Undercover Aliens?

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  1. "WARNING WARNING SHIP DOWN. ORDERS SIR?" The automatic voice of the ship blared throughout my ears. Orders. Right. I pressed a few buttons to figure out or surrounding. There was a planet near by. "Send me there! Send us to the planet!!" I yelled over my friends/co-workers, who were yelling at eachother, trying to figure out who caused this incident. "YES SIR. COURSE SET- EARTH. POPULATION: 164,839,115,647. "Earth" I muttered under my breath as I saw the planet. It was so different from Duentrien. I felt something hit my head. Then, everything was black.


    Yep. Thats a little teaser right there. Now before I say anything, this is my first Rp on here so, try to be nice? Anyways, Its about 5-6 teenagers who are from a planet called Duentrien, where everyone has a ability. Some are rarer than others. So yea. The plot is going to have 5-6 'alien' teenagers and then 3-5 human teens. (One teen is actually the Prince from Duentrien who has amnesia) So yea. Whoever is going to be the Prince is going to have OP powers but you can't use them until later. Kay? Kay. So yea we need 3 bullies and the prince, Duentrien teens, and thats it :P Oh, and no one can take shape shifting for a power. Thats mine :D




    Power (if you have one):

    What you look like:



    Thanks :P
  2. Application: Duentrien teen

    Name: Allise Dealias

    Age: 16

    Power: She can teleport anywhere she chooses, but must have already visited that place in the past.

    What she looks like: She is short and pale. She has long black hair as a result of the Earth air interfering with her normal hair color, which is dark brown in Duentrien. She also has large magenta eyes and is always smiling.

    Personality: Allise is very bubbly, and never backs down from a fight. She is also very confident, which aids her greatly in making friends.

    Allise (open)
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  3. Hi there! This is actually a Sci-fi roleplay so I'll go ahead and move this to the right section for ya. :)

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