorphic
    2. Fused with certain elements
    3. Cyborg
    • Human
    • Android

    • Leader of Greed
    • Leader of Wrath ((Taken))
    • Leader of Pride
    • Minor Positions ((mechanic, watch, nurse, chef, fighter, ect.))


    • Proper grammar and spelling, quality posts ((occasional mistakes are alright))
    • Able to play multiple characters
    • Able to cooperate and collaborate with others
    • Other
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.